Posted: 11 February, 2016

Aussie Boxer Got Stitched Up By 50 Cent

Billy Dib reckons he's out of pocket

Image: The Daily Telegraph

Australian boxer Billy Dib is claiming that world-renowned rapper 50 Cent owes him over a million dollars, in a bizarre feud.

Dib signed a three-year multi-fight contract with Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) in 2012 after he was told he would be joining Floyd Mayweather in a venture that would revolutionise boxing.

However, the idea fell apart and Dib claims he was only paid a fraction of what was promised - The Daily Telegraph reported that it is upwards of seven figures.

To make matters worse, Jackson is facing financial woes of his own.

Last year the hugely successful rapper filed for bankruptcy, owing $45m to creditors.

“We have no promotional ties, and thank God I’ve finally gotten away from 50 Cent,” Dib told The Daily Telegraph.

“A lot of people would say ‘Why do you want to get away from 50 Cent, that would be amazing’, but it’s not amazing, it was very disheartening, sleepless nights, you wake up for phone calls and the guy would never answer his phone, it was possibly the worst career move that I’ve made in my life.

“But everything happens for a reason, that was what was written for me at the time, and it’s on to the next.”

The failed deal left Dib disillusioned with the sport but plans to make a return to boxing in Bankstown on February 26.

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Posted: 8 February, 2016

My Head Was Rattled For Days: Hayne

Jarryd Hayne has revealed how two hits in his rookie NFL season left him "rattled" for days.

Jarryd Hayne co-hosted The Grill Team at the Super Bowl 50 party at The Star in Sydney Photo: Triple M

Former NRL star Jarryd Hayne has revealed how two hits in his rookie NFL season left him "rattled" for days.

Back in Sydney during the off-season, Hayne said he needed to strengthen his neck in order to prepare for the bigger impact of the American game.

"Obviously the endurance side of things is different but I got hit twice head on and my head was rattled for a couple of days," he said, on Triple M's Grill Team.

"Definitely your neck has to get a lot stronger. It's pretty tough. It's like having a helmet and running through a brick wall. If you do that, you can make it in the NFL." Watch the full video at the bottom of the page.

jarryd hayne

Jarryd Hayne of San Francisco 49ers Photo: Getty Images

The 27-year-old played eight games with the San Francisco 49ers in his first season as a professional NFL player, but isn't guaranteed a return.

Franchise aren't permitted to talk with players for another two months, but the 49ers do hold his rights and can offer him a spot when team activities are organised for the end of April.

Hayne, who was used primarily as a punt returner under since-sacked coach Jim Tomsula, has planned a return to California at the end of March and aims to become a more versatile player.

"I like being out wide like a wide receiver. Running back's also very enjoyable as well. I think for me, it's just about being versatile and playing anywhere they put me," he said.

He was also willing to be used as a slot receiver, a position he experienced while training in opposed sessions at the 49ers.

"You've got to run every other play for the other team coming up that week and I actually did a lot of slot receiver, which I thoroughly enjoyed," he said.

"But for the coach, I've just got to stay fit and play wherever they want me."

Either way, a burning desire to complete his first career touch down has proven to be the ultimate motivation for coming back this year.

Hayne came close when he was being used as a running back against the New York Giants.

"I got close twice this year. I was devastated," he said.

"It was actually a route that I ran that if I had run it a bit different, I would've scored against Detroit. I come close, and then obviously that one against the NY Giants as well.

"Definitely next year, it has to be done. It has to be done."

Jarryd Hayne on Triple M

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Posted: 1 February, 2016

Hayne Experiment A Success, Says 49ers

Jarryd Hayne will remain at the San Francisco 49ers.

Jarryd Hayne will remain at the San Francisco 49ers in 2016 according to the NFL franchise's general manager, Trent Baalke.

Baalke has also labelled Hayne's NFL experiment a success, despite the former NRL star playing just eight games in a fractured season which included spending a number of months in the practice squad.

"I don't have a crystal ball, but what I do know is that he is very conscientious and this is very important to him," Baalke told Fairfax Media.

"We are committed to this. I'm looking forward to getting him back here, I know the coaching staff is."

jarryd hayne

Baalke also predicted the 27-year-old would have a big second season in the game, despite having to prove himself to the coaching team headed by former Philadelphia Eagles mentor Chip Kelly.

