Posted: 12 February, 2016

Police Hunting Motorcyclist Who Fired A Shot In The Melbourne CBD

Anyone with info is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

Police are appealing for information after an assault and firearms incident occurred in Melbourne on Sunday evening.

Detectives have been told a motorcycle rider stopped at a red light in Lonsdale Street and was waiting to turn right into Spencer Street about 7.25pm.

Moments later, a man approached the motorcyclist and physically assaulted him.

The rider fell to the ground and a scuffle between the two occurred.


During the altercation it is understood the rider produced a firearm and discharged one shot before returning to his motorcycle and taking off south down Spencer Street.

The man who initially approached the rider, a 24-year-old Thai national living in Melbourne was identified and charged with affray and assault related offences however police are yet to speak with the rider.

The rider is described as Asian, medium build, with short dark hair and was riding what is believed to be a 2008-2010 Suzuki GXSR 600 motorcycle. He was wearing a black, white and red coloured leather riding jacket, dark pants and white shoes.

The incident, between the two men, who are not believed to know one another, appears unprovoked and police believe that given the location of the incident there are a number of outstanding witnesses that are yet to be spoken to.

Police have released the following images along with CCTV in the hope someone recognises the rider.

Anyone who witnessed either the incident or with further information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit



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Posted: 11 February, 2016

Woman Who Pushed Cop Receives Punishment

Ruling announced

Image: YouTube

The woman who infamously pushed over a cop at last year's Melbourne Cup has received her punishment after a day in court. 

Sarah Finn has reportedly received an $800 fine for pushing over the police officer in the Flemington flowerbed.

Finn was also required to pay court fees of $200, as well as compensating the policeman for breaking his glasses.

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Posted: 11 February, 2016

Hipster Restaurant In Melbourne Slammed Over ‘Racist’ Murals

'You cannot make this stuff up'

A Melbourne restaurant has been criticised for its interior décor, which features a photoshopped mural of late rapper Biggie Smalls holding a fried chicken drumstick.

FAT Fried and Tasty in Brunswick also features a vintage Aunt Jemima advertisement and a picture of a white family with guns

Stand-up comedian Aamer Rahman has criticised the Brunswick eatery on Facebook.

"Today in gentrification: Melbourne hipsters pay tribute to a dead black artist by opening a Biggie Smalls themed fried chicken restaurant,” he said in a Facebook post on Tuesday,” he wrote.

Rahman’s post has already been shared over 1,000 times on Facebook.

Today in gentrification: Melbourne hipsters pay tribute to a dead black artist by opening a Biggie Smalls themed fried...

Posted by Aamer Rahman on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The owners of FAT Fried and Tasty have defended the the decor.

“This is not the first time we have received criticism over the décor,” they told The Huffington Post Australia.

“Although we received negative feedback we also received positive responses with people liking the fact that we have Biggie Smalls on the wall as they clearly share the love that we have.

“We are definitely not insensitive to the fact that we may have offended some people but that was never our intention, the simple explanation as to why we depict Biggie Smalls in our restaurant is for the simple fact that we are big fans, even though it was used as a mural on our wall it was never intended to be racist.”

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Posted: 11 February, 2016

Schoolboy Becomes Superhero For A Day

A sick Sydney schoolboy’s dreams will come true today

UPDATE: Iron Boy has defeated the evil Ultron and saved the people of Sydney!

Earlier On Triple M

A sick Sydney schoolboy’s dreams will come true today when NSW Police team up with Make-A-Wish Australia to make him a “superhero” for a day.

Nine-year-old Domenic will be asked to become the younger version of Marvel Comic’s Iron Man to carry out a rescue mission and battle a major villain and his henchmen during the “wish.”

"Iron Boy” will travel by police helicopter and fast boat to complete the mission which will culminate this afternoon with a showdown on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

If you can’t make it cheer on our hero Dom using Twitter with the hashtag #IronBoyAU! To make a donation go to:

Who Is "Iron Boy"?

schoolboy, iron boy, make-a-wish


1.15 for 1.40pm TODAY (Thursday 11 February 2016)
Iron Boy vs Ultron “showdown”
2pm – Media Conference


The front steps (first landing) of the Sydney Opera House, next to the Man Of War Steps.

