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Video Ref Shocker: Benefit Of Doubt Must Go To Defending Team

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Johnathan Thurston says the Cowboys was robbed, Video: Fox Sports News

Triple M's Mark Geyer says there is one thing the NRL must do in order to stop all the video ref controversy.

"In the off season they've got to make one change and they've got to make the 'benefit of the doubt' to the defending team," MG said on the Grill Team.

"It will stop all this crap," MG added after Friday's video ref controversy during last Friday night's Manly Vs. Cowboys semi final at Allianz Stadium.

Matty Johns agreed saying it was "one of the season's greatest blunders" but added Manly were the better team on the night.

"Let's get something straight from the get go - Manly were the better team on the night. I thought the Cowboys... that was the worst game they've played in the last two months."

That said Matty agreed with MG and Gus saying "the video ref is what defined that contest."

LISTEN: MG Discusses His Solution

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Tags: Video Referee, Manly, cowboys

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