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Anthony Watmough Admits He Was Thrown Out Of Origin For Using Stilnox

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UPDATE: Triple M's Matty Johns remembers speaking to Anthony "Choc" Watmough about this incident at the time, which was-well known amongst rugby league circles.

LISTEN: Matty Johns On Watmough

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"What occurred was they were in camp and all of a sudden [Blues coach] Ricky Stuart got a call from a member of staff from the hotel and they said 'Ricky, one of your players is walking around outside the hotel with nothing but a towel around him and he's basically spaced' out. We don't know what's going on'," Matty recalled.

"Ricky went down there and "Choc" didn't know who he was. "Choc" was absolutely 'all over the shop'.

"Now Stilnox is not an illegal substance so he did absolutely nothing wrong, but Anthony Watmough sleepwalked on Stilnox and Ricky thought it was something else and it resulted in him not being named for NSW for quite a number of years."

Earlier on Triple M

Sea Eagles star Anthony Watmough joined Triple M's Nightly Sports Show, The Rush Hour to talk about a career that's had its fair share of drama.

Anthony Watmough played for the Blues in 2005, their last series win, and he only played in one game.. he was then exiled for four years. What happened?

"Well, here it comes... We'll get the story straight now... I took some Stilnox and went walkabout," Watmough admitted to host Dan Ginnane.

"It was nothing massive. I'd never had [Stilnox] before and went sleepwalking.

"I was young and a little bit reckless at that stage. I'd had a couple but didn't know what they'd do. The rest is history."

Here the full interview below.

Anthony Watmough Interview

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Tags: Manly Sea Eagles

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