"We haven't spent a ton of time speaking about individual players on a roster yet but I'll tell you (Kelly is) well aware of Jarryd and Jarryd's story, as is everyone in the National Football League by now.

Baalke, who has been involved with the club in various roles since 2005, also defended the club's mid-season dropping of the punt returner.

He also suggested he couldn't envisage Hayne giving up on his NFL dream to return to the NRL.

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Posted: 30 January, 2016

Kelly Slater Saves Infant

Talk about being in the right place at the right time...

Surfing legend Kelly Slater has become a hero after saving a Perth-born infant from a freak wave in Hawaii's North Shore.

The 14-month-old was being pushed along a near-by bike path by his Australian mother, Sara Whitey when the wave hit, sweeping away all in its path.

ABC news online reported the 11-time world champion surfer was unable to continue surfing at the time of the incident due to the size of the waves, which was around nine metres high, and decided to stay back.

During that time he witnessed the freak wave rolling up to the sand and picking up the mother and child.

Acting fast, Slater is said to have scooped up the infant while he was still strapped into his pram.

Photographer, Chris Whitey and father of the child took to Instagram to thank the 'surf Gods' for causing hero Slater to be in the right place at the right time.

Nice one, Slater!

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Posted: 30 January, 2016

Gallen Wins Rematch; Eyes SBW Bout

NSW captain Paul Gallen has moved one step closer to a dream match up with code-hopping superstar Sonny Bill Williams

Paul Gallen wins against Herman Ene-Purcell Photo: The Chronicle

NSW captain Paul Gallen has moved one step closer to a dream match up with code-hopping superstar Sonny Bill Williams after scoring a fourth-round TKO win over Herman Ene-Purcell in Toowoomba on Friday.

"Ever since my first charity fight a few years ago, it's been spoken about," Gallen said.

"I've got great respect for Sonny. I would never go out there and disrespect him or call him out, but it's been spoken about by a lot of people for a long, long time now and there is history between us.

"10-15 years of playing rugby league against each other, it's a fight everyone wants to see so hopefully it can happen in the next year or so."

VIDEO: The End of Gallen's Boxing Win & Him Removing His Cornerman's Head Via Elbow

Match Report: Gallen's Best Win Yet

Gallen scored a crushing won over Ene-Purcell with arguably his most polished performance in the boxing ring.

The bout ended two minutes into the fourth round after Ene-Purcell's corner threw in the towel.

The Cronulla Sharks star controlled the contest from the opening bell landing the crisper punches, including a controversial knock down in round two when it appeared Ene-Purcell slipped as opposed to being felled by a punch.

"I felt in control in there, Gallen said.

"I always thought if I fought anywhere near the way I had trained I would win quite convincingly and that's what happened.

"He was dangerous all the way, even when I had him there at the end he let one go and I could still feel the power behind it.

"He can punch and he's a tough guy. I can't say he hurt me to any great degree, he got me with one good body shot, that did hurt me but other than that I felt pretty comfortable.

"I thought I picked my shots well and landed a large percentage of them."

Gallen plans on fighting again later in the year but for now his attention will turn back to rugby league.

"I'm going straight back to footy training possibly tomorrow (Saturday) or Monday and I'm looking forward to that."

While Herman Ene-Purcell was disappointed with the outcome he paid credit to the Blues skipper.

"No excuses this time, he was the better man on the night," Ene-Purcell said.

"The better man won and I take my hat off to him."

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Posted: 23 January, 2016

49ers Coach Critical Of Jarryd Hayne Sacked

The San Francisco 49ers coach who last month said Jarryd Hayne "needs to learn how to play football" has been sacked

The San Francisco 49ers coach who last month said Jarryd Hayne "needs to learn how to play football" has been sacked.

Thomas McGaughey, the 49ers' special teams coordinator, who lost faith in Hayne as a punt returner after six regular season games, is the latest casualty of the NFL team's staff purge, the Sacramento Bee reported.

Hayne will have an opportunity to start fresh with Derius Swinton, a 30-year-old former assistant special teams coach with the Chicago Bears, expected to fill McGaughey's job.

When Hayne returns to 49ers' headquarters in April he will be met by an overhauled coaching staff.

It appears veteran running backs coach Tom Rathman will be one of the few faces he will recognise.

jarryd hayne, 49ers

Head coach Jim Tomsula was replaced by former Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly and offensive coordinator Geep Chryst was booted for former Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills running backs coach Curtis Modkins.

