Music Jurors treat your ears to Jeff Buckley's new album "You And I"

This is where you become a Triple M Music Juror; its how you have your say on the music that gets played on Triple M 

Not hearing your favourite song/band or there's something you're digging? The Music Jury is your way to let us know. 

Not only that, you also become a part of the Triple M inner sanctum fan community with first access to the best gigs in town, Triple M events, movie preview screenings & new music releases.

This week Triple M is giving ONE lucky juror and a mate the chance to win an exclusive invite to an INVITE ONLY Advanced Album playback of Jeff Buckley's new album ' You And I' – Hosted by the man that discovered Jeff over 20 years ago – Steve Berkowitz. 

Featuring 2 new original songs and covers of the Smiths, Led Zeppelin and Sly & The Family Stone and more, the tracks on 'You and I' were discovered in the Sony Music archives, most of the songs were recorded in February 1993 at Steve Addabbo's Shelter Island Sound studio.

Sign up and do your Music Jury to win! 

But only if you love music 

You & I is out March 11th through Sony Music


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