Iron Boy, We Need Your Help

Social Media

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Posted: 11 February, 2016

Two Protesters Dangling From Melbourne Overpass

"Let Them Stay"

Image: 9 News

Two protesters are dangling over the edge of the Yarra Bend Road overpass showing a sign showing support for asylum seekers in Melbourne.

The sign above the Eastern Freeway says #LET THEM STAY.

Victorian Police said they had several calls about the demonstration and are believed to be on the scene.

Here's the banner drop across the Eastern Freeway this morning, still happening now. These two activists have been...

Posted by Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance on Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Full Media Release by activists currently suspended off M3 bridge in Melbourne #LetThemStay #CloseTheCampsActivists...

Posted by Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance on Wednesday, 10 February 2016

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Posted: 10 February, 2016

'Half-A-Second' Sex Assault Case Comes To An End

Year long case ends

Image: YouTube

English man Mark Pearson was walking through a train station in the UK when a fleeting encounter occurred that would change his life forever.

While holding the strap of his bag and a newspaper in the other hand, he briefly brushed past a woman walking in the opposite direction.

Pearson thought nothing of it.

However, that's not the story that was told to police. The woman, an actress on her way to an audition, revealed details of how the man "penetrated her" while walking through Waterloo Station.

The CCTV footage from the station shows neither people breaking stride, but that didn't stop court proceedings carrying out for over a year.

“Anybody who has seen the CCTV images knows that I couldn’t possibly have done it,” Mr Pearson said.

“It is against everything I believe in as a human being. I did nothing. I would have had to crouch down, put my hand up the woman’s skirt ... penetrate her, take my hand out again ... all while holding the newspaper and walking along the concourse.”

A jury took only 90 minutes to determine that Pearson was innocent - a verdict that was obviously a relief to the defendant.

However, he claims that over the course of the saga the damage had already been done.

“For me, half a second turned into a year of hell. I feel I have undergone a form of mental torture sanctioned by the state.”

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Posted: 10 February, 2016

Fancy Yourself A Spy?

ASIO Keen To Recruit Tradies As Surveillance Officers

Pic: Getty Images

If you're a tradie and thinking about a career change, consider becoming a spy!

Australia's top spy agency ASIO has launched a recruitment campaign to hire surveillance officers, they're looking for blue-collar workers with good problem solving skills, a wealth of 'life experience', males and females that haven't considered a career within the agency.

An ASIO spokesperson said the applicants don't necessarily have to be tradies, but rather someone with the necessary attributes.

Trained officer's salaries start at $77,000.

Be warned though, you might have to lay off the meat pies and sausage rolls, they'll need fit applicants who are available to possibly move to Canberra.

If you're interested CLICK HERE 

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Posted: 10 February, 2016

Bloke Sues SANFL for $90k

Footy fan launches law suit after slipping on hot chips.

Photo: Flickr

This bloke seems to have massive chip on his shoulder.

The 62-year-old is suing the SANFL for over $90,000 over an accidental fall at an Adelaide Crows and Richmond Tigers game at AAMI Stadium.

Stephen John Benton attended the AFL game June 30, 2012 and submitted documents to the Adelaide Magisterates Court in June of last year, claiming he sustained injury at a food kiosk at the northern end of AAMI Stadium.

The claim states: “upon exiting the food kiosk, (Mr Benton) slipped on fried chips that were located on the floor inside,”

“Following the incident, (he) alerted ... staff to the presence of the fried chips on the floor inside the kiosk."

“(They) immediately cleaned the area where (he) fell, which, if cleaned earlier, would have prevented the (accident).”

An excerpt from The Advertiser explains:

Mr Benton, of Glengowrie, in Adelaide’s southwest, claims the league breached its duty of care after it “failed” to properly monitor or clean the floors inside the kiosk.

