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Home Grown Band Of The Week

This week: Caligula’s Horse

Image: Caligula’s Horse (

Here at Triple M, we’re proud of our commitment to Australian music, and it is our desire, nay, pledge to you that we’ll scour the length and breadth of this girt by sea big brown land to bring the latest and best Australian music we can find.

Tune into Home Grown Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne On Air Sunday 6-8pm local times.

Hand picked by Triple M’s Jane Gazzo, this week’s Home Grown Band Of The Week is Caligula’s Horse

Hometown: Brisbane

Jim Grey - Lead Vocals 
Zac Greensill - Guitar 
Dave Couper - Bass/Vocals 
Geoff Irish - Drums 
Sam Vallen - Lead Guitar

Video: Turntail

Turntail is one of the best hard rock songs you’ll hear this year. And lead singer Jim Grey of Caligula’s Horse wins my vote for one of the most educated interviewees on Home Grown. How refreshing to speak to an artist who has ideas on politics, the state of the Aussie music scene and the lock-out laws in this country. Delving deep into "Turntail’s lyrics, one can conclude that it’s a response to the refuge crisis but Grey won’t confirm or deny, other than to say “it’s a song about standing your ground and standing up for something. It’s objectively wrong to indefinitely imprison innocent children no matter where you stand on the issue.”

As long as there are bands like Caligula’s Horse making this kind of noise lyrically and musically in Australia, all seems ok in the world. For the time being.

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Posted: 30 June, 2016

Blink 182 Founder Tom DeLonge Knows The Truth That’s Out There

Pop-punk singer the chosen one

Image: Getty

On Triple M's The Rubber Room this week Ugly Phil discusses the news of ex-Blink 182 member Tom DeLonge working with aliens.

The pop-punk singer who’s unusual behaviour has kept him in the headlines has announced he communicating with aliens on a secret project.

Reports say Tom DeLonge is the chosen one, the only person in the world to receive the top secret information from other planets.

Listen to the report:


The pop-punk singer has also set up 'To The Stars' a shop in his home town of San Diego, USA that sells UFO merchandise, books ‘from the imagination of Tom DeLonge’ about his learnings and knowledge, all of which also cross over as merchandise for his band ‘Angels And Airwaves’.
Click here to view the online store.

The obsession isn’t new, in 1999 on the Blink 182 hit record ‘Enema Of The State', DeLonge penned the fan favourite Aliens’ Exist, which came across as just another 'joke' song, but as the musician gets older he has become more open on the topic.

Watch the classic candid interview from 2014 of DeLonge displaying his personal collection of information:

Is this just a cry for attention following the success of his former band dispite his involvement?

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Posted: 30 June, 2016

Corey Taylor Carried Off Stage After Fall During Show

Not Kidding With Severe Slip

Image: Corey Taylor, Slipnot (Getty)

His second show since being hospitalised after neck surgery, Slipknot singer Corey Taylor was carried off stage after a nasty fall on stage stopped the set and had the singer unable to sing.

Fans tweeted from the show announcing the news:

The embarrassed singer used twitter to announce he was ok:

It’s unsure if the fall was related to his recent neck surgery or if it will effect his recovery.

The band are currently on tour with Marilyn Manson before coming to down under touring the country with Lamb Of God.

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Posted: 30 June, 2016

Higgo’s Corner 9

Triple M's Higgo throws up three Aussie bands he's loving right now

Image: Higgo with Gavin Rossdale of Bush

Before I get cracking on some cracking Aussie bands, I’m throwing a party and I want you to be there. 

Friday 15th July at Cherry Bar, Higgo’s Heavy Cherry VI is happening and you’re invited.

I’ve got three brilliant bands playing (which I’ve spoken about before in this very column) Envenomed, Vanishing Point and Black Majesty.
These nights are always jam packed and a hell of a lot of fun.
Click here for more info.
See you there.

