Posted: 29 April, 2016

The Cure's 2016 Aussie Tour

Goth rock legends bringing awesome live show to us.

Crank out the makeup... The Cure have announced an Australian tour, playing headline arena shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth this July, marking the band's first Australian tour since August 2007.

Tickets for the Melbourne and Sydney shows will go on sale at 10am next Friday, May 6. Details of the Adelaide and Perth shows will be announced at a later date.

And, if you're a Telstra customer, you get the shot at a 48 hour pre-sale, from 10am Tuesday May 3 'til 10am Thursday May 5.

Currently, the band are deep in production rehearsals for the TWO HOUR PLUS show, where it looks like they will play most of the hits... don't take it from us, take it from their press release.

" they explore 37 years of Cure songs, mixing hits, rarities, favourites and as yet unreleased tracks in a brand new stage production that promises to be one of the 'must see' shows of the year!"

We completely agree... now where's that foundation?

The Cure - 2016 Australian Tour

    (formerly Allphones Arena)


  • Also appearing at Splendour in the Grass on July 23
  • Perth and Adelaide shows to be announced.

For complete tour and ticket information, visit The Cure website, or Live Nation.

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Posted: 28 April, 2016

Three Of The Biggest Rock Bands Make Super Group At American Music Festival

Jam and chilli ingredients of rockin’ show


At the New Orlean’s Jazz & Heritage festival last weekend the cream of the crop of rock got together to perform a cover of Neil Young’sRockin’ In The Free World’.

The festival that should be renamed the 90s Rock and Heritage Festival after this years surprise super group made up of members of Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Kings Of Leon paid tribute to fellow headliner act and godfather of grunge Neil Young.

Watch the clip here:

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Posted: 28 April, 2016

KISS Bandmates Back Together After Fiery 14 Year Break

Will Ace put the make up back on?

Image: KISS (Getty)

After 14 long years original KISS band mates Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley shared a video of the two playing together, the first time since KISS’ Psycho Circus in 1998, a reunion that many rock fans never thought they’d see happen.

The two performed a cover of Free’s rockin’ track ‘Fire and Water’ that appears on Ace’s album of covers titled Origins Vol. 1

Watch the video here:

Ace Frehley, a founding member of KISS left the band in 1982 and then rejoined in 1996 for the super successful KISS reunion tour.

The Origin's Vol. 1 is out now.
See the track listing below:

1. "White Room" (Cream)
2. "Street Fighting Man" (Rolling Stones)
3. "Spanish Castle Magic," feat. John 5 (Jimi Hendrix)
4. "Fire and Water," feat. Paul Stanley (Free)
5. "Emerald," Slash (Thin Lizzy)
6. "Bring It on Home" (Led Zeppelin)
7. "Wild Thing," feat. Lita Ford (The Troggs)
8. "Parasite," feat. John 5 (Kiss)
9. "Magic Carpet Ride" (Steppenwolf)
10. "Cold Gin," feat. Mike McCready (Kiss)
11. "Till the End of the Day" (Kinks)
12. "Rock and Roll Hell" (Kiss)

More info: 

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Posted: 28 April, 2016

Led Zeppelin In Court Facing Copyright Infringement

Another Band ‘Riffed’ Off By Led Zeppelin

Image: Led Zeppelin (Getty)

English classic rockers Led Zeppelin are heading to court yet again facing copyright infringement, this time for stealing the most iconic intro to their hit tune “Stairway To Heaven”.
The band will face the courts 10th May for the final verdict.

The hit single which is a staple in all budding guitarists repertoire’s and causes guitar teachers to cringe has reportedly been stolen from the song ‘Taurus’ by American band Spirit.
Have a listen for yourself:

This isn’t the first time the classic rock icons have been accused of stealing.

American blues musician Muddy Waters recorded the song ‘You Need Love’, in 1985 Led Zeppelin were sued for stealing lyrics for the hit tune Whole Lotta Love.

Was it coincidence, plain theft or too much swinging in the 60s?

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Posted: 28 April, 2016

We’ve Found The Best New Rock Tracks From All Over The World

Check out our April new music playlist

Image: The Living End

We’ve found the best new releases for the month, from local rockers Stonefield to the welcomed return of International rock band Garbage.

Have a listen and follow us for more new music each month.

