Posted: 5 March, 2015

Fooies' Side Project Are Playing A Free Gig

Taylor Hawkins' side project 'Chevy Metal' will play a free gig on March 6th.

(Chevy Metal on tour video: Rolling Stone)

Fooies drummer Taylor Hawkins' side project Chevy Metal (what an awesome band name) is going to play a one off free gig on the Gold Coast.

The band features Taylor Hawkins (Drums/Vocals), Mick Murphy (Guitar), Wiley Hodgden (Bass/Vocals) and has often had Fooies members such as Dave Grohl, Chris Shiflett and Pat Smear joining them on stage.

Described by Taylor Hawkins as "a goof" when starting they're essentialy a "70s dirt rock cover band. We play deep cuts off albums by Sabbath, Van Halen, Queen and The Stones, to name a few."

The band has now gone on to create some original music under the guise The Birds of Satan which evloved out of Chevy Metal.

On March 6th, the group will be playing a free gig for the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro on the Gold Coast (starting at 4:30pm) and we're hoping that some of the Fooies will join them on stage considering they're nearing the end of the tour.

Who knows, Dave might even pop up for a song or two!?

Watch Dave Grohl Channel His Best Freddie Mercury With Chevy Metal 

Chevy Metal (w/ Dave Grohl) covering Under Pressure by Queen

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Posted: 5 March, 2015

Sir Viv's Smokin Joe!

Cricketing legend Sir Vivian Richards and INXS drummer Jon Farriss Realease a new song 'Smokin Joe'!

Imagine if one of the coolest cricketers ever teamed up with a member of INXS to produce a video with rare cricket don't have to imagine...THIS IS IT!!!

Sir Viv Richards and INXS drummer Jon Farriss have teamed up to make a new song, 'Smokin Joe'.

The song features spoken word vocals by Viv that would embarrass Barry White and cool work on the skins by the legendary Jon Farriss.

If that wasn't enough, the rare archival footage in the video make it quite possibly one of the best clips in the history of the universe. Too far? Maybe, but we love it.

You can get the song on iTunes here.

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Posted: 4 March, 2015

Queen & Adam Lambert Do Their Best "This Is Spinal Tap" With Hilarious Mini-Doco "Behind The Magic"

The classic 'music doco satire' is done again this time with Queen.

Queen + Adam Lambert - Behind The Magic

"Can you please tell me who you are and what your job is?"

"My name's Brian Baker, I'm the pyro guy"

"Do you mind If I ask you how old you are?"


Yessss! The music doco satire is back with Queen & Adam Lambert doing their best version of the classic "This Is Spinal Tap".

With the point-of-view interview style, a documentary maker walks around and asks the crew questions with some absolutely hilarious results.

This Is Spinal Tap Clip

This Is Spinal Tap - Trailer - HQ

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Posted: 4 March, 2015

U2 Get Back To Their Roots In New Short Film

This brilliant short film details life during Northern Ireland in the 1980s.

"Every Breaking Wave" - A Film by Aoife McArdle

U2 have revisted the homeland and their history in a short film that includes their track "Every Breaking Wave" off of 2014's Songs Of Innocence.

The short film is a brilliantly shot video that follows two teens growing up during 'the troubles' of Northern Ireland in the 80s.

It's a sort of Romeo & Juliet thing as the two kids fall in love who're from Protestant and Catholic families.

With this latest video U2 are really going back to what made them famous, their history of creating protest songs against violent conflicts, especially against the Northern Ireland conflict of the 80s.

English filmaker Aoife McCardle had this to say about the clip, "I wanted to make a film about what it was like to be a teenager in the early ’80s in Northern Ireland. All the different pressures on you, the pressures of friendship, of falling in love for the first time, and all that in the face of huge troubles."

"It starts off with Stiff Little Fingers’ peace anthem Alternative Ulster and ends with The Troubles, another song from the latest U2 album Songs of Innocence."

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Posted: 3 March, 2015

Soundwave 2015 Live Review

With a massive lineup of incredible acts, Soundwave 2015 did not disappoint.

We've been waiting, for months, for some of our favourite artists to reach our shores for the annual Soundwave festival, and in one massive weekend, they came, they played, they conquered.

With nothing but good reports from the Melbourne / Adelaide leg (except some news that Adelaide might not survive another year) there were high hopes for the finale weekend in Sydney and Brisbane.

In Sydney, as Saturday the 28th of Feb rolled around there was massive anticipation for the weekend ahead, and with the sun shining on day one it was the perfect setting.

