Posted: 30 August, 2016

Gene Wilder, The Original Willy Wonka, Has Died

Gene Wilder, the star of film classics including Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory and Young Frankenstein, has died at the age of 83.

Wilder's nephew confirmed that the actor and writer died on Monday in Stamford, Connecticut from complications from Alzheimer's disease.

He'll be best remembered for his mesmerizing starring role in Willy Wonka, a film adaptation of the Roald Dahl novel that became a children's favourite across the globe. 

The frizzy-haired actor was a master at playing panicked characters caught up in schemes that only a madman such as Mel Brooks could devise, whether reviving a monster in Young Frankenstein or bilking Broadway in The Producers, but he also knew how to keep it cool as the boozy sheriff in Blazing Saddles.

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Posted: 30 August, 2016

STOLEN: Herd Of 500 Cows


Pic: Stock Images

New Zealand police have been left scratching their heads.. after one of the more bizarre thefts to cross their desks.. 

A South Island farmer has noticed around $500,000 worth of cows have vanished... suspecting they've been (somehow..if that's even possible..) stolen. 

Farmer Pennie says there's been a increase in stock thefts lately, and farming groups reckon it's because of the high meat price. 

Could be true, too.. considering we're being warned we'll be shelling out more for a steak soon, because of a global beef shortage driving prices higher. 

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Posted: 29 August, 2016

Reports Of LAX Lockdown After Reports Of 'Active Shooter'

Police say no gunman has been found and no shots were fired at Los Angeles International Airport after reports of an active shooter brought a scare to hundreds of travellers.

Los Angeles police spokesman Andy Neiman said that the reports were spurred by loud noises only, and police are still investigating to find the source of them.

The reports caused people to pour on to footpaths and out on to the tarmac at the airport.

Later, people could be seen walking back into the airport and flights starting to take off again.

Earlier On Triple M

Los Angeles airport police said on Twitter they were investigating unconfirmed reports of shots being fired at Los Angeles International airport, with officials closing the arrival and departures areas of the central terminal.

The police said in a second tweet they were searching the airport and that all precautions were being taken to ensure the public's safety. "Remain calm," the post on Twitter said.

The airport said on Twitter that the departure and arrival levels of the Central Terminal Area were closed and advised passengers to contact airlines to check the status of any flights.

It also said that no confirmation of any shooting could be verified yet.

Los Angeles airport police could not be reached immediately for comment.

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Posted: 29 August, 2016

BREAKING | Massive Cocaine Bust On Cruise Ship In Sydney

Cruise ship arrests.

Three Canadians are accused of trying to smuggle 95kgs of cocaine into Sydney on a cruise ship.

The 63-year-old man and two women, age 23 and 28, were arrested on Sunday after police and sniffer dogs searched the vessel when it berthed in Sydney and found cocaine in suitcases. 

The Australian Federal Policed say the trio will face Sydney Local Court on Monday charged with importing a commercial quantity of cocaine.

They face a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

The joint operation by the AFP and Australian Border Force receive co-operation from the US Department of Homeland Security Investigations, New Zealand Customs Service and the Canada Border Services Agency.

The AFP has not ruled out further arrests.


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Posted: 29 August, 2016

Victoria Secret Model Slams Paparazzi Over Topless Photos

An open letter to the paparazzi and press.

Victoria Secret Model Sara Sampaio has fired back after paparazzi photos emerged showing the model sunbathing topless while on holiday.

In a Facebook post the Portuguese model addresses the paparazzi who took pictures of her and the media outlets who chose to publish them.

“How would you feel if you woke up one morning to find pictures of your 25yr old daughter topless all over the internet?” the Victoria’s Secret Angel wrote on Fcebook.

“Your daughter had done nothing wrong, she was sunbathing, she was not in a public place, she was privately minding her own business,” she writes, in the “open letter to the paparazzi and the press.”




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Posted: 29 August, 2016

Pauline Sets the Record Straight

Hanson Says She's No Hater

One Nation party leader Pauline Hanson says she doesn't hate Asians, Muslims or former prime minister Tony Abbott.

