Posted: 30 September, 2016

Doctor Uses Spoon & Toothpicks To Save Unconscious Plane Passenger's Life

He's being hailed a hero!

A hero moment on board an Air China flight last week, when a doctor used a spoon and a few toothpicks to save the life ofa passenger who suffered from epilepsy mid-flight. 

According to Shanghai Daily, 38 year old Tian Yu was on a short flight from Kashgar to Urumqi in western China's Xinjiang Province when the cabin crew made an announcement calling for a doctor. 

Having a background in traditional Chinese medicine, Tian made himself known and was shown to a fellow passenger who was already unconscious and foaming at the mouth. 

Tian asked for a spoon, and wrapped it in a towel before placing it in the patient's mouth to stop biting his own tongue. 

His next request was for toothpicks. 

He used the pointy sticks to stimulate some acupuncture points on the man's head, and managed to bring him around to consciousness within 5 minutes.

"There was no needle available on the plane, and toothpicks were the best replacement I could find."

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Posted: 30 September, 2016

A Stack of Aussie Adults Still Getting Handouts From Mum & Dad

There's calls for Aussie parents to 'cut off' their adult kids as new research reveals almost three quarters are giving their children financial assistance.

Comparison website surveyed 2,000 people, 74 per cent of parents said they help out their children over 18 with things like bills, uni fees, even home loan repayments.

28 per cent said they felt pretty embarrassed about the handouts.

Social researchers believe young Aussie shouldn't feel guilty about accepting the help from baby boomers though, because they represent 25 per cent of the population, but own half of the nation's wealth.

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Posted: 30 September, 2016

Families Lose Embryos In SA Power Outage

The embryos of twelve families have been lost at an Adelaide fertility clinic hit by this week's State-wide power outage. 

Flinders Fertility has confirmed the backup generators failed, after power was knocked out in the super storm. 

"Despite every effort by our scientists, the embryos are no longer viable,"

"This is a devastating situation for our patients, and very distressing for our staff.

"Flinders Fertility doctors have contacted patients directly, and individual support and counselling is being provided."

An investigation will be launched. 

Meantime, at the same Flinders medical centre, a Doctor has been praised a hero after saving the life of a premature baby. 

When the oxygen failed with the power supply, the neonatal doctor began hand pumping oxygen for the baby, and continued for 90 minutes. 

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Posted: 30 September, 2016

Missing Sydney Teenager Found Alive

Image: @couriermail

A 16-year-old girl who has been missing for almost a week has been found safe and well this morning.

Just before 9am, a motorist spotted someone matching Cassie Olczak's description on the Princes Highway, Waterfall, and contacted emergency services.

Officers from Sutherland Police Station attended the scene, and after speaking with the girl, were able to confirm that it was the missing teenager.

The girl was last seen on CCTV footage getting off at Waterfall train station on Sunday night.

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Posted: 30 September, 2016

NSW Police HQ To Be Renamed After Slain Worker

Pic: NSW Police HQ in Parramatta, Curtis Cheng

The NSW Police headquarters at Parramatta will be renamed today.. in honour of the senior accountant show dead by a terrorist a year ago, on Sunday. 

Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione will unveil a plaque officially renaming the building as The Curtis Cheng Centre - NSW Police Headquarters this morning. 

Cheng had been working with the police for 17 years before he was gunned down on October 2, 2015.

Yesterday, on Police Remembrance Day, Cheng became the first non-officer added to the roll of honour on the national police memorial in Canberra. 

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Posted: 30 September, 2016

Former QLD MP Wyatt Roy Slammed For Visiting Iraq

"We're talking about a war zone. It's not a Contiki Tour."

Pic: SBS

The federal government's pretty upset with former Queensland MP Wyatt Roy, who got caught in crossfire in Iraq after ignoring advice not to travel to the war-torn country.

Gunfire broke out between Islamic State and Kurdish forces in an area Australians are legally banned from visiting.

Roy said he travelled to Iraq because he wanted to see the conflict for himself.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop released a statement overnight that said it was "irresponsible for Wyatt Roy to travel to the find line of the conflict" in a region regarded as very high risk.

"Official Australian Government advice for all Australians is “do not travel” to Iraq."

"The Government has also banned travel to the Iraqi city of Mosul, which is under the control of ISIL. He has placed himself at risk of physical harm and capture, and acted in defiance of government advice."

"Mr Roy did not seek nor did he receive assistance from the Australian Government for his travel to Iraq."

"The Government does not endorse or approve of Mr Roy’s actions, and strongly urges other Australians to follow the official advice of “do not travel to Iraq”."

Other politicians have lined up to admonish Roy's actions, Labor Defence Spokesman Richard Marles saying it was "profoundly stupid" for Roy to travel to Iraq. 

"We are talking about a war zone. This is not a Contiki tour," he told the Nine Network. 

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Posted: 30 September, 2016

MORE Cars Being Recalled

127,000 SUVs, sedans and wagons affected

Pic: Volvo S90 sedan

Volvo is the latest carmaker to call a mass recall, of 127,000 cars worldwide. 

The 2016 and 2017 XC90 SUVs, S90 sedans and V90 wagons could end up with leaking air conditioning, which could drip onto the airbags and cause them to malfunction. 

The company says there have been no reports of injuries yet, or airbags that didn't inflate due to the problem... but the risk remains. 

Fewer than 1 percent of the vehicles are expected to need repairs, but Volvo says it wants to inspect them all.

Drivers will likely see a dashboard warning light if there’s a problem. They should call the dealer immediately and have the drain hose checked and replaced if needed. Wiring may also need to be upgraded. 