(Crowd shot on Day One of Soundwave Sydney: Triple M)

Day One

There wasn't much fussing around on Day One as the crowds filled Homebush steadily from when the gates opened at 12.

With 5 stages to peruse with various levels of acts from pop-punk all the way through to death metal, there was a lot to get your head around for the day.

People were pretty happy to spread themselves over the various stages with a steady of people moving about making none of them seem overly full or empty for that matter.

We started the day off checking out some of the lesser known bands like Swedish gothic metal Deathstars who were followed by the awesome Mexican garage punk trio Les Butcherettes.

As the crowd grew, the sun got hotter and the fans more into it after a couple of drinks it was time for some of the bigger acts to hit the stage.

The dual mainstage worked like absolute clockwork with one act finishing and the other starting within a minute or two.

From 4-10pm it was an absolute barrage of good music starting with the hilarious hair-metal / comedy rock group Steel Panther.

Doing what they do best, they lead the swelling crowd in a bunch of sing alongs of their well-known tracks including "Gloryhole" and "Pussywhipped" and it wouldn't be a Steel Panther set without a lot hip-thrusting, hairspray (literally), jokes, girls getting their tops off and of course, many many ladies being let onto the stage.

(Steel Panther's Lexxi Foxx stops for a quick haircheck: Triple M)

(Girls on stage for Steel Panther: Triple M)

Following SP was the supergroup Antemasque who put on a great if not very different performance to SP. Fronted by The Mars Volta's Cedric Bixler-Zavala and backed by lead guitarist Omar Alfredo Rodríguez-López to create their specific mix of psychedelic heavy rock that left people in awe if not a little subdued.

Incubus were up next and brought a pretty big crowd for a band that has been out of scene for quite some time. Their mix of rock, funk, turntablism and everything in between had a big reception with the crowd keeping them sufficiently entertained for the last two acts of the night.

And now for the time that everyone was waiting for..... Soundgarden followed by Faith No More.

The first thing that hits you when Soundgarden start is that Chris Cornell's voice is like a molten mix of dark chocolate and gold.

(Chris Cornell is a god: Triple M)

As Triple M Music Juror told told us, "Chris Cornell makes it seem so easy, and his voice is like liquid gold. It should be bottled and sold. He makes the crowd sound even more out of tune than usual".

Cornell had everyone's attention and as the sun went down took the crowd through a mix of tracks including "Spoonman" and crowd favourite "Black Hole Sun".

(Soundgarden's impressive light show: Triple M)

Lastly it was time for Faith No More to take the stage. Last time they were here was back in 2010 once again at Soundwave and for anyone at that performance was more than likely whispering to their mates "get ready for this" as Mike Patton and co took to the stage.

With their latest costumes (all white, looking like they've just been to a wedding in Hawaii) and a simple coloured light display, this was all that was needed to have the crowd following their hypnotic and powerful performance.

(Faith No More's Mike Patton trying to scare the kids: Triple M)

Kicking things off with their new track "Motherfucker" that they released last year as their first new track in almost 17 years, they played a brilliant mix of new and old tracks however it was their classics such as "Evidence" and "Ashes To Ashes" that really had the crowd swaying to their brilliantly odd mix of progressive, heavy metal, funk whatever.

(Roddy Bottum for FNM: Triple M)

(Jon Hudson for FNM: Triple M)

Music Juror Michelle was along for the ride, "[They] played pretty much all the ones you'd want to hear and some other cool lesser known ones really well. Mike was in top sarcastic form splicing "Lion Sleeps Tonight" into "Midlife Crisis" (my favourite) was a masterstroke!"

(The crowd and the view at the end of the day for Soundgarden: Triple M)


Day Two

As Soundwave day two rolled around there was definitely a different vibe for the day if the weather was to go anything by in Sydney.

With what seemed like less people heading out for the second day, there was a lot of weary and hungover heads heading out into the 35 degree heat.

(Trying to keep cool in the heat: Triple M)

Once again the day was a mixed bag of acts with a big variety for the last few hours and headliners.

And with the smaller crowd and everyone taking it a bit easier on the Sunday it was definitely easier to get around and check out some of the smaller bands. 

Music Juror Michelle was there and told us about her day, "The fun of unexpectedly enjoying 'in between' bands - so many with a great sense of fun and humour. The Interrupters were really cool and The Vandals' 2 covers, Queens "Don't Stop Me Now" with and, get this, Jacko's "I'm an Individual!" ".

But there was one downside to the quieter Sunday, the cloud came over in the afternoon developing into a massive storm, which though cooled everyone down did also halt the festival for a short while.

