Posted: 19 November, 2014

Police Clash With Driving Grandmother

Disturbing footage has emerged of an elderly woman caught up in a confronting fight with Australian Police

WARNING: Some viewers may find this footage confronting Video: Farirfax Video

Disturbing footage has emerged of an elderly woman caught up in a confronting fight with Australian Police.

63-year-old Linda Millazzo clipped a policeman while driving through a road block in South Yarra, Melbourne and drove off, before she was stopped further down the road.

Millazzo was confronted by two policemen, after which she became hysterical and a shocking screaming and shouting match erupted, which also got physical.

The woman, who had recently had a heart attack, claimed she was suffering a heart attack at the time, to which one police officer replied, “You don't look like you're having a heart attack to me.”

Millazzo was also laughed at, called a “f***ing nut case” and when she mentioned her rights, was told “you haven't got any rights at the minute.”

A judge criticised both Victoria Police and the woman for the fiery, expletive-laden exchange and ultimately charged her with obstructing police and driving in a dangerous manner, to which she pleaded guilty.

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Posted: 19 November, 2014

Huge Great White Shark Caught Off Bondi Beach

Massive shark caught in nets in Sydney.

A massive shark was pulled from nets at Bondi Beach this morning.

The 2.5 metre dead Great White was found during a routine check of the nets.

Images from Channel 7 and Channel 10 show the shark on the deck of a fishing boat.

Waverley Council Mayor Sally Betts says that's what the nets are for.

"The purpose of the nets is to dissuade sharks from coming into the bay," she said.

"This one unfortunately got caught in the nets rather than just swimming away. We don't want to kill any of these animals but rather than them coming into the beach that's the next best thing."

A Department of Primary Industries spokesperson confirmed the shark was already dead when it was discovered.

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Posted: 19 November, 2014

Netflix AU To Launch In March, Offering Shows You May Not Have Heard Of Yet

The US favourite is officially on it's way!

The internet TV juggernaut that is Netflix has officially set it's Australian and New Zealand launch date this morning.

We'll be able to stream shows in high-def, and even "4K content where available", from March 2015.

Although the lineup of shows available Down Under doesn't instantly impress.

A release from Netflix this morning revealed the Aussie offering will include "original series as Marco Polo, BoJack Horseman and, among many kids titles, DreamWorks Animation’s All Hail King Julien. "

Along with those shows, documentaries like Virunga and Mission Blue, and stand-up comedy special Uganda Be Kidding Me, Live, from Chelsea Handler will feature among others. 

But the offering has left a raw taste in the mouths of many fans and tech experts, with Twitter lighting up as fans scream their devotion to their current connections.

What are your thoughts on the 2015 launch and the Australian offering?

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Posted: 18 November, 2014

Backpack Snake Surprises Police

Police were shocked to find a snake while searching a backpack overnight

(First Constable Mark Aitken takes over the role of snake handler at Frankston police station. Image: Supplied)

A cyclist has copped a spray in Seaford from a policeman who searched his backpack last night only to discover a one metre long python inside. 

Senior Constable Christopher Knott pulled over the cyclist who wasn't wearing a helmet and had no lights on telling The Hot Breakfast he was more shocked to find the pet Snake than the ice and marijuana also in the bag.

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Posted: 17 November, 2014

Ho Ho Hope They Catch Him

Victorian police are looking for a Post Office thief dressed as Santa

(Source: Victoria Police - video has no audio)

He’s known for making a list and checking it twice, however Santa is now appearing on a list of his own. 

Detectives from Moreland Crime Investigation Unit are investigating a robbery at a post office in Oak Park this afternoon where Santa appeared to be more naughty than nice. 

Victorian Police have been told a man dressed as Santa entered the Snell Grove store around 11.30am and demanded money from a female staff member. 

The woman handed over a quantity of cash which the man placed in a red Santa sack before leaving the store. 

The unknown offender drove away in a cream coloured Compass Jeep with allegedly false plates east along Snell Grove. 

No weapon was sighted and no one was injured during the incident. 

Police are appealing for witnesses and anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.or submit a confidential crime report at

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Posted: 14 November, 2014

Doctor Suffers Heart Attack On Live TV

A doctor has suffered a heart attack while live on a popular Health television show in Turkey

A doctor has suffered a heart attack while live on a popular Health television show in Turkey.

As you can see in the video below, Dr Ugur Yansel, a professor of orthopaedics, was being interviewed about flat feet in children when he experienced pains in his chest.

"Are you feeling well, professor?" asked Arzu Kilic, the elegantly-dressed host of the show, suggesting that he took a sip of water.

