Posted: 7 October, 2016 by Triple M NRL

NRL Pays Tribute To Rebecca Wilson

Journalist and broadcaster Rebecca Wilson passed away today after a long battle with canver. She was 54.

Today the NRL paid tribute to the journalist and broadcaster. Read the full statement below.

NRL Official Statement

Rebecca Wilson Photo: The Daily Telegraph

Wilson was a columnist with The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph, and had a long history in Rugby League.
“Rebecca was fearless, not only in her opinion but in her unflinching quest to seek out the truth,” NRL CEO Todd Greenberg said.
“While we didn’t always agree, nobody could ever doubt her passion both for sport and for journalism.
“The fact that she fought an illness in private while still so strongly fighting for what she felt was right was both admirable and courageous.
“She was a pioneer in many respects for women in the game, women in sports and women in sports journalism.”

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