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Ray "Rabs" Warren To Retire If Channel 7 Get NRL TV Rights

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Triple M's Ray Warren has told the media he will retire if Channel 7 get the rights to show the NRL from 2013.

"I can't imagine watching the rugby league without the big fella's voice," sports fanatic Gus Worland said on Triple M Sydney.

"I don't think [Channel] Ten or Seven would want me anyway because I've had a large Nine stamped on my forehead for so long," Rabs told The Daily Telegraph.

The anchor of Triple M's Dead Set Legends has just returned from London as the battle for the NRL TV Broadcasting rights heats up.

Triple M's Mark Geyer said of the TV rights battle "whoever doesn't get the TV rights is a poor third in as far as ratings go."

LISTEN: Mark Geyer, Matty Johns on TV Rights Battle

Download the MP3 here

Channel 7 is the favourite at the moment according to inside sources at the NRL reported in The Herald but that Channel Nine should not be written of yet.

Presentations were made to the ARLC on Friday with further conversations over the weekend.

Who would you like to see win the rights for 2013 and beyond?

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Tags: Ray Warren, Dead Set Legends, TV rights

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