Despite that the show had to go on and Slash took advantage of the wild weather which as juror Ashley explained "made the Slash set that much wilder and more fun, and it cooled everyone down".

For some of the punters it was the surprises on Day Two that really made the day a success.

"Biggest surprise for me was how good Papa Roach was I knew I they would be good but the crowd and the performance was second to none," Stewart told Triple M.

"Whoever once told me that they're [The Smashing Pumpkins) boring was wrong. Great setlist, the new stuff totally stands up, Billy can solo like mad, and Brad Wilk is an incredible drummer. You don't need pyrotechnics and fancy visuals when you play like that," said Ashley.

All in all, despite the weather the day was an absolutle success with some massive highlights such as Billy Corgan joining Marilyn Manson on stage and Slipknot capping things off with a crazy pyrotechnics fuelled performance.


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Posted: 3 March, 2015

Foo-king Amazing Night in Tassie – Foo Fighters Review

Dave Grohl and co may have kept Tasmania waiting for 17 years but they returned with a bang on Monday.

17 years after the last time the Foo Fighters rocked Hobart, they repeated the feat in a sweltering night at the Derwent Entertainment Centre on Monday.

There was a serene atmosphere outside the gig but once the buzz and anticipation built, you could sense the crowd were here to rock. 7000 tickets sold in 20 minutes would tell that story four months previously. This was Hobart’s night. The mainland didn’t matter for two and a half hours of Foogasms.

From the outset Dave Grohl declared ‘We’re going to play a lot of stuff we haven’t at those other big venues’ as the crowd soaked the attention up.

The heat at the venue gave the night a grungier feel to it than normal with Grohl removing his shoes and socks early on and Taylor Hawkins losing his shirt four songs in.

Like their Melbourne show, the Foos started the night with "Something For Nothing" and the crowd embraced their big hits as well as their lesser known tracks. "Times Like Theseechoed around the arena as the crowd belted out the choruses of "These Days", "Best Of You" and "Everlong".

“There's definitely something to be said for seeing the Fooies in an arena. They handle stadiums no problem but they're at home in an arena. I know not everyone is but I'm a fan of their extended creative wanderings during songs.

"It demonstrates their versatility as a unit while showcasing their individual skill as musicians. Plus it brings a sense of occasion to each show & keeps it fresh. Tonight it was straight ahead rock, no guests on stage, no stripped back Dave by himself gear and less covers.

"After 20 years, the Fooies are at peak of their powers!” Triple M’s Head of Rock, Shaun Gough.

Hobart might not be a usual stop off for big rock bands but they sure know how to be perfect hosts. And even better rockers. 


  • Something From Nothing 
  • Rope 
  • The Pretender 
  • Learn to Fly 
  • Breakout 
  • My Hero 
  • Big Me
  • Congregation 
  • Walk 
  • Cold Day in the Sun 
  • In the Clear 
  • Arlandria
  • Hey, Johnny Park! 
  • Monkey Wrench
  • Skin and Bones
  • Times Like These 
  • Dear Rosemary 
  • Breakdown 
  • All My Life 
  • These Days 
  • Outside 
  • This Is a Call 
  • Best of You
  • Everlong

Foos Smash Tassie Uploaded at 3 March, 2015 - 8:51AM

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Rock, Shock

Foo Fighters return to Tasmania after 17 years, proving their are at the peak of their powers.

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Posted: 3 March, 2015

Mumford and Sons Are Back... But Without The Banjo

A Banjo-less Mumford And Sons working on 3rd album, 'Wilder Mind'.

Wilder Mind

We didn't think this day would come, the day Mumford and Sons made an entirely banjo-free album but it looks like that day is here with their new album Wilder Mind.

With their twangy alternative country sound being a staple of their previous albums (2009's Sigh No More and 2012's Babel), frontman Marcus Mumford announced in a press release that the new album "marks a significant departure" to that old sound.

As we see in the promo video above, the band has grown up and now favour leather jackets and electric guitars, developing a harder edge to their sound.

The album was recorded at Air Studios in London and produced by James Ford (Arctic Monkeys, HAIM, Florence & The Machine) and featuring 12 tracks written by the band in London, Texas and Brooklyn.

Wilder Mind tracklist:

1. "Tompkins Square Park"
2. "Believe"
3. "The Wolf"
4. "Wilder Mind"
5. "Just Smoke"
6. "Monster"
7. "Snake Eyes"
8. "Broad-Shouldered Beasts"
9. "Cold Arms"
10. "Ditmas"
11. "Only Love"
12. "Hot Gates"

Wilder Mind is out on May 1st on the band’s label Gentlemen Of The Road alongside Australian label Dew Process and Universal Music.