Senator Hanson's controversial election policies included a ban on Muslim immigration and calls for a royal commission into Islam, but the 62 year old denies she detests Muslims, telling 60 Minutes  "I don't hate Asians. I don't hate Muslims - I don't".

She also denies she has a fear of foreigners, or was xenophobic when she became a federal MP in 1996.

That was the same year 60 Minutes journalist Tracey Curro asked Ms Hanson if she was xenophobic, to which she famously responded "Please explain".

She is reading the Koran, and keeps it in her handbag, because she wants to have a better understanding of it.

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Posted: 26 August, 2016

Warning: iPhone Users Urged to Update Software ASAP

IPhone Users Urged to Update Software After Security Flaws Are Found

Apple has issued a patch to fix a dangerous security flaw in iPhones and iPads after researchers discovered that a prominent United Arab Emirates dissident's phone had been targeted with a previously unknown method of hacking.

The thwarted attack on the human rights activist, Ahmed Mansoor, used a text message that invited him to click on a web link. Instead of clicking, he forwarded the message to researchers at the University of Toronto's Citizen Lab.

The hack is the first known case of software that can remotely take over a fully up-to-date iPhone 6.

Experts at Citizen Lab worked with security company Lookout and determined that the link would have installed a program taking advantage of a three flaws that Apple and others were not aware of. The researchers disclosed their findings on Thursday.

"Once infected, Mansoor's phone would have become a digital spy in his pocket, capable of employing his iPhone's camera and microphone to snoop on activity in the vicinity of the device, recording his WhatsApp and Viber calls, logging messages sent in mobile chat apps, and tracking his movements," Citizen Lab wrote in a report released on Thursday.

The researchers said they had alerted Apple a week and a half ago, and the company developed a fix and distributed it as an automatic update to iPhone 6 owners.

Apple spokesman Fred Sainz confirmed that the company had issued the patch after being contacted by researchers.

The Citizen Lab team attributed the attack software to a private seller of monitoring systems, NSO Group, an Israeli company that makes software for governments which can secretly target mobile phones and gather information. Tools such as that used in this case, a remote exploit for a current iPhone, cost as much as $1 million.

NSO Chief Executive Shalev Hulio referred questions to spokesman Zamir Dahbash, who said the company "cannot confirm the specific cases" covered in the Citizen Lab and Lookout reports.

Dahbash said NSO sells within export laws to government agencies, which then operate the software.

"The agreements signed with the company's customers require that the company's products only be used in a lawful manner," he added. "Specifically, the products may only be used for the prevention and investigation of crimes."

Dahbash did not answer follow-up questions, including whether the exposure of the tools use against Mansoor in UAE and a Mexican journalist would end any sales to those countries.

NSO has kept a low profile in the security world, despite its 2014 sale of a majority stake for $120 million to California private equity firm Francisco Partners. That company's chief executive, Dipanjan Deb, did not return a call on Thursday. In November 2015, Reuters reported that NSO had begun calling itself "Q" and was looking for a buyer for close to $1 billion.

Sarah McKune, senior legal adviser to Citizen Lab, said Israel tries to follow the strictures of the Wassenaar Arrangement, which puts controls on the international sale of nuclear and chemical weapons technology and more recently cyber intrusion tools.

NSO may have had to apply for an export licence, she added, saying that raised questions about "what consideration was given to the human rights record of UAE."

The Israeli embassy in Washington did not respond to an email seeking comment.

NSO marketing material says that it also has capabilities for Android and BlackBerry devices. No version of the software has been exposed, indicating it remains effective.

Citizen Lab did not directly accuse UAE of carrying out the attack on Mansoor with NSO gear called Pegasus, but it said other NSO attacks on critics of the regime were connected to the government.

It also said a Mexican journalist and a minority party politician in Kenya had been targeted with NSO software and that domain names set up for other attacks referred to entities in Uzbekistan, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other nations, suggesting that other targets lived in those nations.

A call to the UAE embassy in Washington was not immediately returned.

The market for "lawful intercept," or government hacking tools, has come under increased scrutiny with revelations about authoritarian customers and noncriminal victims.

Two popular vendors, Hacking Team of Italy and Gamma Group of the United Kingdom, have had their wares exposed by researchers or hackers.