Defensive coordinator Eric Mangini was also fired along with other position coaches and assistants after the 49ers finished last in the NFC West conference and missed the playoffs with an 11 loss, five win record.

While Hayne was reinstated as a running back for the final two games of the season after a stint on the practice squad, McGaughey declined to play him as a punt returner on the special teams unit.

"It just didn't work out," McGaughey said last month.

It is at punt and kick returner where Chryst and other NFL veterans have said Hayne has the brightest future as he can utilise the high ball catching skills and speed that made him one of the NRL's most dangerous players.


Hayne could have trouble earning a running back spot with the 49ers as the team will be loaded with options, including Carlos Hyde and the two free agent signings who impressed in the last half of the season, Shaun Draughn and DuJuan Harris.

The 49ers also have running backs Mike Davis and Kendall Gaskins, although veteran Reggie Bush is unlikely to return.

The 49ers usually take just three running backs into a game.

Hayne Plane Takes Off

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Posted: 21 January, 2016

The Aussiest Crowd Catches Of All Time

Nothing like a classic catch competition.

You know what they say, catches win matches...

But that's not all they win, they also win the praise and admiration of any true-blue Aussie because we all grew up with the "classic catch".

So with Australia Day coming up, we've compiled the Aussiest Crowd Catches of all time... these are some bloody good dinki-di efforts.


The time old mate didn't spill a single drop

When this punter went full Ponting in the stands.

When this bloke didn't spill his beer AND caught the ball an unorthodox way.

Ultimate Drone Save

The guy who proved lefties can catch just as good as righties.

Firebirds Fan Takes An Unbelievable Catch, HRV Cup 2013

This kid who didn't want to give up his iced coffee.


A Few Special Mentions

Here's a couple of catches that well, weren't in the crowd but definitely deserve a watch.


The coolest festival crowd catch of all time.

John Coffey singer catches beer while crowdwalking, and drinks it! (the original)

This dad with his newborn not giving any f*cks.

This bear who's obviously been taking wickie pointers from Ian Healy.

Old mate who did everything to catch his dieing drone.

Ultimate Drone Save

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Posted: 21 January, 2016

Tsonga Halts Match To Help Unwell Ball Girl

'I hope she's OK.'

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga came to the aid of a ball girl in distress during his game last night.

The No. 9-seeded Frenchman said he noticed the ball girl during the third set.

"I saw she was in trouble," Tsonga said. "It was normal to help her out of the stadium. I hope she's OK."

Thankfully, the ball girl is fine and was just feeling under the weather, according to tournament organisers.

Tsonga won the match, beating Omar Jasika 7-5, 6-1, 6-4.

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Posted: 20 January, 2016

Here's How Much Players At The Australian Open Earn

Hint: It's a lot...

Image: Getty

If you've found yourself feeling sorry for tennis players that were eliminated in the first round of the Australian Open, this may cheer you up.

The earnings for every player at the tournament this year has increased 10% to a total of $44m, meaning just playing in the tournament is extremely lucrative for one day's work.

Australian Open 2016 Prizemoney


First Round - $38,500

Round of 64 - $67,000

Round of 32 - $108,000

Round of 16 - $193,000

Quarterfinalist - $375,000

Semifinalist - $750,000

Runner-Up - $1,700,000

Winner - $3,400,000


I think we all knew playing the final was worth a small fortune, but making the Third Round earns you over 100 grand!?

Not bad for three games of tennis...

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Posted: 20 January, 2016

Hayne's 49ers Future To Be Unveiled

Jarryd Hayne's fate with the San Francisco 49ers will become clearer when new head coach Chip Kelly holds his first press conference with the NFL team

Jarryd Hayne's fate with the San Francisco 49ers will become clearer when new head coach Chip Kelly holds his first press conference with the NFL team.

The 49ers and Kelly on Tuesday fired 10 members of the coaching staff employed by former head coach Jim Tomsula.

Kelly is expected to offer insight into his plans for the team, including Hayne and other players, at an introductory press conference inside the 49ers' headquarters on Wednesday (Thursday 6am AEDT).