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Posted: 1 March, 2015

The Best Rock Show On Earth - Foo Fighters Review

The Foo Fighters rocked Melbourne to its core with one of the greatest performances ever

photo: Emily Day

There are few bands that can really do stadium gigs these days but the Foo Fighters are certainly one of them.

Dave Grohl and Co. absolutely killed it at Etihad Stadium on Saturday night in Melbourne. 

The band are icons and they displayed every inch of it to a captivated and eager audience. And that's what Grohl does so well; he keeps everyone entertained and intrigued. 

Starting off with Something From Nothing and melodically flowing into The Pretender, the gig started as it would finish; absolutely rocking.

The crowd burst into the chorus of My Hero and it echoed around the arena.

"This is the biggest f**king show of the whole tour. This is gonna be a long f**kin' night," Grohl roared. 

They didn't take a break with Grohl telling the crowd "we're not one of those one hour show bands, not even two." They played close to three hours and not a moment did they dip. Well, almost. 

The only momentary stop occured when Grohl brought a young couple on stage and the bloke proposed, with Dave sardonically offering, 'good luck with that'.

Taylor Hawkins dripped with sweat and he drummed as if it was his last night on this planet. 

The crescendo that accompanied Best Of You was inspiring as the band brought the crowd along for another spectacular sing-along ride.

They finished up with a rendition of Everlong that had everyone leaving with a delightful, hard ringing in their ears; it said, that was f*cking awesome. 


  • Something From Nothing 
  • The Pretender 
  • Learn to Fly 
  • Breakout 
  • My Hero 
  • Big Me 
  • Congregation 
  • Walk 
  • Cold Day in the Sun (Taylor on vocals)
  • This Is a Call 
  • Arlandria 
  • Monkey Wrench 
  • Skin and Bones 
  • Wheels 
  • Times Like These 
  • Detroit Rock City
  • Stay With Me 
  • Let There Be Rock 
  • Under Pressure 
  • (Queen & David Bowie cover) All My Life 
  • Outside 
  • These Days 
  • Generator 
  • Best of You
  • Everlong


Foo Fighters 2015 Melbourne

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Posted: 27 February, 2015

'Masterclass In Rock': Foo Fighters Play Sydney 2015

The Foo Fighters played ANZ stadium last night showing why they're one of the biggest bands ever.

(The Foo Fighters blowing the crowd away at ANZ Stadium: Triple M)

The Foo Fighters have blown through on their Sonic Highways Tour providing us with a 'masterclass in rock' as they wowed 52,000 punters from across New South Wales.

It will go down as the biggest and one of the best gigs in the last few years, the Fooies are an incredible live band and last night, once again, showed us why they're one of our favourites, providing a spectacle that we'll be talking about until they come around next time.

ANZ Stadium was the chosen venue and it's a testament to their popularity the amount of people that made the trip out to Homebush from all corners of NSW.

With Sydney locals the Delta Riggs and our favourite Chicago hardcore outfit Rise Against warming up the crowd to the point of desperate anticipation the stage was set for the Fooies to take the stage.

(The light / backdrops for the Fooies were awesome : Triple M)

As the sun went down, and the lights went up, a massive cheer came across ANZ as Dave Grohl (lead vocals, guitar, drums), Chris Shiflett (lead guitar, backing vocals), Pat Smear (rhythm guitar lead guitar, backing vocals), Nate Mendel (bass), Taylor Hawkins (drums, backing vocals), Rami Jaffee (keyboard, piano, organ) all too to the stage.

With an all too distinctive (Dave) 'growl' from backstage, Dave came running out with his famous blue Gisbon Trini Lopez guitar, running straight into the crowd along the gang-plank while they kicked it off with "Something From Nothing". From that point on with Dave leading the charge with his hilarious dialogues to the crowd, he had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

He yelled out to the crowd, "Are you ready to have a good time?" and the response was an overwhelming "Yes!", then went straight into track number two, "The Pretender".

After smashing through some of the band's most popular tracks ("Learn to Fly", "My Hero", "Big Me", "Congregation")  it was time for Dave to slow it down a bit, heading down the end of the massive runway that split the front crowd he made his way to a intimate stage behind the sound desk, addressing the second half of ANZ for an acoustic interlude.

(Dave and co kept us entertained for three solid hours : Triple M)

He started off with some acoustic Fooies classics with "Skin and Bones" and "Wheels". We were then treated to a brilliant set of acoustic tracks mixed together from Times Like These to Kiss' Detroit Rock City -Van Halen's Ain't Talkin' Bout Love  - AC/DC's Let There Be Rock ending on Queen’s Under Pressure.

