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This is where you become a Triple M Music Juror, it is how you have a say on the music that gets played on Triple M. 

This week if you are a member of the Music Jury you instantly go in the running to score THE ONLY SIGNED limited edition box set of all of Cold Chisel's work on vinyl.

This special box set includes all seven of Cold Chisel's legendary studio LP's, two of which (The Last Wave of Summer and No Plans) have never been released on vinyl.

If you want a standard issue collectors item, The Cold Chisel vinyl boxset is limited to 2000 copies available to pre-order now at

Not hearing your favourite song/band or there's something you're not digging? The Music Jury is your way to let us know. If you're not a member sign up below.....IT'S FREE

Please Note: Promotional Period is 23/03/2015 to 29/03/2015. Registrations Open Wednesdays at 6:00AM and Close Sundays at 11:59PM. Winners will be determined weekly and announced within 7 working days. Eligibility criteria terms and conditions apply.

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