Posted: 25 October, 2016 by The Bloke Study 2016

The Big Question: What Do Women Really Think Of Penises?

One in four women described penises as ‘glorious’

Last year Triple M and Cougar Bourbon ran the Bloke Study, where we got to the bottom of all the big issues. We asked things like ‘how much sex do you have a per week?’, and ‘how long have you worn the same pair of undies for?’.

This year, we’ve paired up with Cougar again to do a similar thing, but with a twist — instead of blokes, we’ve asked women about their thoughts on things like relationships, sex, and drinking.

Amongst the things we wanted to know was the answer to probably the biggest question of them all — What do they really think of penises?

The results were mixed and a bit hilarious, with 5% of women saying that penises exist purely to make babies.

One in every three women think that they’re ugly, but others are a lot more positive — one in four women described penises as ‘glorious’.

As part of the question, we also asked women how much size matters.

44% of women said that size DOES matter, with that figure jumping to 48% amongst women who faked an orgasm.

Amongst demographics, women aged 30+ are 21% more likely to think that size matters than those aged 18-29.

We also asked women if they have a nickname for their bloke’s penis — and 10% said they do!

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