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Best Gags From Swanny’s Speech At The Copeland Trophy

Classic Swanny.

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Dane Swan farewelled the Collingwood football club at the Copeland Trophy last night.

In the moving speech Swanny had plenty of thanks and well wishes to dish out.

But it wouldn’t be a speech from Swanny without a couple of gags…

Swanny on his speech:

“I was planning on writing something down but the last 4 weeks have got away from me”

After being presented with a bottle of wine instead of a watch:

“Everyone gets a watch and I get alcohol. No wonder where I get it from…”


Swanny’s message to fans:

“To the fans. I probably would have been sacked a couple of times without the support of you guys.”


Swans on Eddie McGuire:

“I can’t forget Ed. We’ve also had some pretty interesting conversations over the journey. Some that weren’t very funny. Well, a lot.”

Swanny on his mates:

“To Kade and Aaron who are here. I’d like to thank you very much for getting me in a punch on when I was a kid and getting me arrested and turning my career around."


Swanny on his family:

“Now to my friends and family. Who are here. They’ll come anywhere for free piss”

Tags: Dane Swan, Copeland Trophy

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