Mansoor had previously been targeted with software from both of those companies, according to Citizen Lab.

"I can't think of a more compelling case of serial misuse of lawful intercept malware than the targeting of Mansoor," said one of the Citizen Lab researchers, John Scott-Railton.


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Posted: 26 August, 2016

The Top 10 Highest Paid Actors

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has topped a Forbes magazine list of the world's highest paid actors with an estimated 2016 payday of $A84.7 million.

Johnson, 44, has come a long way from his days as a WWE superstar The Rock, knocking Robert Downey Jr. off the top spot and more than doubling his 2015 earnings, largely thanks to his action comedy Central Intelligence.



The List

1. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson $US64.5 million

2. Jackie Chane $US61 million

3. Matt Damon $US55 million

4. Tom Cruise $US53 million

5. Johnny Depp $US48 million

6. Ben Affleck $US43 million

7. Vin Diesel $US35 million

8. Shah Rukh Khan $US33 million

8. Robert Downey Jr. $US33 million

10. Kumar Akshay $US31 million 

Veteran Harrison Ford crept onto the list for the first time since 2009 thanks to his return as Han Solo in the blockbuster new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie and video game. Ford, who also is to reprise his role as adventurer Indiana Jones in 2019, ranked 20th with earnings of about $US15 million.

Forbes estimates earnings, before taxes and management fees, from movies, TV and commercial endorsements.

The Rock responds

The Rock who is considered one of the good guys in Hollywood, took to Twitter to respond to the many congratulations he recieved in his usual tongue in cheek and humble fashion.


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Posted: 26 August, 2016

US Swimmer Ryan Lochte Formally Charged By Rio Police

US swimmer Ryan Lochte's fibs have come back to bite him again, he's been formally charged with filing a false robbery report over an incident during the Rio 2016 Games.

A Brazilian police statement said Lochte would be informed in the United States so he could decide whether to introduce a defence in Brazil.

The indictment will also be sent to the International Olympic Committee's ethics commission, the statement said.

Lochte initially said that he and fellow swimmers Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz and Jimmy Feigen were robbed at gunpoint in a taxi by men with a police badge as they returned to the Olympic Village from a party August 15.

However, security video suggested the four actually faced security guards after vandalising a gas station restroom.

Lochte left Brazil shortly after the incident. Three days later, local authorities took Conger and Bentz off an airliner heading to the United States so they could be questioned about the robbery claim.

The charges in Brazil raise questions about the future for Lochte, who is planning to take time off from swimming but wants to return to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He has 12 Olympic medals, second only to Michael Phelps among US male Olympians.

Lochte lost four major sponsors early this week over the controversy, including Speedo USA and Ralph Lauren.


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Posted: 25 August, 2016

Victorian Bloke Finds Gold Nugget Worth $250K


(Image: Macquarie Film Corporation, The Nugget)

A Victorian man has made the unbelievable discovery of a gold nugget worth over $250,000.

The location has remained undisclosed as the prospector isn't keen on too many people flooding to the area in a gold rush - but it is believed to be on the southern edge of the 'Golden Triangle' in central Victoria.

Here is Channel Nine's report of the discovery:

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Posted: 25 August, 2016

Parking Inspectors Aren't Issuing Fines In The City Today


(Image: Getty)

A strike action has meant that parking inspectors will not be issuing motorists with fines in Melbourne's CBD today.

A dispute with management over pay and conditions has lead to the day-only strike, although it's expected it may be repeated again.

Be warned: some council workers are still able to issue tickets, though - but you'd be bloody stiff...

The council released a statement over the matter:

"We have been negotiating in good faith with the ASU for a number of months now and strongly believe this action is unnecessary and premature," the statement said.

The council will dock the pay of parking inspectors who participate in the strike.

The statement said that "normal parking restrictions still apply during this time".

"Parking Officers will be on patrol and will continue to issue infringement notices to illegally parked vehicles throughout the city and municipality," the statement said.

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Posted: 25 August, 2016

WATCH: Devastating Drone Footage Of Italy Earthquake Aftermath

Italy's Fire and Emergency department (Vigili del Fuoco) has shared this heartbreaking drone footage of the damage at the heart of the hardest hit town, Amatrice -

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