Posted: 19 September, 2014

Adelaide Lines Up For The iPhone 6

Apple's next generation smartphone now on sale.

A new iPhone is a major event for Apple fans.

The iPhone 6 went on sale this morning and they were plenty of people queuing up in Rundle Mall.

Dozens spent the night outside the store ahead of the phone's release at 8am.

The 6 - which comes in two sizes - is quicker than its predecessor...and has a sharper display with an upgraded camera.

Aussies are among the first in the World to get the new phone.

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Posted: 11 September, 2014

Ebola Scare In Australia

A Gold Coast man has been rushed to Gold Coast University Hospital amid suspected Ebola virus fears.

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Posted: 11 September, 2014

Jaws Actor Richard Kiel Dead At 74

The iconic star of Mookraker and Happy Gilmore has passed away.


Richard Kiel, famous for portraying James Bond nemesis Jaws, has died at the age of 74.

Although the steel toothed villain was his most well known role, the 7-foot-2 actor starred in dozens of films including the Adam Sandler hit Happy Gilmore.

TMZ and Variety report that Kiel broke his leg last week and was in a hospital in Fresno, California, although it's still unclear if his death was connected to the leg injury.


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Posted: 10 September, 2014

Apple Unveils iPhone 6 & Smartwatch

A much anticipated Apple product launch has included iPhones with large screens, a smartwatch and a new mobile wallet.

(Photo: AAP)

Apple has moved to recapture its role as the leading tech trend-setter as it unveiled its first smartwatch and two large-screen versions of the iPhone.

In a major product event on Tuesday, the California company also said it was introducing a new mobile wallet that will allow consumers to simply tap their phones to pay retailers, aiming to popularise the idea of mobile payments.

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Posted: 9 September, 2014

Severe Thunderstorm Hits Victoria

Severe thunderstorms have produced damaging winds and heavy rainfall in parts of Melbourne.

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Posted: 4 September, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Apologise For ‘Ultimate Bucket List’ Challenge

The Airline says it did not intend to offend.

(Getty Images)

Malaysia Airlines has apologised for its poorly timed promotional campaign that asked customers to name their 'bucket list' travel destination.

The airline offered prizes including free flight and iPads in the contest called 'My Ultimate Bucket List' despite the tragedies of MH17 and MH370.

For those unfamiliar with the saying, Bucket list refers to the things someone wants to do before 'kicking the bucket'.

"Malaysia Airlines has withdrawn the title of a competition running in Australia and New Zealand, as it is found to be inappropriate at this point in time," the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

"The competition had been earlier approved as it was themed around a common phrase used in both countries. The airline appreciates and respects the sentiments of the public and in no way did it intend to offend any parties."

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Posted: 3 September, 2014

Man Steals iPhone From Train Passenger

The footage shows the man standing next to a woman as she sits on the train playing with her phone

Man steals a mobile from a train passenger in Europe Video: YouTube

Video has surfaced showing a young man stealing a mobile phone from a woman whilst on the train in Hungary.

The footage, which is believed to have been from 2012, shows the man standing next to a woman as she sits on the train playing with her phone.

The man can be seen casually looking around the train carriage whilst keeping a subtle eye one the woman’s phone.

As the train pulls to a stop, the man, standing near the carriage doors, remains still, even after they open.

At the last second, the cunning thief pinches the phone from the unsuspecting woman’s hands and slides through the closing doors. The helpless woman screams after the thief through the carriage window.

Thankfully, with the help of the police and the video footage, the man was captured within 24 hours.

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Posted: 29 August, 2014

Jen Hawkins takes ALS challenge

Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins has jumped on board with the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. ‘‘I nominate Donald Trump, Jake Wall and Sean Anderson’’

The proud Novocastrian responeded to plenty of requests on a pool deck via instagram "#LoveToNewy thank you for your nominations! I would love to bring awareness to #ALS"

The glam girl also made it clear she was donating to the cause ‘‘FYI – been nominated a few times & I have donated to ALS charity,’’ she replied to the Newcastle Herald

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Posted: 26 August, 2014

Billy Crystal Pays Stirring Tribute To Robin Williams

Billy Crystal's poignant tribute to his mate Robin Williams


Billy Crystal has given an emotional tribute to his close friend and colleague Robin Williams at the Emmy Awards

Crystal honoured Williams during the "In Memoriam" portion of the show.

"He made us laugh, hard. Every time you saw him, the brilliance was astounding. He could be funny anywhere," Crystal told the Emmy’s audience.

"As genius as he was onstage, he was the greatest friend you could ever imagine. Supportive, protective, loving. It's very hard to talk about him in the past because he was so present in all of our lives."

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Posted: 26 August, 2014

Qantas And Virgin Loosen In-Flight Phone Rules

Phone can be kept on for the duration of Qantas and Virgin flights.

Passengers on Qantas and Virgin flights will be able to keep phones and electronic devices powered on during flights.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved applications from both airlines to allow travellers to keep devices on during take-off and landing.

Qantas head of engineering Alan Milne says it's perfectly safe.

“Absolutely no way we would have let this sort of policy some into place unless we were 100% satisfied that there was zero impact on the safe,” Alan said.

The devices will have to remain in ‘flight mode’ throughout the flight.

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Posted: 25 August, 2014

Photos: California Hit By Biggest Earthquake In 25 Years

Northern California counting the cost of magnitude 6 quake.

Images: Twitter @matthiassonwine & @LaserPunk

A state of emergency has been declared in Northern California after it was rocked by the strongest Earthquake in 25-years.

The magnitude 6 quake struck around 10-kilometers southwest of Napa - California's famous  wine country.

More than 120 people were injured in the quake which hit around 3.20am on Sunday, local time.

Winemakers are cleaning up thousands of broken bottles and barrels with some growers saying they have lost as much as 50 percent of their wine.

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Posted: 25 August, 2014

Richard Attenborough Dies Aged 90

Actor-director Richard Attenborough has died at the age of 90, his son has told the BBC.

(Photo: Getty Images)

British director and actor Richard Attenborough has died aged 90 after a long illness.

Attenborough, who appeared in movies such as Brighton Rock, The Great Escape and Jurassic Park, in a career spanning six decades, died on Sunday the BBC news reports.

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