Posted: 6 November, 2016 by Cricket Newsroom

Australia Must Make History To Win The First Test

Never done it before.

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Australia must make history if they are to win the first Test against South Africa.

South Africa led by 388 runs at stumps on day three - already a higher target than the Aussies have ever successfully chased down in Australia.

Australia's greatest fourth-innings chase at home happened back in 1999, when they eclipsed Pakistan's target of 369 down in Hobart.

It's not far away from being a greater target than the Aussies have ever chased anywhere, either.

The highest successful chase by an Aussie side is 404, when they, helped by a 173* from Don Bradman and a 182 from Arthur Morris, plowed down England's massive target with seven wickets in hand.

The Aussies have been set a higher target than 388 on 45 occasions, and they've lost on 32 occasions.

Australia's highest ever fourth-innings chases:

1. 3/404 (vs. England, Leeds, 1948)
2. 6/369 (vs. Pakistan, Hobart, 1999)
3. 7/362 (vs. West Indies, Georgetown, 1978)
4. 8/342 (vs. India, Perth, 1977)
5. 5/336 (vs. South Africa, Durban, 1950)
6. 6/334 (vs. South Africa, Cape Town, 2002)
7. 6/315 (vs. England, Adelaide, 1902)
8. 8/310 (vs. South Africa, Johannesburg, 2011)
9. 7/307 (vs. Bangladesh, Fatullah, 2006)
10. 8/294 (vs. South Africa, Johannesburg, 2006)

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