Posted: 28 October, 2016

The Bloke Study: Everything You Need To Know About What She Expects On Your First Date

More women than we expected think THEY should pay for your first date

Last year Triple M and Cougar Bourbon ran the Bloke Study, where we got to the bottom of all the big issues. We asked things like ‘how much sex do you have a per week?’, and ‘how long have you worn the same pair of undies for?’

This year, we’ve paired up with Cougar again to do a similar thing, but with a twist — instead of blokes, we’ve asked women about their thoughts on things like relationships, sex, and drinking.

60% of our women surveyed felt couples should split the bill on the first date. 39% feels that the man should pay, leaving 1% who presumably thought the woman should pay - which, to be fair, is 1% more than we expected.

While the majority of women say their ideal date is a nice dinner at a restaurant those who are married or divorced are more likely to enjoy it than those who are single or in a relationship. 

Single people are more likely to prefer active dates, such as gigs, walks and sporting events. 

Merrick took on this subject, asking Georgie to recount their own first date. 



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