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Posted: 28 April, 2016

Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame Singer’s Broadway Debut

And what their tip is to keep kids in school

Image: School Of Rock, (Getty)

The School Of Rock musical, based on the Richard Linklater cult film ‘School Of Rock’ that starred funny guy Jack Black wowed audiences with very special guest, Fleetwood Mac and Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame member singer Stevie Nicks.

Nicks, came out for a very special encore performance with the School of Rock band, of which she said about her Fleetwood Mac band mates on the cast “You guys better kick ass because I have people waiting in the wings” to Rolling Stone News.

Nicks believes the arts needs to stay in schools to encourage kids to stay in school.

The performance was Nick's first time on the Broadway stage, of which is a shock seeming the songstress has been performing on stages most of her life. 

Watch her performance here:

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Posted: 28 April, 2016

Home Grown Band Of The Week

Sydney's Sticky Fingers

Image: Sticky Fingers

Here at Triple M we’re proud of our commitment to Australian music, and it is our desire, nay, pledge to you that we’ll scour the length and breadth of this girt by sea big brown land to bring the latest and best Australian music we can find.

Hand picked by Triple M’s Jane Gazzo, this week’s Home Grown Artist Of The Week is Sticky Fingers.

They were in school pants when they started the group eight years ago but this Sydney five piece are now tearing up the town and the country with their pysch/reggae influenced guitar rock. Founding member and bassist Paddy Cornwall discovered lead singer Dylan Frost busking on King Street, Newtown and the two haven’t looked back. Years of touring have just started to pay off with the band selling out their recent Australian tour (which included 3 nights at the Enmore Theatre!).

Newtown is proving itself as the place-du-jour for successful rock bands with good mates DMA’s also hailing from the inner western suburb.
“I actually used to live with Johnny, the guitarist of DMA’s,” confirms Cornwall, “I played bass in DMA’s but I couldn’t do both bands. Sticky Fingers is my baby so I left.”

There’s a swagger and confidence about Sticky Fingers that I haven’t seen and heard from an Australian band in a long, long time. New single ‘Outcast At Last’ cements their reggae storytelling with stomping beats in just under 3 minutes. The production is flawless (thanks to Evermore’s Dan Hume) and the band sound at their peak – a great taster for their 3rd album due out later in the year.

The band tour Europe this year for the 5th time in their career and already have a US tour already part sold out. Sticky Fingers are putting Aussie rock back on the map, internationally.
Rock is definitely coming back in a big way” says Cornwall.
Thank bloody god for that.

Listen to our  playlist:

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Posted: 28 April, 2016

Prince Slays The Bass

Hidden gem proves how great Prince was.

Well, it hasn't taken long, but the Internet is truly proving its worth in revealing all sorts of hidden gems featuring the late, the great, Prince Rogers Nelson.

Fresh from the Gene Simmons tweet outing Prince as a true guitar legend, we've now come across this. Prince laying down some sweet bass to his tune Partyman, off his 1989 Batman album.


Source: Facebook

It's just phenomenal. Most of us struggle with one instrument, let alone 27 (it's widely reported that Prince played 27 instruments on his debut album alone).

Hopefully, as time goes on, the Internet reveal more hidden gems.

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Posted: 28 April, 2016

Top 10 Barnesy Collaborations

We count down the top 10 collaborations from the Aussie pub rocker

Image: Jimmy Barnes (Getty)

Today Australian icon Jimmy Barnes turns 60. The Aussie rocker survived the diet of two bottles of vodka a day and that 80s mullet, the Scottish born rock singer is seen so much as Australian royalty he’s even had an ice-cream made in his honour.


Barnesy won us over fronting the classic Aussie rock band Cold Chisel and has since gone on to forge an epic solo career. Along the way he's collaborated with the world's best musicians. 

Check out our top 10 Barnesy Collaborations:

10. David Campbell
Before he was hosting morning TV, presenter David Campbell roped his famous Dad into a crack at crooning, not our fav moment, but worth a mention.

9. Van Halen
When Barnesy was living in L.A in the 80s working on his solo career, American glam rockers Van Halen approached our own Jimmy Barnes to lead the band on vocal duties, of which he declined to continue with his solo success.

8. Farnsey & Diesel
In the 90s John Farnham and Jimmy Barnes were 'the shit'. Watch this incredible cover of the classic tune 'Something Is Wrong With My Baby' featuring Jimmy Barne's brother-in-law, Australian singer Diesel.

