Posted: 21 October, 2016 by Footy Newsroom

Mark Ricciuto Reveals Hidden Details Behind Failed Bryce Gibbs Trade

"We are very, very disappointed"

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Mark Ricciuto has revealed what the Crows were prepared to give up to secure the services of Bryce Gibbs.

Speaking on the Roo and Ditts Breakfast show on Triple M in Adelaide, Roo says the Blues required 2 first round draft picks in exchange for the 27-year-old.

“He’s contracted and they want to keep him. So they wanted a premium, and a big premium. They wanted two first round draft picks. Which is a lot to pay anyone,” Mark Ricciuto said on Triple M.

“We were going to go higher than what we even thought he was worth. He’s 28 next year. He’s probably got 3-4 years of good footy left in him.

“We were prepared to be somewhere in between pick 13 and two first round draft picks,” he said.

Ricciuto said parting with two first round picks “would have been irresponsible”.

“We thought they might have been playing the game and come back late and said ‘Ok he wants to go home. He’s probably not going to be in our next premiership side so we’ll take somewhere in between’,” Ricciuto said.

“If that happened the deal would have been done yesterday. But it didn’t happen. We were surprised about that, we respect that. We are very, very disappointed,” he said.

Tags: Mark Ricciuto, Bryce Gibbs

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