The biggest casualty of the staff sackings was offensive co-ordinator Geep Chryst, who had been full of praise for Hayne a month ago, telling reporters the 49ers were "excited about his future".

jarryd hayne, 49ers

Chryst has taken plenty of blame for the 49ers' woeful season where they lost 11 of 16 games, finished last in the NFC West conference, missed the playoffs and ranked last among the NFL's 32 teams in scoring.

Their average of just 14.9 points per game was the lowest in the NFL the past four years.

Hayne is expected to be given a chance to prove his worth and rapid advancement in learning the game as part of the 49ers' 90-man training camp roster that will convene in April.

The two coaches who worked closest with the former rugby league star the past season, running backs coach Tom Rathman and special teams co-ordinator Thomas McGaughey, remain on the 49ers' staff.

Rathman, a former 49ers' fullback who joined the team as a running backs coach in 2002, is expected to stay.

McGaughey's future is more precarious, with some reports that he will also be fired while others suggest he is being considered, along with his assistant Richard Hightower, for the special teams job.

McGaughey, who opted to go with Bruce Ellington as punt returner mid-season instead of Hayne, was the Australian's most vocal critic.

jarryd hayne 49ers

Last month McGaughey said Hayne "needs to learn how to play football".

The San Francisco Chronicle, citing an NFL source, reported there will likely only be three survivors from Tomsula's staff: Rathman; defensive coordinator Eric Mangini; and outside linebackers coach Jason Tarver.

Rathman's return will be a plus for Hayne.

Rathman showed faith in Hayne in the second last game of the season against the Detroit Lions when Hayne was the starting running back.

Hayne, however, wasn't used by McGaughey as a punt returner after the sixth game of the season.

Kelly, after a nine loss, six win record, was fired by the Philadelphia Eagles three weeks ago on the eve of their final game.

Hayne Plane Takes Off

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Posted: 20 January, 2016

Roger Rasheed compares Lleyton

"Have young players lost that same work ethic?"

Roger Rasheed spoke to the boys this morning about Lleyton's efforts last night, first memories and what sets him apart from Tomic and Kyrgios.

 Last night's match wasn't 'top shelf' according to Rasheed, especially if you're comparing it with a 'Nadal V Federer match or Djokovic, Federer, Murray', but it was an 'emotional occasion'. 

 "It was top shelf for what the occasion was," he said. 

 “It was definitely an emotional occasion because it may have been the last time and I think it was a good contest.”

..“I saw, from my point of view, things that I’d seen when I was coaching him." 

"Some dynamic play, some real tough gutsy stretches, a couple of passing shots, which he actually made on the full stretch."

 "Those things excited me more than the back and forth, but as far as electrifying tennis, you were never going to get that because that’s not Lleyton’s style of play.”

 Rasheed remembers the first time he met Lleyton, and commented he was 'a tenacious kid, going after every ball with a huge smile on his face’.

 “He was a 12 or 13 year old, we’re both from Adelaide, we’re both coached by the same tennis coach a guy called Peter Smith back in South Australia, so was John Fitzgerald."

 "Peter actually said to me, 'come and have a look at this young kid and let me know what you think'…so I went out there and had a look and he was just this tenacious kid, going for every ball, loving it big smile on his face."

 “I said to Smithy 'He’s going to be a good kid for one reason; he loves it-he’s chasing all the balls down and good work ethic'.”

Marto and Ed asked if young Aussie players have lost this same work ethic, or whether we are reading too much into it. 

Listen below to hear his comments on Tomic and ‘entertainer’ Kyrgios.




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Posted: 20 January, 2016

Spectators At Australian Open Step Up During Medical Emergency

What heroes!

Image: AP

A spectator at the Australian Open yesterday suffered a dramatic medical emergency mid-game, interrupting play between Bernard Tomic and Denis Istomin.

The young female drew the attention of the nearby crowd, who immediately requested for a doctor and an epipen. 

Miraculously, one was found on the other side of Hisense Arena.

Tennis fans rallied, throwing the allergic reaction device around the stadium until it reached the woman.

The woman was stretchered from the arena smiling and has been reported as being OK now.


Tomic, who later won the match in 4 sets, said he feared for the spectators life.

“Potentially, someone’s dying and we’re not sure what’s going on,” he said.

“At one stage, I was looking directly at the lady. It was not a good moment. I felt very, very sad. I really hope she’s ok.”

Once again, well done to the fans at the Australian Open for doing us proud.

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