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Stephen Kearney "Very Relieved" To Move On From Eels

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Former Eels coach Stephen Kearney has said he is "very relieved" to move on from the Parramatta club.

"Just a bit disappointed wasn't able to finish what I went there to do," Stephen told the Grill Team.

Kearney added he thought it was the "best thing to step away" from his role as coach and his whole family supported him in the decision.

"With everything going on there, there was a fair bit going on, it took it's toll from a pressure point of view," Kearney added.

When asked by Matty Johns if he felt let down by the senior players, Kearney replied "it was tough Matty."

"Sometimes things don't work out. I thought that was the way it was," Kearney added.

The interview, which you can download in full  below, came after the club's shock 16-10 victory over league leaders Melbourne Storm at the weekend.

Despite a massive campaign on social networking to get rid of Kearney at the club, lots of fans lingered at the Parramatta leagues Club to get photos and autographs with their former coach.

A keen Triple M footy fan took these snaps of Stephen Kearney after he finished addressing fans in the Leagues' auditorium.

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Fans gather to grab a pic with Stephen Kearney, Triple M

Listen: Stephen Kearney's Full Interview with Grill Team

Download the MP3 here

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