Posted: 1 July, 2015

Kings Of Leon Working On LP Number 7

The album should be out by the end of 2015.

With one of the most consistent outputs of any indie-rock bands around, Kings Of Leon are on their way to releasing their 7th LP in in 15 years.

While catching up with radio station SiriusXM in the US, brothers Caleb and Nathan Followill unveiled the plans for the new album.

"We've been at home writing, trying to get some new stuff going," said Nathan.

"I think we're gonna be able to get the album written by the end of the year," he revealed.

The band have been scouting locataions to record including their studio in hometwon Nashville where they record their last LP, 2013's Mechanical Bull.

As of yet the band hasn't really commented on any particular sound the new album will be leaning towards.


Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody (Official Video)

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Posted: 1 July, 2015

AC/DC Now On Streaming Services

The times they are a-changin'.

Aussie rock royalty AC/DC is now on Spotify. For those about to rock (we salute you)! -

Posted by Spotify on Monday, June 29, 2015

It's been a long time coming but fans of AC/DC will now be able to stream the band's full back catalog on various streaming services like Spotify, RDIO and the new Apple Music.

It shows a big move from the band who haven't been very trusting of digital platforms with their music only being released on iTunes 3 years ago,  a rare move for the world's biggest rock group.

Up until recently Acca Dacca were holding to their guns but it's a coup for people who love being able to stream their music or have it in the cloud.

New album "Rock or Bust" is their new album to be sold digitally and has reportedly already sold 500,000 copies in the US alone.

It's been typical for larger rock acts such as Metallica, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to hold off from the digital platforms, adopting them later on, with the bands usually citing that they prefer people to have to buy a whole album rather than download individual tracks.

The times they are a-changin'.

AC/DC’s entire catalog is now available for streaming. #PLAYACDC

Posted by AC/DC on Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Via The New York Times

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Posted: 1 July, 2015

Who Did It Better? Freddie Mercury Or Kanye West

This is the definition of a no contest. contest: Kanye West vs. Freddie MercuryWant more of the best classic rock? >> Q1043.COM/LISTEN

Posted by Q104.3 FM on Monday, June 29, 2015

Freddie Mercury, one of rock music's greatest front men with a voice that could shatter a pain of glass and jeans so tight it was like he was born in them.

So, when you hear about someone trying to cover Queen's iconic "Bohemian Rhapsody", in front of a British crowd no less, it doesn't sound like a smart move.

Enter, Kanye West, over-hyped rapper and pseudo-celebrity who usually only sings using auto-tune, thought this was a good idea during his recent headline set at Glastonbury.

We could go on, but this great little video by Q104.3FM (a New York radio station) says it all.

Freddie Mercury with the KO!

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Posted: 1 July, 2015

Mumford and Sons 2015 Australian Tour

The Brit rockers are returning to Australia

Mumford and Sons Photo: Mumford and Sons

Mumford and Sons have had a long and prosperous relationship with Australia, we fell in love with the Brits right before the rest of the world cottoned on.

2009’s Sigh No More drew us in, 2012’s Babel got us hooked, and 2015’s Wilder Mind is continuing to deepen our fascination, flying into the ARIA charts, giving the band their first Aussie #1 week of release.

Tour Dates

Saturday Nov 7 - The Riverstage Brisbane QLD
With special guests The Vaccines and Meg Mac

Thursday Nov 12 - Sidney Myer Music Bowl Melbourne VIC
With guests Future Islands and The Vaccines

Special All Day Event Presented by Gentlemen Of The Road
Saturday Nov 14 - The Domain Sydney NSW
With special guests Jake Bugg (Acoustic), Future Islands, The Vaccines, The Jungle Giants, Meg Mac, Art of Sleeping

Tickets On Sale

Tickets for Mumford & Sons' 2015 Wilder Mind tour and Gentlemen Of The Road event at The Domain don't go on sale for another week — they'll be available from 9am next Wednesday, 8 July.

