Posted: 1 October, 2016

FREAK Storm Recruitment Stat

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There's been a lot of talk this week about Bellamy's coaching style, and a freakish stat has surfaced which proves that nothing is left to chance under Bellyache's reign. 

Of the current Storm playing group, 12 of 17 players were recruited at 19-years-old or younger.

"Don Furner said the other day that the best coaches the best recruiters as well, and that's definitely an accurate statement," Triple M and Fox Sports' James Hooper said.

Bellamy is known for his ability to take average players and help them become seasoned, reliable players through his rigorous training style.

In the lead-up to his 300th game, Cooper Cronk credited Bellamy as the source of his success, saying that under anyone else's mentoring he would've only reached 150 games.

Earlier on Triple M

Storm football manager Frank Ponissi isn't bothered by the huge swing of fan support that the club will be up against on Grand Final day.

According to Ponissi, it's a credit to the brand that they've continued to be a vehicle for success after the tumultuous stripping of their silverware for the salary cap breach in 2010.

"2010 (the salary cap saga) really galvanised the city, and the city really rallied around the club," Ponissi said. Listen to the full interview below.

Despite being in direct competition with the AFL in the code's heartland, Ponissi said that NRL is thriving down south, and next Sunday will only add to the fervour.

"We've had four crowds now over 20, 000 and last night there was 28, 000 and that just speaks volumes."

When asked what has driven the Storm to be such a success, Ponissi is quick to answer that it's the attitude of the coach Craig Bellamy.

"He loves his routine, which has been a big thing for the team.

"Every morning, he's the first one at training in the gym, and the boys have to walk past the gym to get to their lockers and see that."

Tags: Craig Bellamy, Melbourne Storm

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