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Johnathan Thurston On His Undies, Cameron Smith On Women In Origin Camp And Who Plays Connect Four

Find out why the Maroon players aren't wearing undies,what's the go with Sam Thaiday's shorts and dress shoes and Johnathan Thurston laughs a lot...again. Triple M Brisbane asks the hard questions at the QLD Origin press conference

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Triple M Brisbane announcer Michelle asks the hard questions ahead of Origin 2 at the Maroon press conference.

Find out why the players aren't wearing undies and what's the go with Sam Thaiday's shorts and dress shoes...Oh and Thurston laughs a lot again.

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Billy Slater

Q: Why aren't you in your underwear?

A: Those days are gone.

Q: Who's the 'nudest' in camp?

A: Probably Cameron Smith. He's got a fair rig on him too.

Q: Do you guys sledge much?

A: You don't get much time to breathe let alone happens every now and again though.


Ben Hannant

Q: Why aren't you in your undies?

A: It's changed now, we're professional now.

Q: Your name came up when talking about bad underwear...

A: I'm a Bonds man. I'm not about Calvin Klein. I'm not out there to try and impress, it's all about comfort.

Q: Do you put in a bit of effort for your wife?

A: I do have a couple of really good pairs but they only come out on special occasions.


Cameron Smith

Q: What's been going on in camp, are women sneaking in?

A: No, apart from women journalists

Q: Who likes to wip out jenga or a board game?

A: Cooper Cronk. He's a bit different. Connect 4 is his thing and every time he comes out on top.

Q: What's your winning gesture of choice?

A: Handstand. There has to be a lead of 30 in order to do a handstand. I'll put it at 30 then I won't have to do one.


Johnathan Thurston

Q: How are you going?

A: Laughs.

Q: Do you get bored of the same questions?

A: Laughs again.

Q: So how are you going to go in Origin 2. Don't answer that, don't care.

A: Laughs a lot.

Q: NSW have changed their team - care much?

A: Laughs.

Q: Are you confident to drink the night before?

A: Laughs. No certainly not. Laughs

Q: On Gorden Tallis touching players inappropriately...

A: He should keep his hands to himself.

Q: Who are they out-there players?

A: Cooper Cronk. He loves his poetry. You can ask him.

Q: What's the go with Sam Thaiday in shorts, socks and dress shoes?

A: That's Sammy for you. He can pull it off.


Who do you think will win Origin 2?

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Tags: Origin, Michelle, Press Conference, Maroon, johnathan thurston, Cameron Smith, Billy Slater, Sam Thaiday

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