Mumford and Sons Video: Mumford and Sons Vevo channel

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Posted: 30 June, 2015

Gunners' Richard Fortus On Upcoming Album

They have two to three albums worth of material get working on.

With eight years between drinks people are starting to look forward to find out what a new Guns N' Roses album could sound like.

Well, with little news so far we've just received news from guitarist Richard Fortus who, in an interview with French publication VerdamMnis revealed that the band had enough material for "two to three albums".

Alongside Dizzy Reed while playing with the Dead Daisies, Fortus said that the band had been sharing music "back and forth" and that they were also "looking forward to getting at it seriously and release a new album as soon as possible."

However, despite the increasing desire to hear what the new material is going to sound like, the band, and it seems Axl especially is holding his cards close to his chest.

"We just don’t know it yet. Only Axl knows and he’s very secretive. Be patient!" Reed responded to questions about a release date.

Until then, you can remember the magic that is the onstage antics of Axl in this video below.

12 Unforgettable Axl Rose Onstage Moments


Via Loudwire

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Posted: 30 June, 2015

Dave Grohl & Fooies Go Back On Tour

Two weeks after breaking his leg, Dave's going back on the road, cast and all.


After breaking his leg only 2 weeks ago, Dave Grohl and the Fooies have announced they're picking up their tour.

Unfortunately after his accident in Sweden a couple of weeks ago the Fooies were forced to cancel some massive shows including their headling Glastonbury spot.

However, after some emergency surgery and six screws in his right leg, nothing is going to stop Dave and co starting the American leg (get it) of their Sonic Highways tour.

The tour starts in DC on the 4th of July.


Also, in other news, bands like Florence + the Machine and Faith No More have been waving the Fooies flag in their absence.


The Foo Fighters have tweeted an x-ray image of Dave Grohl's broken leg...

Hard to believe he managed to finish the concert.

What a legend!


We all know Dave Grohl is the nicest bloke in music, but it turns out he's one of the toughest too.

Dave fell and reportedly broke his leg after falling off stage during a Foo Fighter’s concert in Sweden overnight.

“I think I just broke my leg. I think I REALLY broke my leg,” Dave told fans after the fall.

“So look. You have my promise right now. That the Foo Fighters are going to come back and finish the show,”

“Ladies and Gentlemen. Let me tell you, right I’m going to go to hospital and I’m going to fix my leg but then I’m going to come back.”

Dave was true to his word, returning to the stage with his leg wrapped in a cast and finished the concert sitting in a chair and on crutches.

“I may not be able to walk or run but I can still play guitar and scream,” it’s reported he said.

What a legend. Let's hope the injury isn't too serious.

A photo posted by @calaciao on

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Posted: 30 June, 2015

U2 Play "Gloria" For First Time In A Decade

Fans were treated to something from the archives.

U2 / 4K / "Gloria" (Live) / United Center, Chicago / June 28th, 2015

It must be a hard thing for a band, so well known, with such dedicated fans and with such a wealth of music, to choose what songs to play.

However, you can guarantee that when U2 come to town they're going to play tracks like "Beautiful Day" and "With Or Without You" but they've got to entertain themselves as well right?

Well, Bono and his gang are on tour at the moment and they've surprised a Chicago crowd by playing some of their rarer tracks on different nights including "Gloria" from their 1981 album October.

"This is the first time we've played this song in about 20 years," Bono explained while opening the track (they did actually play the track a couple of times on 2005's Vertigo Tour).

Check the great video above.

Via Rolling Stone

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Posted: 30 June, 2015

Faith No More Covers Fooies' "All My Life"

The Foo Fighters covers continues with Faith No More getting in on the action in Belgium.

Faith No More - All My Life / Midlife Crisis (Partial Foo Fighters cover) Rock Werchter 2015

When Dave Grohl broke his leg a week or so ago it was one of the most bad-ass rock acts we've seen in a long time.

It was great for the Swedish fans at the time but has since left all of the other festivals after that with a massive Foo Fighters sized hole in their line-up.