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Posted: 29 September, 2016

Mundine Calls For GF Anthem Boycott

Anthony Mundine has called on all players at this weekend's NRL and AFL grand finals to boycott the Australian national anthem.

The former rugby league star turned boxer shared a video via social media urging people to make a stand at ANZ Stadium and the MCG in support of the indigenous community.

The campaign, driven by Australian pop culture website Junkee, follows the lead of San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players who have knelt during the US anthem to protest against racial inequality and injustice.

"Been saying this for years !" Mundine posted on Facebook on Thursday.

"The anthem was written in late 1700s where blackfullas (sic) were considered fauna (animals) advance Australia fair as in white not fair as in fair go ...

"All players aboriginal & non aboriginal should boycott the anthem & start changing Australia's ignorant mentality...lets move forward together yo."

Last week, former league players Larry Corowa and Joe Williams also called on indigenous players in Sunday's NRL decider to not stand for the anthem.

"Imagine if a couple of guys did it on grand final day - what a powerful message it would send to white Australia," Williams told Rugby League Week.

"It would bring all the racism that's in the closet to the surface - the racism we have to put up with every day. The way we are treated in shops, the way people look at us on the street and the way the government treats us.

"It's time it stopped. And our footballers are role models and the ideal ones to bring about change."

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Posted: 29 September, 2016

Man Charged Over Horrific Montague Street Bridge Crash

Massive collision

(Image: Twitter)

A man from Ballarat has been charged for a horrific bus crash into the notorious Montague Street Bridge in Feburary.

The unnamed driver has been charged with six counts of dangerous driving causing serious injury and other offences.

Several people were left injured after the bus slammed into the low bridge travelling at high speed, while others were left trapped for up to an hour.

The bridge has been left almost completely unscathed after the installation of gantries this year.


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Posted: 29 September, 2016

Bread Roll Recall In NSW Over Metal Fears

Two popular brands of bread rolls have been recalled in NSW following fears they may have metal fragments in them.

Coles and Mighty Soft hamburger, hot dog and white round or long rolls with best before dates of October 2 are being recalled.

It is feared shards of metal from the processing equipment may be in the rolls.

Here is the full recall list:

Coles White Round Rolls 6 Pack, plastic film

Coles Smartbuy 6 Hamburger Rolls, plastic film

Coles Smartbuy 6 Hot Dog Rolls, plastic film

Coles White Long Roll 6 Pack, plastic film

Mighty Soft Hot Dog P6, plastic film

Mighty Soft Hamburger 5" P6, plastic film

IGA Bakers Oven White Round Roll P6, plastic film

IGA Bakers Oven Hot Dog Roll P6, plastic film

IGA Bakers Oven Hamburger Roll P6, plastic film

Hot Dog P6 Top Slice, plastic film

Hamburger Jumbo 5" P12 Bulk, plastic film

UB White Round Batch Roll P6, plastic film

UB White SD SUB P6, plastic film

UB White SD Round Roll 4" P6, plastic film

UB White Hot Dog Roll 7" P6, plastic film

UB AMERICAN SLD 5" Hamburger Roll P6, plastic film

UB White SUB P6, plastic film

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Posted: 29 September, 2016

iPhones Apparently Emit Twice As Much Radiation As Samsung Phones

A new study claims that iPhones emit twice as much radiation as Samsung phones.

The claims come from a South Korean study which looked into the highest electromagnetic radiation specific absorption rate (SAR) of electronic devices sold in the country. 

According to ZDNet, “SAR represents the quantity the humans or animals absorb electromagnetic radiations from electronics. For handsets, it measures the rate of absorption when placed near the ear.”

Researchers at South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency found that iPhones and iPads had the highest SAR, with the average radiation SAR for iPhones coming in at 1.166 watts per kilogram.

Samsung products showed an average of .517 watts per kilogram for devices launched this year.

The SAR limit in the United States and South Korea is 1.6 watts per kilogram, meaning the iPhone is actually still below the regulated limit. The US Federal Communication Commission says this amount is perfectly safe but that research continues in this area.

“Those evaluating the potential risks of using wireless devices agree that more and longer-term studies should explore whether there is a better basis for RF safety standards than is currently used,” the US Federal Communication Commission says.

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Posted: 29 September, 2016

Homer Simpson Vs Sydney Harbour Bridge

The creator of The Simpsons and Futurama, Matt Groening, is coming to Sydney for a talk at the upcoming Graphic festival. Watch the video below.

Homer Simpson vs. Sydney Opera House

Video: Sydney Opera House YouTube channel

It's a rare appearance from the cartoonist outside of the US, who says some of the biggest fans of the TV show come from Down Under.

"The most intense Simpsons fanatics I've met are from Australia, so I'm coming to Sydney to check out all you lunatics," Groening said.

"I'm going to share stories of the making of The Simpsons and show embarrassing home movies and rarely-seen animation, including oddball outtakes and uncensored Itchy & Scratchy cartoons."

Groening will give two talks at the festival that celebrates the art of graphic storytelling, illustration, comics, animation and music.

He will deliver his first talk, Secrets of The Simpsons, And A Couple Of Milhouse Fun Facts, solo and will be joined by fellow cartoonist and friend Lynda Barry for the talk Love, Hate & Comics: The Friendship That Would Not Die.

The Simpsons holds the record as the longest-running scripted TV show in history.

The GRAPHIC festival will also feature a screening of George Lucas' directorial debut THX 1138 with a live-score by Asian Dub Foundation.

* The Graphic festival takes place on November 4 & 5 at the Sydney Opera House and various venues.

Tickets On Sale

Tickets on sale now:

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