Posted: 19 November, 2016

This Is One Of The Most Brutal Pranks You'll Hear

It involves Deep Heat...

Kevin Naiqama has spilled the story of a truly harrowing prank played on former teammate Akuila Uate on the Locker Room podcast. Check out the clip below.

“The boys go and have a shower and come back and get changed,” Naiqama told The Locker Room podcast.

“I was in Newcastle and put some deep heat in Aku Uate’s undies.

“He’s come out of the shower and everyone’s watching him. He was sort of the clown of the team. He’s mucking around, cracking jokes, drying himself.

“The boys are already laughing because they know what’s going to happen.

“He puts his undies on and then he’s moving around because he can feel it straight away and then he brushes it (off) and puts his shorts on as well.

“Then he’s like ‘argh, far out’, rubbing the inside. I think he could start to smell it. He goes ‘did you put deep heat in my undies?’ It started burning. Took them off and ran to the shower.

"He was in there a good ten minutes."

And the best part? Uate still has no idea who did it.

Well, he might now, with Naiqama revealing Zeb Taia was the mastermind of this brutal prank.

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