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PHOTOS: Shooter Lauryn Mark's Bikini Zoo Weekly Photo Shoot

Shooter Lauryn Mark has done a winning bikini photo shoot with Zoo Weekly Magazine which is onsale Monday July 16.

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(Shooter Lauryn Mark has done this stunning cover shoot for Zoo Weekly Magazine onsale Monday July 16. Photo supplied by Zoo Weekly Magazine.)

Lauryn Mark and her husband Russell are off to London to do Australia proud.

Seeing these green and gold bikini photos of Lauryn in the next issue of Zoo Weekly Magazine (onsale Monday July 16, do yourself a favour, go out and buy a copy!) just fills us here at Triple M with pride.

However controversy has hit as they couple who are aiming to be the first husband-wife team to win medals are not allowed to room together in London.

"I'm hopeful that some of the men don't mind me visiting regularly because I am definitely going to try and see Russell as much as I can," Lauryn told Triple M Brisbane.

"At least I can give him a magazine to take with him so he can think of me in that way," Lauryn said of her sexy Zoo Magazine Weekly front cover.

LISTEN: Lauryn On Their London Bedroom Controversy

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PHOTOS: More Best Uses Of A Sporting Bikini

"She's not wearing much more than her Beretta, but tastefully," husband Russell said on Triple M Melbourne's Rush Hour Friday night.

"She's raised a few bucks for the Royal Children's Hospital out of this so it's been for a good cause."

"I'm not rooming with her in (London). I tried to, I requested that but they've said no. What they're giving me is a copy of Zoo magazine and a packet sleeping pills."

These are some of the sexiest athlete shots we have seen since Stephanie Rice tweeted that 'selfie' last month.

We've had word that this is not the official shooting outfit for London, which is probably a good thing, we don't want to see Lauryn Mark's husband Russell in a bikini!

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