First band I wanna lay on you is a Melbourne band called Acolyte. Morgan-Leigh Brown, lead singer and songwriter first sent me their video for Perceptions over a year ago and I was instantly impressed.

Since then, like almost every ambitious band, members change and things get a touch side tracked until you find the right legends who share the same vision. The great news is, the band is complete, and they’ve kept working hard and have their debut album, Shades Of Black, out August 12th which I can’t wait to hear. In the meantime, check out the first single from it, The Message. Trust me, you’ll listen to it more than once. 

There was a town I once lived in, where I didn’t realise how healthy the heavy music scene was. Well maybe it wasn’t as healthy 12 years ago as it is now, none the less, Adelaide has some crushing bands that you may not know about. Se Bon Ki Ra are one such band. Their album, In The Wake Of Change, is HUGE, and was my introduction to them, and I’ve raved about them ever since. RIFFS for days, super heavy, huge energy at their live shows and jams that smash your ears and senses into smithereens as you soak it in. I love catching these guys live whenever I can, because they epitomise what it’s like to be in a band playing live. They love it, and it’s infectious. For lovers of Lamb Of God, Pantera and just kick arse metal.
Check out All You Can Be

Heading west again, Perth is responsible for some word class talent, and progressive metal band Voyager, are in the upper upper echelon as far as I’m concerned. It’s hard to know where to start when talking about this band, because I’ve been living with their albums for a while now and I always change favourites. Another problem is, there’s such diversity in what they do, there’s no ONE way to give you an example of what they’re like, if you know what I mean. You really need to dive into this band to see why they keep getting asked to do things like Progpower in the US and soon they’ll be supporting Deftones and Karnivool in Australia. But again, those achievements are just scratching the surface. The musicianship this band possesses is mind blowing, their live shows are brilliant, and I can’t praise them enough. Enter the rabbit warren with this latest single from them, you’ll be down there a while I’m sure.
This is Misery Is Only Company 

If you’re in a band and want to be featured in Higgo’s Corner, send me your stuff and Ill check it out for sure. Any genre, if it’s good, I’ll spread the word!

Don’t forget to check out the Spotify that Cassie has put together too, and until next time.

Keep It Loud. Higgo

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Posted: 30 June, 2016

How Much Would You Pay For A Piece Of David Bowie?

The woman who sold the man.

Image: Getty

A snippet of David Bowie’s hair was sold at auction this week for $20,000.

The lock was snipped from the late rock stars head in 1983 by Wendy Farrier, a wig maker who reportedly had it in her personal collection, although sold it and donated a portion of the profits to an animal welfare charity.

See a photo of the hair here 

The new owner now has DNA of the legendary rock star who suddenly passed away earlier this year.

Also sold in the auction was signed copies of the popular record Hunky Dory.

Explore 50 years of David Bowie's hair:

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Posted: 30 June, 2016

WATCH: Brilliant Brand New Release From The Beatles

Band prove they’re still the biggest band in the world

Image: Getty

Almost 50 years after its release The Beatles have teamed up with Cirque du Soleil and released a brand new film clip for the hit single ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’.

The song, penned by George Harrison has also smashed the streaming charts by being played over one billion times in only 6 months of being available to stream.

Cirque du Soleil whose tribute show to the Beatles LOVE celebrates it’s 10th anniversary of the popular stage show have produced this innovative film clip that is the perfect summary of the stage show and the classic song.

Watch the clip here:

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Posted: 30 June, 2016

Camera Phones Could Be A Thing Of The Past

Music fans divided by technology advances

Image: Getty

Apple have patented technology that will disable the use of the camera app on iPhones at concerts.

The news, reported by The Telegraph has divided music fans with the news, some love the ability to capture these live music moments and those who are sick of staring at the back of an arm and camera phone.

The technology uses infrared beams to disable to app.

Musicians around the world would be celebrating the news, preventing those candid, unappealing live moments they’d prefer not to be captured a thing of the past.

