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NRL Brumbies Lock Horns Over Buderus Move

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First there was a rumour, then the rumour was proved and now Danny Buderus' dramatic move to Collision Coach at Super Rugby club Brumbies could all come undone.

The NRL has sought an immediate response from Newcastle Knights after seeing the rugby league player in the a rival code's jersey this morning.

Interim NRL boss went as far as saying "we do not see any way in which the proposal can be pursued."

"Neither Danny Buderus nor the Knights have sought permission from the NRL to enter into a third party agreement as his playing contract requires and as the club is required under the Salary Cap Rules," NRL Interim Chief Executive Mr Shane Mattiske.

Knights CEO Matt Gidley said the first he officially heard anything was after Danny Buderus did the press conference in Canberra.

"I heard all sorts of rumours that Danny was jumping code, he was going to play for the Brumbies. I thought I can't see this one happening as he's signed an NRL contract with us," Matt told Triple M Brisbane.

Marto wanted to know why this was classed as a third party agreement.

"He is in rugby league and coaching another code and that's what the NRL will obviously have an issue with. What we need to do know is to get that agreement and forward it to NRL for them to ratify," Matt added.

LISTEN: Knights CEO On Buderus 'Gate'

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Full Brumbies Press Release

Danny Buderus has discovered it will not be possible for him to work with the University of Canberra Brumbies in preparation for the 2013 Super Rugby season following an NRL decision which blocked his consultancy role on Thursday.

Buderus had been recruited by the University of Canberra Brumbies as a Collision Coach, which would involve one day a week up until the start of the NRL season.

University of Canberra Brumbies Head Coach Jake White said he wished the former Kangaroos and NSW Origin skipper the best in his future endeavours.

"It would have been great to have Danny involved with the Brumbies moving towards the 2013 Super Rugby season but it appears that isn't going to be possible," White said.

"It was not the Brumbies intensions to cause any harm or disruption to the NRL. I admire Danny’s skill set and his professionalism and the Brumbies were excited by the thought of involving him in our program. I wish Danny and the Newcastle Knights all the best for 2013."

"One thing I've found in Australia is that cross-code sharing and the Australian way of performing on the highest level has been stimulating for me as a professional coach.

"These consultancy roles are something we will be looking at over the next couple of years."

This is the only comment the club will make in regards to the Buderus issue.

Earlier on Triple M

The NRL great said the opportunity was "too good to pass up" as he becomes part of the Brumbies coaching roster.

"For me to be given a chance to start my coaching career with the Brumbies was an opportunity too good to pass up," Buderus told a press conference.

However the role has yet to be agreed by the NRL who have to approve all supplementary income for players.

"The final proposed agreement has not yet been seen by the Knights and needs to be submitted to and approved by the NRL to determine if the role can proceed," read the press release from the Knights.

Newcastle CEO Matt Gidley said Buderus' primary focus would still be his on-field role with the Knights.

"As Danny enters his final NRL season before retirement, we have encouraged him, as we do with all our players, to engage in wide ranging work experience in preparation for life after football," Gidley said.

Buderus will travel to Canberra one day a week up to the start of the NRL season to coach tackle-specific skills, something Brumbies coach Jake White has identified as an area to improve upon.

"For the Brumbies, we are gaining some expert advice on the initial contact and first-up tackle which is an important part of the modern game. In 2012 our defensive record was one of the best in Super Rugby, but much of that was thanks to our commitment to each other and ability to scramble," White told the media.

Danny Buderus confirmed earlier media reports Knights coach Wayne Bennett had given the 34-old the green light to prepare for life after NRL.

"Coaching is something I've always thought would be an interesting way to keep a connection with sport once I'd finished playing and this opportunity certainly allows me to start the ball rolling," Buderus added.

The Canberra-based rugby club is looking to make the Super Rugby finals after a decade-long drought coming close in 2012 under new coach Jake White.

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