7. Deep Purple and Ozzy Osbourne’s band:
Deep Purple's Steve Morse and Don Airey and Ozzy Osbourne’s Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake joined Jimmy to form the star studded super group Living Loud, who did a handful of shows.
Check their crack at Ozzy's 'Crazy Train'.

6. Pro-cricketer Brett Lee.
In an intimate home video series Jimmy did with his musical family, they were joined by Australian cricket player Brett Lee on guitar for this pop song.

5. Neil Finn.
Jimmy and the Crowded House and Split Enz singer now related as their children are musical and personal partners, got together last year for this cheeky version of the Enz classic 'I Got You'.

4. Tina Turner
How did the world not explode when two of the biggest voices we've heard teamed up?
This classic tune never gets old, unlike their hair styles.

3. Fleetwood Mac and Journey.
The Working Class Man album was worked on by Jonathan Cain from Journey and Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac.

2. Bruce Springsteen.
When 'the boss' last toured down under he took Jimmy and his band on tour as support. No wonder the tour sold out around the country.
Barnesy got on stage with Bruce and belted out 'Tougher Than The Rest'.

Nothing gets more 80s than Australian rock god Michael Hutchence and Jimmy Barnes.
Let's hope Barnesy has a good time tonight.

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Posted: 28 April, 2016

New Blink-182 Releases First Song With New Singer

Blink-182 have released the first single from the highly anticipated album.

Blink 182 featuring Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Matt Skiba Photo: Getty Images

Blink-182 have released the first single from the highly anticipated album.

The song is called “Bored To Death” and is the first to feature new singer Mike Skiba from The Alkaline Trio. Listen to the song below.

It is the first album without founding member Tom DeLonge.

Earlier On Triple M

Image: Blink 182, Hoppus, Barker, Skiba (Getty)

Punk rock band Blink 182 have used their Instagram account to tease fans of the new phase for the band.

Having displayed a sequence of cartoon style images on the official instagram account, the last frame initially posted showed the iconic smiley logo on the subjects arm, but 8 hours later the same image has been posted but the smiley is no longer there.

Original post:

Image: Blink 182 Instagram

Updated post:


A photo posted by blink-182 (@blink182) on

Is the smiley symbolic of the departure of guitarist, singer and founding member Tom DeLonge?

The band have been in the headlines recently with the bizarre and dramatic departure of Tom DeLonge and this new release marks a new phase for the band, with members Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker adding Alkaline Trio singer Matt Skiba to complete the line up.

The brand new single ‘Bored to Death’ and first release for the band in 4 years is being previewed this week with fans and the punk scene curious of the direction the band will take with the new line up.

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Posted: 27 April, 2016

Great News For Fitzroy With COLLARTS Opening A Campus On Brunswick Street

Brand new music space for Fitzroy.

Collarts (the Australian College of the Arts) have today announced the impending opening of their newest campus hosted in the home of Melbourne’s most vibrant live music community, Fitzroy.

The new campus will be located at 209 Brunswick St, alongside a dedicated live performance space and seven professional quality recording and rehearsal rooms

“The space is custom built in a fantastic music-fuelled area,” says Jesse Hooper, Collarts’ Program Leader for Music.

“Not only do we have some of the best musicians and artists in the country working in our music program, but now we’ve got the very best facilities in which to both work and teach in.

The new campus is also set to further invigorate not only Fitzroy’s bustling live music scene, but economy, with over 300 students to attend the campus weekly and inject funds into local pubs, cafes and restaurants.

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Posted: 27 April, 2016

This Will Fix You

Young man moved to tears... and so are we.

If this doesn't highlight the true power of music, we don't know what does?

Luis Vazquez shared this emotional video with the world last week, featuring his autistic son's first reaction to his favourite Coldplay song, Fix You (great choice), as the supergroup played it live and loud at their Foro Sol stadium show in Mexico City.

His son, Luis Noel, is visibly moved by the experience. Something we're sure everyone has experienced at a live show.

What an experience for the family. And it didn't take long for social media to get behind Luis' amazing video. In particular, a little band called Coldplay.

Luis Senior's been overwhelmed with the show of support he has received from around the world. Clearly, his video has said more than words ever could.

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