"It's something to do with my pacemaker," Yansel replied, pointing to his chest.

Yansel was moved to the backstage area where he had a third heart attack. He was taken to a hospital by ambulance and is reported to be in a stable condition.

Doctor Suffers Heart Attack On Live TV

Doctor suffers heart attack live on air on Turkish health show Video: YouTube

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Posted: 14 November, 2014

Tiger On The Loose Near Paris

The big cat was spotted near Disneyland.

AP Photo/Ville de Montebrain

Authorities are desperately trying to track down a tiger that is on the loose near Paris.

A local resident spotted the big cat in a car park near the small town of Montevrain, some 40 kilometres east of Paris.

Around 60 firefighters and police officers have been deployed in the search.

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LANGUAGE WARNING: Peer pressure in a dangerous thing.

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Posted: 12 November, 2014

Kid Gets Detention For Taking A Minute's Silence

A young schoolboy has been given a detention for honouring this long standing tradition.

One minute's silence is a long standing tradition observed on Remembrance Day and ANZAC Day Photo: Getty Images

 It's a long standing tradition to have one minute's silence on Remembrance Day.

Triple M Sydney's Grill Team received an outrageous email from a listener named Nathan, about his young son who got a detention for honouring that tradition.

Here's what Nathan said,

"Hi guys just thought I would let you no I just got home from work and my son who is in high school in south west Sydney Was put on detention for getting up to remember our fallen soldiers his teacher told him it was over rated we should even observe a minutes silence I believe this teacher has no right to do that to my son and his beliefs."

So today the Grill Team gave Nathan a call to have a chat about what happened.

"Well, we were mucking around, cooking dinner... so I said [to my kids] 'Right, did you all stop for Remembrance Day' and my eldest son said 'Yeah, I did but I got detention for it'," listener Nathan explained. Listen to the full audio below.


Plus they also heard from a listener, Wade Priestley who stopped his truck in the middle of the street to honour Remembrance Day at 11:00pm. Listen to the audio above.

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Remembrance Day

Give something to those who gave everything for you this November.

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Posted: 10 November, 2014

Remembrance Day

Give something to those who gave everything for you this November

remembrance day

Buy a poppy and remember this November Photo: Getty Images

LISTEN: Remembrance Day Tribute


About Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day (11 November) marks the anniversary of the armistice which ended the First World War (1914–18). Each year Australians observe one minute silence at 11am on 11 November, in memory of those who died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts.

On the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, a minutes' silence is observed and dedicated to those soldiers who died fighting to protect the nation.

Poppies Are Available

  • Via your local RSL Sub-Branch (list available at
  • From collectors in your local community during late October/early November
  • Through ANZAC House at 4 Collins St, Melbourne
  • Or donations can be made at

How To Help

How to donate
How to commemorate Anzac Centenary. For more information regarding the ANZAC Centenary visit


gallipoli, remembrance day

In Australia and other allied countries, including New Zealand, Canada and the United States, 11 November became known as Armistice Day – a day to remember those who died in World War One. The day continues to be commemorated in Allied countries.

After World War Two, the Australian Government agreed to the United Kingdom's proposal that Armistice Day be renamed Remembrance Day to commemorate those who were killed in both World Wars. Today the loss of Australian lives from all wars and conflicts is commemorated on Remembrance Day.

Why Is This Day Special To Australians?

gallipoli, remembrance day

At 11am on 11 November 1918, the guns on the Western Front fell silent after more than four years of continuous warfare. The allied armies had driven the German invaders back, having inflicted heavy defeats upon them over the preceding four months.

In November, the Germans called for an armistice (suspension of fighting) in order to secure a peace settlement. They accepted the allied terms of unconditional surrender. The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month attained a special significance in the post-war years and became universally associated with the remembrance of those who had died in the war.

In 1997, Governor-General Sir William Deane issued a proclamation formally declaring 11 November to be Remembrance Day, urging all Australians to observe one minute's silence at 11 am on 11 November each year to remember those who died or suffered for Australia's cause in all wars and armed conflicts.

The Poppy

Since 1920, the red poppy has been used as a symbol of commemoration to soldiers who have fallen in times of war.

During the First World War, poppies were among the first plants to bloom on the devastated battlefields of northern France and Belgium. According to soldiers' folklore, the vivid red of the poppy came from the blood of their comrades soaking the ground. Poppies grew in profusion over the earth which had become the grave to thousands soldiers, making the poppy an appropriate symbol to represent the sacrifice of life and the bloodshed of trench warfare.

