Posted: 9 October, 2016 by Triple M's Dead Set Legends

Roo Speaks On Adelaide's Plans For Ben Jarman

'Back Adelaide's recruiters in'

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Mark Ricciuto has suggested Adelaide will try and lock in Ben Jarman as a father-son pick - if he's good enough.

Jarman is eligible to play for both Adelaide and Hawthorn as a father-son pick via his father Darren, and starred in the skills tests at the draft combine on Friday.

But Roo told Triple M's Dead Set Legends his surname will have nothing to do with it.

"If he's the player to pick, if he's the right player for the club, they'll get him," he said.

"They're not just going to pick him up because he's Darren Jarman's son - if he's a great player or he's going to be a good player, they'll pick him up.

"That's the way recruiting works, so we'll back in our recruiters and just give us some time and see what happens."

Ricciuto said Adelaide's track record at the draft suggested they were more than capable of making the right call.

"They haven't stuffed up too many recruits, lately, the Crows," he said. "They've been pretty good. 

"You've got to back them in, they're the ones watching every player, every week, all of the time."

Tags: AFL, Adelaide Crows, Dead Set Legends

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