Posted: 25 October, 2016 by The Bloke Study 2016

The Bloke Study: Do Women Really Care If You Have A Boys Weekend?

Only 6% of women said they didn’t mind

Last year Triple M and Cougar Bourbon ran the Bloke Study, where we got to the bottom of all the big issues. We asked things like ‘how much sex do you have a per week?’, and ‘how long have you worn the same pair of undies for?’.

This year, we’ve paired up with Cougar again to do a similar thing, but with a twist — instead of blokes, we’ve asked women about their thoughts on things like relationships, sex, and drinking.

One of the things we asked was how much women really care about blokes having boys weekends.

30% of women said they’d be ‘very happy’ for their bloke to go out on a boys weekend, but around 5% said they wouldn’t be up for it.

For the most part the ladies aren’t too concerned about boys weekends, but those that are want to know every little detail about the whole trip — 57% of women who said they wouldn’t be happy for their men to go away said they’d want to know everything that went on, versus 6% of women who said they didn’t mind.

That’s not to say that women generally don’t want to know though. 83% say they’d want the gist what went down; a highlights reel if you will.

So there you have it — women don’t really care if you go and have a big blow out with the lads, but they will want to know roughly what went down.

Check out the rest of the Bloke Study here and listen in to Merrick and Australia on Triple M for more.


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