Then it was back to the main stage and back to the full specatacle of the lights, the screens and the Fooies doing what they do best.

They finished up on a trio of their best, "Generator" into "Best Of You" into "Everlong".

At the beginning of the show Dave warned us that it was going to be "A long fucking night" but after three hours of seeing the Foo Fighters do their thing, we could've gone for another three.

Until next time... 


1. Something From Nothing 
2. The Pretender 
3. Learn to Fly 
4. Breakout 
5. My Hero 
6. Big Me 
7. Congregation 
8. Walk 
9. Cold Day in the Sun (Taylor on vocals)
10. This Is a Call 
11. Arlandria 
12. Monkey Wrench 
13. Skin and Bones (Dave acoustic on catwalk)
14. Wheels (Dave acoustic on catwalk)

15. Times Like These 
16. Detroit Rock City (KISS cover)
17. Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love (Van Halen cover) (with Brad Wilk)
18. Let There Be Rock (AC/DC cover)
19. Under Pressure (Queen & David Bowie cover)

20. All My Life 
21. Outside 
22. These Days 
23. Generator 
24. Best of You 
25. Everlong 

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Posted: 27 February, 2015

Declassified CIA Songs Used In Torture

This is an absolutely bizarre list of songs that the CIA have supposedly used for sensory torture.

A CIA torture report has outlined songs that the American intelligence service used as a form of 'torture' over the years.

Ok that might sound a little depressing but the list they've got is bloody hilarious with some terrible tracks from Eminem to The Bee Gees.

In an article in the New York Times the list was outlined alongside with another bunch of facts from the CIA Torture Report.

The weird thing is that some of these tracks don't seem like they would be used for torture, we were expecting some hardcore death metal but I suppose some people have different tastes right?

For your viewing pleasure (note, we obviously do not condone torture) here's the list below.

Prince - Rasberry Beret

Prince - Raspberry Beret (with lyrics)


Christina Aguilera - Dirty

Christina Aguilera - Dirrty 2002


David Gray - Babylon

David Gray - "Babylon" official video


Matchbox 20 - Cold

Matchbox Twenty - Cold


Metallica - Enter Sandman

Metallica - Enter Sandman [Official Music Video]


Neil Diamond - America

Neil Diamond's America


Drowning Pools - Bodies

Drowning Pool - Bodies

The Bee Gees - Night Fever

Bee Gees - Night Fever (1977)


Eminem - Real Slim Shady

Eminem - The Real Slim Shady (Uncensored)


Sesame Street Theme

This one we can definitely understand. Listening to this on loop for 24 hours is sure to make anyone crazy!

"Sesame Street Theme" 1998-2001


Also See

Metallica Used For Torture

Metallica get in touch with U.S. military to stop them using their music

Metallica Clears The Air

Heavy metal legends say they never contacted the military.

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Posted: 26 February, 2015

'Pop Music Is Pretty Much Pornography' Says Billy Corgan On Aussie TV

He also says that he thinks pop music is pretty much prostitution.

Billy Corgan's in the country for the Soundwave Festival as well as some very intimate Sidewave sideshows.

Knowing Billy like we do, we knew it wouldn't be long until he aired some of his sometimes controversial opinions.

On Channel 7's morning show Sunrise, Corgan had some pretty interesting things to say about pop and dance music calling it a "scourge".

"What’s difficult about it from an insider point of view is that it sends out a message to kids that that’s the only way to be successful in the music business, is to sort of package yourself. There’s only one Bob Marley, there’s only one Ossy Osbourne or Madonna. You can try, but you can’t recreate them. So the industry has become about following rather than leading. I think it’s reflected in the sales," explained Corgan.

He also talked about how he think that pop music is basically a form of prostitution.

"I know it’s a bit early, but to me it’s headed towards a form of pornography. You have young women sexualising themselves earlier and earlier in really inappropriate ways to gain attention because it’s really all about getting YouTube hits."

Billy was definitely in a chatty mood because he touched on a lot of the big subjects in music lately putting his two cents into; rock vs pop, Kanye getting on stage at the Grammy's, how Kurt Cobain would see music more and a lot more.

You can watch the full video above.

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Posted: 26 February, 2015

A Spoonful Of Sinister

1960s Hollywood musical Mary Poppins gets a Death Metal makeover!

The super-staid 1960s Hollywood musical Mary Poppins has been given a Death Metal makeover. 

Assembled by You Tube user Andy Rehfeldt with vocals by Sera Hatchet it’s simply Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

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