The SANFL, which managed the West Lakes-based stadium before AFL moved to the $535 million redeveloped Adelaide Oval in 2014, denies the claim, arguing he did not take adequate care or watch out for danger.

Mr Benton is suing the league for damages and costs totalling $94,827.75, for his “injury, loss and damage”, and has flagged further claims.

“(Mr Benton) has suffered, and will continue to suffer, pain ... and a loss of enjoyment of the amenities of life,” it states.

“(He) will (also) require assistance in the future with activities of daily living including cleaning and gardening, whether provided on a paid basis or voluntarily.”

In its statement of defence, league lawyers claimed Mr Benton was negligent, did not suffer any adverse consequences while the injury was minor and a result of a precondition.

It argues he “failed” to keep any proper lookout, take adequate care for his own safety, to look where he was walking or to observe an obvious risk.

Both parties declined to comment. The matter returns to court in May.


Head to for the rull report. 

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Posted: 9 February, 2016

One Bloke Caused The National Telstra Outage

'I think he's probably had the worst day of his career'

One man caused the Telstra outage with affected thousands of mobile phone users across Australia.

"Unfortunately the individual did not follow the correct procedures,” Telstra chief operations officer Kate McKenzie told Fairfax Media.

Detailed explanation of the error below.

"I think he's probably had the worst day of his career," Ms McKenzie said.

We think he might have had the worst day of ANYONE’s career.

Telstra says everything is now operating as normal, however there will be a thorough investigation into the incident.

Once the investigation concludes Telstra say they will offer free data to users.



Telstra chief operations officer Kate McKenzie said that there are 10 signalling nodes distributed around the country and one was taken down around lunchtime.

“Unfortunately, the individual did not follow the correct procedures and restarted the malfunctioning node before he transferred the customers off to the other nodes,” she said.

“That then caused sever congestion across the remaining nodes and prevented people from being able to register a signal.”

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Posted: 9 February, 2016

Massive Mobile Phone Outage In Australia

JUST IN | Network down.


Also See

One Bloke Caused The National Telstra Outage

'I think he's probably had the worst day of his career'



Telstra customers have taken to social media to report a outage of mobile services throughout Australia.

The telecommunications giant has tweeted it is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it.

Early reports suggest that Telstra mobile services are not able to make or receive calls.

Some devices are showing ‘No Service’.

It is not known how many users are effected at this stage.

More to come.



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Posted: 9 February, 2016

If You Get This Text From Apple Or iTunes - DON'T Open It

Message Linked To Malware Scam

Pic: Getty 

We're being warned about a text message scam targeting Apple iTunes subscribers.

According to The Federal Government's Cybercrime department, the message is believed to claim the recipient's account has been frozen and asks them to click on a link to 'validate their account'.

If you click on the link you can expose your phone to malware that may be used to steal personal info or access bank accounts.

If you get a message similar to this, DON'T click on the link, report it to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network 

If you do click on the link, the advice is to notify your bank immediately and change all usernames and passwords associated with the account.

If you are unsure about activity associated with your iTunes account, log in directly to the official Apple iTunes website and check for any alerts or messages there.

Apple says The iTunes Store will never ask you to provide personal or sensitive account information.

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Posted: 9 February, 2016

Brisbane Man Found In UK - 16 YEARS After Disappearing

Pic: Facebook

It's a bizarre missing person's case stretching from Brisbane, all the way to England.

Local man Jason Douglas has been tracked down by his family, 16 years after disappearing overseas.

He'd been living with his uncle in 1999 when he passed away. Jason, now 36, saw his family at the funeral and decided to stay in the UK, but lost contact with family when he was kicked out of a friend's home in 2000.

He became homeless in the months after and lost his passport, stealing food to survived. His family in Australia's been trying to find him ever since.

Pic: Facebook

After nearly 2 decades, his family managed to track him down to a homeless shelter in Milton Keynes.

They've since set up a 'Go Fund Me' page to help get him home, raising $2,800. The family plan on donating any cash left over.

Check out the campaign here:

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