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Arthur Beetson Rugby League Legend Dies, Hear His Last Interview

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Triple M's Grill Team spoke to Arthur Beetson two days before the rugby league legend suffered a heart attack and died.

The eight minute interview on Triple M Brisbane's breakfast show reveals Artie in good spirits with the rugby league great admitting he was  "busy on the weekends despite doing nothing."

Who in today's game reminds him of himself?

"I'd say Sonny Bill [Williams] but he's playing rugby union. Sam's [Thaiday] developing, he's starting to go good, I actually saw Corey Parker do a few offloads and there's even Petro."

On Brisbane Roar beating Eastern Suburbs rugby league club record for most unbeaten games in a row in Australian sport

I didn't even know that the Easts actually held a record till the [Brisbane] Roar broke it. Just shows you how much I know about it.

On rugby league Vs rugby union?

Seeing that the rugby union are having a Sevens competition at the Olympics, why don't the Rugby League teams put in a Sevens team and oppose the rugby union?

On live soccer games.

One of the wonderful things about when you do go to England and you do watch some of the soccer, you don't appreciate the skill level of the speed of the game unless you're there live. I used to say that about my running. People don't appreciate speed until they see it live.

Listen To Artie's Final Unedited Interview


How will you remember Artie?

Tags: Arthur Beetson, Final Interview, Unedited, Rugby League Legend

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