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Simon Gittany Jailed

Simon Gittany has been sentenced to 26 years behind bars

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Simon Gittany has been sentenced to 26 years behind bars with a non-parole period of 18 years and that is a lot more than prosecutors were hoping for. They wanted 20 years, which is the standard sentence for murder.

He was sentenced for the murder of his then fiancée Lisa Harnum who was thrown off a 15th floor balcony in Sydney's CBD in July 2011.

Simon Gittany's lawyer says they will appeal.

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Simon Gittany's new lover reveals secret life Video: Sunday Night / Channel 7

Now his new lover drops a bombshell, which you can see on Channel 7's Sunday Night on Sunday, 9 January at 6.30pm. For more info go to :

Gittany Court Scenes

Simon Gittany supporters outside court hearing Video: Channel Ten

Extraordinary scenes outside a Sydney court this morning with dozens of Simon Gittany supporters waving placards outside his sentencing hearing.

Simon Gittany Supporters

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Simon Gittany will learn his fate at Supreme Court Photo: Getty Images 

Simon Gittany has been found guilty of murdering his fiancee, throwing her off a balcony in Sydney's CBD.

Justice Lucy McCallum's summing up took nearly five hours with Nine News reporter Jayne Azzopardi saying what the judge was saying showed she "wasn't buying what Simon Gittany was saying."

Triple M's Deborah Clay said there were extraordinary scenes outside at the Supreme Court in Sydney after the guilty verdict was handed down. Listen below.


Jayne Azzopardi - Nine News 

Deborah Clay On Triple M

Meanwhile, Channel 9 political reporter Kevin Wilde tweeted a statement from the Attorney General on Social Media's role in the Gittany case.

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The trial of one of Sydney's most intriguing murder trials will come to a climax Wednesday as Simon Gittany learns his fate from the Supreme Court Judge at 10am.

Justice Lucy McCallum will hand down her verdict at the Supreme Court in the case of Simon Gittany who stands trial accused of murdering his then fiancée Lisa Harnum.

Gittany pleaded not guilty to throwing Ms Harnum off their high-rise Hyde Park apartment balcony in the CBD in July 2011.

The Crown alleged Gittany threw Ms Harnum off the balcony in an “apoplectic” rage after dragging her into the apartment with his hand over her mouth in a serious act of aggression.

The trial heard Gittany had installed computer programs to monitor Harnum’s text messages and emails and also used CCTV in his apartment.

The court heard Mr Harnum was made had to look at the ground when she was outside as Gittany was jealous of other men.

Gittany denied he flew into a rage on the morning of her death, saying she ran to the balcony and “disappeared” over the edge while he was making her a cup of tea.

The defence claimed the prosecution hadn’t ruled out the possibility Ms Harnum had slipper or jumped to her death.

A ripped-up note found inside Ms Harnum’s jeans read, “There are surveillance cameras inside and outside the house.”

Gittany has spent the last two weeks behind bars ahead of the verdict despite previously being out on bail.

Justice McCallum will hand down her verdict from 10am Wednesday.

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