Have a listen to what Jack White thinks of it:

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Posted: 30 June, 2016

Favourite Australian Summer Music Festival Announces More Dates And Locations

Experience the festival like never before

Image: Getty 

Much loved The Falls Music and Arts Festival has just announced they are launching the much loved festival to Western Australia this summer, with the newly branded event ‘Falls Downtown’.

The festival, that started in 1993 Victoria is held in Tasmania, Byron Bay (NSW), Lorne (VIC) has been a local favourite is not only adding a new state to the event, but is changing the leafy, green setting for the historic streets and forgotten buildings of Fremantle, Western Australia.

The event will be staged over the weekend of January 07 and January 08 2017, including the very best local, national and international artists, creative food, performance art, boutique drinks, décor, makers, artisans, community involvement and so much more.

See the teaser video:

Falls Downtown! Fremantle WA, Jan 07 & Jan 08 2017 from Falls Festival on Vimeo.

The news is a pleasant surprise as the local festival circuit has sadly diminished over the past two years with iconic festivals Big Day Out and Soundwave folding, it’s great to see the Australian born festival expanding.

The festival always puts together a great selection of music, seeing legends such as Neil Finn, Paul Kelly, Iggy Pop, Blondie, Kings Of Leon and The Living End.
Looking forward to see who’s on the bill this year.

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Posted: 29 June, 2016

Ozzy Osbourne Confirms Continuing Solo And TV Career After Sabbath Day

Full Steam Ahead For Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train

Image: Getty

Black Sabbath are near the end, but the Prince of darkness, frontman of the band Ozzy Osbourne shows no sign of slowing down.

The final Black Sabbath tour, that hit Australia this April will end where they began in 1968, England with the final show announced for February 4th 2017. 

Read Triple M's review:

The tour which saw original Black Sabbath band members, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne tour the world was agreed to an 80 date tour and Ozzy Osbourne told Billboard MagazineI wouldn’t mind extending the tour… there’s a lot of people who won’t get to see us, but I don’t see that (extending the tour) happening”.

Although reports say the singers wife and manager, Sharon Osbourne said the rocker who’s 68 this year will retire when he’s 70s, it seems Ozzy has different plans.

The singer, who’s forged a successful solo career after Black Sabbath says he wants to continue touring; “it’s not me that wants to retire, it’s Black Sabbath. I’ll be continuing my own musical thing. Being Ozzy Osbourne isn’t a job, it’s a passion. It’s love. It’s the biggest great love affair of my life”.

The headline making metal head has been so focused on Black Sabbath he hasn’t released a solo record since 2010’s Scream.

The original reality TV family The Osbournes will be returning to TV with Ozzy and his son Jack’s TV series ‘Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour’ that see’s the two visit significant locations across their home country U.K and new home U.S.A, including the historic birthplace of rock’n’roll Sun Studios, Memphis.

Watch the trailer:

The two have appeared on screen together since The Osbournes in the intimate and candid video of Jack interviewing his Dad:

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Posted: 28 June, 2016

Guns ’N Roses Bizarre Summer Tour Support Selection

Rock, Classic Rock, Glam Rock, Dub-Step… ahhh what’s dub-step?

Image: Getty

The most anticipated tour of the century is off on a great start, kicking off this weekend in Detroit (Rock City) and the tour is accompanied by an epic collection of supports; 80s rock band The Cult, Seattle rock band Alice In Chains, blues rocker Lenny Kravitz, Triple M record of the week band Billy Talent and dub step mega star Skrillex.

Yes that’s right the new genre that weeps from your children’s bed room, the confusing new dance sound is appearing on one show in Houston, Texas.

The news had fans blowing up on the internet, we can only imagine the reaction at the shows, we’re expecting a reaaction to the bands 1993 Australian show at Calder Park that saw 150,000 rock fans fighting and disgruntled.

Axl Rose is notorious for his eccentric antics and behaviour, but has been surprisingly well behaved on the current tour and his time fronting AC/DC, always been a lover of different and new music we're suspecting this is Axl's doing.

