Posted: 13 November, 2016

Barba's Brutal Comeback To Bennett's Criticism


Tags: Brisbane Broncos, Ben Barba

In today's Sydney Morning Herald, Danny Weidler has reported that an epic exchange allegedly took place between Wayne Bennett and Ben Barba which was a factor in the Barba moving on from the Broncos.

"The story I've been told is that Bennett told Barba he was worth the big bucks on his 2012 Bulldogs form, but not his Brisbane form. Barba is said to have told Bennett he was worth the big dollars on his Dragons form, but not his Knights form," Weidler wrote.

Barba has moved around a bit in his career, starting at the Bulldogs from 2008 - 2013, then linking up with the Broncos for 2014, before heading to the Sharks.

After failing a second drug test at the club, Barba this week sought a release from the Sharks, which was granted.

Barba is now reportedly at a rehabilitation facility in Thailand.

Tags: Brisbane Broncos, Ben Barba

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