Despite this hole, there's a lot of great bands going about filling it up and doing a damn good job but being good guys and gals they've been paying homage to their fallen friends during their sets.

We recent saw Florence do her bit at Glasto and now it's Faith No More's turn covering Fooies classic "All My Life" at Rock Werchter in Belgium.


Also See

Florence Cover Fooies & More From Glasto 2015

Here's all the highlights and lowlights of Glastonbury 2015.

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Posted: 29 June, 2015

Florence Cover Fooies & More From Glasto 2015

Here's all the highlights and lowlights of Glastonbury 2015.

Florence + The Machine - Times Like These (Foo Fighters Cover) Glastonbury 2015

It's one of the biggest festivals in the world and over the past few days, Glastonbury 2015 has been entertaining Britain and all the people who've travelled over for the five day bender.

While we had to sit back and admire it from afar there were a lot of great highlights from this years fest.

We were looking forward to the Fooies do their thing, closing the mainstage on the first night but after Dave went and broke his leg (yeah nice one Dave!) we had to let Florence do the job instead.

Luckily she had something up her sleeve for all the disappointed Fooies fans out there, a brilliant cover of their classic "Times Like These".

(The view of Glastonbury 2015 from above)

Hightlights and lowlights

Motörhead killed it with a great set full of classic tunes.

Motörhead - Ace of Spades (Glastonbury 2015)


Controversial rapper Kanye West tries his best to appeal to the crowd with this awful cover of Queen.

Kanye West Performs Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen [Glastonbury 2015]


A daredevil fence jumper took things to the next level by paragliding over the fence. Despite his equipment being confiscated, he was allowed to stay in the festival!

(Photo via - Credit: Richard Isaac/LNP)


English rocker James Bay playes his most famous track, "Hold Back The River"

James Bay - Hold Back The River (Glastonbury 2015)

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Posted: 29 June, 2015

Custard Announce First New Music Since '99

The indie-rock boys from Brissie have announced a new aptly titled album.

Come Back, All Is Forgiven is the new, aptly named title for the upcoming Custard album.... that's right... Custard!

The Brisbane indie-rockers who were one of the major figures of the 90s indie-rock sound alongside bands like Regurgitator and TISM.

This return will see the band making it's first LP since 1999's Loverama and comes alongside a massive return on 90s acts like the Regurgitator and Jebediah who're either back in the studio or going on tours.

In an interview with The Courier Mail, drummer Glenn Thompson commented to the new allbum saying, "the sound you get; it could be an album we put out in 2001" - revealing that the band will be sticking to the sound we know and love.

The album is done and dusted and it looks like the band will be out on tour by the end of the year.

Custard - Apartment

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Posted: 26 June, 2015

VIDEO: Robert Plant Live

Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters rework Led Zeppelin classics at Bonnaroo

Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters were the must-see act at the legendary Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, USA.

Fortunately for most of us that couldn’t make it, Redbull TV were there to capture the gig.

Watch below as Plant rips into a new spin on his classic Led Zeppelin song, ‘Rock N’ Roll’:


But the magic didn’t stop there, watch the video below, Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters blend Howlin’ Wolf’s ‘No Place To Go’ with Led Zeppelin’s ‘Dazed and Confused’.

You can play more acts from Bonnaroo 2015 at Redbull TV, including Ben Harper, Ben Folds, Gary Clark Jr, Royal Blood and more!

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Posted: 25 June, 2015

Killer Vinyl Collection

When your vinyl collection can kill, you may just have enough.

(Image by Derrick Tuskan)

So it turns out that there is such as thing as too many vinyls – who would have guessed?!

The second story of an op-shop in San Diego collapsed under the weight of their hefty vinyl collection, leaving smashed CD’s, vinyl’s and merch scattered all over the streets and an entire building in ruins.

Luckily no one was in the store at the time and there were no injuries. But the poor owner, having just moved into the location, has now been left without a paddle up the proverbial creek.

Check out some of the massacre below.

Vinyl record store collapse report via KGTV:

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