Watch the bands first show on the reunion tour;

We could kinda understand if it was the DJ’s previous band From First To Last, but this is just bizarre.

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Posted: 28 June, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: The Living End’s Chris Cheney Working On Solo Record

A new ’shift’ in the band after latest album

Image: Getty

On Triple M’s Home Grown, The Living End singer Chris Cheney told Jane Gazzo he’s got a solo record in the works, that he had to put on the back burner to focus on the latest album from the band ‘Shift’; “there’s always songs being written that don’t really feel what the band (The Living End) does, so you either give them to other people or record them”.

With the physical distance between Cheney and the other band members, will Cheney follow in the foot steps of fellow Aussie icon and idol Jimmy Barnes to forge a solo career?

On the sound of his solo efforts; “it’s striped back, completely different to what The Living End does”.

The now L.A based singer has been working with various musicians in Hollywood, including members of Guns ’N Roses, The Stray Cats and The Aggrolites and recorded the Crowded House classic ‘Distant Sun’ solo.



When going way back to the beginnings listening to the band 1998 debut single ‘Prisoner Of Society’ Cheney asks Gazzo for a bucket saying “great record but I’ll never listen to it again”, where as bass player Scott Owen adds; “I use to have the same attitude as Chris, but I’ve grown to accept our youth and energy we put into records back in those days”.

Listen to the full interview:

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Posted: 28 June, 2016

Top 10 Rock Stars On Screen

Stars On Film


The film that gave children nightmares and had them dancing at the same time, that even watching drunk doesn’t make much sense The Labyrinth is still a cult classic and this year marks 30 years since the release of the film, this anniversary more touching as it’s the first since the loss of the lead actor, David Bowie.


To celebrate the 30th anniversary we’re counting down the top 10 movie’s that feature rock stars.

  • 10. Ian Brown- Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban
    The Stone Roses
    singer and Oasis’ idol Ian Brown appears in Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban in a blink and you’ll miss it moment.


  • 9. Pearl Jam- Singles
    Set in the 90s grunge capital Seattle the then new band play a new band on the scene.


  • 8. Vince Neil- The Adventures of Ford Fairlane
    The Motley Crue singer opens the 90s hit rock’n’roll crime comedy, playing,... well an over the top blonde rock singer.

  • 7. Blink 182- American Pie
    In the most awkward scene in the teen film of the 90s American Pie it was only suitable the pop punk kings were to make a cameo.

  • 6. Iggy Pop- Cry Baby
    The grandfather of punk Iggy Pop plays the grandfather of Johnny Depp and Ricky Lake in the John Waters rockabilly film Cry Baby.
    (Warning: naked Iggy Pop in the clip)


  • 5. Billy Idol- The Wedding Singer
    In the rock’n’roll romance of the decade, rock god Billy Idol saves the day in the most romantic scene in history.


  • 4. Keith Richards- Pirates Of The Carribbean; At World's End
    Johnny Depp
    made it no secret his inspiration fot the character Captain Jack Sparrow was taken from Rolling Stone's guitarist Keith Richards so it was only fitting the rocker made an appearance in the film series.

  • 3.  ZZ Top- Back To The Future 3
    In the final instalment of the Back To The Future films, rock’n’rollers ZZ Top needed no hair or make up team for their role in the western scene.


  • 2. Dave Grohl- The MuppetsPlaying the drummer of The Muppets tribute band ‘The Moophets’, the Nirvana drummer was a key cameo in the Muppets come back film.

    The cameo inspired one of the most famous drum-offs in history;


  • 1. Alice Cooper- Wayne’s World
    They say don’t meet your idols! When lead characters Wayne and Garth meet rock’n’roll legend Alice Cooper they’re surprised by the un-rock’n’roll converstaion of Cooper, which is a common shock when meeting the glam shock rocker. AWKWARD!!

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