Posted: 12 November, 2012 by The Grill Team

Ban Foreign Coaches Says Marto

Marto might be best mates with Robbie Deans but he still wants his head on the chopping block.

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Marto has let rip on The Grill Team this morning calling for foreign coaches to be banned after a shocking weekend for Australia in sport.

No one was spared with the former Wallaby saying he was ready to face the hard facts over Wallabies coach and mate Robbie Deans.

"My friendship with Robbie Deans has panned a long long time but I'm ready now to face the same facts what should have been faced a while ago," Marto reeled off.

"We shouldn't have a Kiwi as a coach of our national [team]," Marto said on Triple M Brisbane after the Wallabies were thrashed 33-6 by the French in Paris.

Marto said he could understand a foreign coach if we had a skills shortage but rugby union is not one of those sports.

"That last moment when you go 'let's get out there and beat the Kiwi so-and-sos' but he can't say that because he's one of them," Marto stated.

Marto's anger wasn't just reserved for Deans with the players copping flack too.

"They made too many errors, their scrum was crap and they didn't have the passion when they went on the field."

"They looked like they didn't give a stuff, they looked like they were me on holidays in Paris," Marto said.

The Wallaby loss in Paris will be the third game in a row Australia has not scored a try in a game.

LISTEN: Marto On Foreign Coaches

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Tags: Marto, Robbie Deans, Cricket, Wallabies

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