The sight of poppies springing up amidst the ravaged battlefields of Ypres inspired Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae to write one of the most notable and popular poems of the period, In Flanders Fields (see following page). It is believed that the poem was written on May 3rd 1915 after McCrae witnessed the death of his 22 year old friend, Lieutenant Alexis Helmer the day prior.

The tradition of wearing a poppy began just before the armistice in 1918. The secretary of the American YMCA, Moina Michael, read John McCrae's poem and was so moved by it that she decided to partake in a personal commemorative ritual of wearing a red poppy. She believed this was a powerful way of keeping alive the faith that John McCrae had urged in his poem.

In November 1918 a meeting was held with YMCA secretaries from around the world providing Moina Michael with a chance to discuss the poem and her decision to wear a red poppy. This inspired the French YMCA secretary, Anna Guérun to take the idea further and begin selling poppies to raise money for those affected by the war - particularly widows, orphans, veterans and their families.

The poppy soon became widely accepted throughout the allied nations as a symbol of remembrance which was to be worn on Armistice Day.

Poppies were first sold in Australia in 1921 and continue to be sold by the RSL in the lead up to Remembrance Day every year to raise the much needed funds for the organisation’s valuable welfare work.


In Flanders’ Fields
By Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae

In Flanders’ fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders’ fields.
Take up our quarrel with the foe; To you from failing hands, we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders’ fields.

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Posted: 6 November, 2014

Channel 7 Cameraman Carjacked At Gun Point

Cameraman Peter Steer tells of moment car was stolen by gunman.


A Channel 7 cameraman has had his car stolen at gunpoint in Noosa Heads this morning.

Peter Steer was on his way to a police operation when a man on a motorbike ushered for him to pull over.

"I pulled over, he came up to the window with a gun, he handed it to me, he said he wanted to give himself up and he gave me the gun. I put it on the front floor of the car and he asked me to call the police. And he wanted to tell his story," Steer told the Grill Team in Brisbane.

"I got out of the car and phoned the police so they were on there way. I did a short interview with the chap. He seemed ok in terms of being a danger to me but I should I should have locked up the car and unfortunately after some time his demeanour changed and he got into the passenger side of the car and picked up the gun again and jumped into the drivers seat and he took off with the car."

Police found Steer's vehicle crashed at a service station located on the Noosa Eumundi Road. The suspect was apprehended at the scene.


A man is currently assisting police with enquiries following an incident this morning at Noosa Heads.

Around 4.40am, police were notified of a disturbance at a Wyandra Street residence where a man was believed to have been armed and making serious threats.

The man is believed to have fled the scene on a motorcycle, before stealing a vehicle and continuing down the Noosa Eumundi Road.

The vehicle crashed at a service station located on the Noosa Eumundi Road and was apprehended by police.

Police would like to advise that the Noosa Eumundi Road remains closed from the round-a-bout at the end of the Sunshine Motorway. Diversions are in place.

A woman sustained injuries and was transported to the Nambour Hospital for treatment.

Investigations are continuing. There is no further information available at this stage.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day.

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Posted: 5 November, 2014

Thanks Gough For The Birth Of Aussie Pub Rock. Cate Blanchett's Powerful Eulogy

One of Australia's finest exports, Oscar-winning actor Cate Blanchett has paid tribute to Gough Whitlam's impact on Australian life. 

You could call Gough the godfather of Aussie pub rock as he created an environment for bands like AC/DC, INXS, the Divinyls and Cold Chisel to flourish. 

Blanchett paid homage to a man that has changed Australia for the better and did so in a powerful, pragmatic, articulate and determined fashion. 

She reaffirmed Gough’s impact on her life and that of many Australians.

"The scale of Gough Whitlam's ambition and vision will be forever remembered,” Cate concluded.

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Posted: 5 November, 2014

Merrick Watts Returning To Triple M!

Merrick will be back in the driver's seat in 2015.


Merrick Watts is coming back home to head up the brand new Triple M Drive Show in 2015!

Triple M boss Mike Fitzpatrick says listeners have been asking for Merrick's return since he left at the end of last year.

"It won’t be a return to the Highway Patrol. The show will be in the same vein as the One Percenters but with a different cast. Merrick will bring his own inimitable style to the show,” Fitzy said.

"Merrick is super excited – he was like a labrador loose in a butchers shop when I caught up with him on Monday."

Merrick will be joined by a co-host, whose identity will be revealed in the very near future.

"It’s an old friend of Triple M’s… can’t say much more than that,” Fitzpatrick said.

Merrick's brand new will show will follow James Brayshaw and Billy Brownless’ massively popular Rush Hour when they return in 2015.

Get around it!

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