Posted: 10 October, 2016

PODCAST: A Sane Discussion Of Mental Illness

Mark Howard talks about the challenges we all face with men who've been there...and still are

This weekend on Triple M we had a sane discussion of mental health issues, hosted by Mark Howard.

We all face challenges and Howie spoke to people who have been through them and continue to face them down. Their struggles will be familiar to many and we're telling you that you're not alone. Much can be done. 

Among the guests on the show were ex-AFL stars Brendan Fevola and Mark Eustice, whose 25-year struggle with undiagnosed illness is documented more in the video below. He used to come off the ground exhausted and in tears, while his teammates turned his illness into a running joke because they didn't fully understand and appreciate what he was going through. Thankfully things are improving as we're better educated. But that only happens when we keep talking.

Other guests included Jake Edwards, Mick Thornberry, who shared that he would willingly give up a limb if he could Dr Mark Cross an experienced expert on mental illness, and Jack Heath, CEO of SANE. 

It was an important, difficult talk - at time it was hard to listen, especially to the struggles of the likes of Mark Eustice and Mick Thornberry. 

If you hear something you recognise or worry about in the show, please get in touch with SANE. At the very least, check out their website and forums. You don't need to post or participate. Just read. It's not just for sufferers, but for carers and families too. 

Remember: you are not alone. Mental illness is real and help is there. The best thing we can all do, whether suffering or not, is to talk.


Mark Eustice's story.

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