Posted: 2 December, 2016

Warnie Reckons The IPL Has Absolutely Nothing On The Big Bash

Warnie lays down the law

(Image: Getty)

Speaking to The Hot Breakfast this morning, Shane Warne gave his take on where the BBL stands in international cricket.

And he rates it well above the cashed-up Indian Premier League.

"It’s a good tournament, the Big Bash. I think it’s got the IPL covered in terms of the way the players play," Warne said.

Eddie McGuire chimed in claiming the BBL had the upper hand in the integrity stakes as well.

"The class of the players," continued Warnie.

"The IPL is good fun and entertainment, but the Big Bash is a pure form. It’s attracting the big players from around the world."

"We have some great, young players at the Stars and New Year’s Day against the Renegades is going to be huge."

Luke Darcy also pressed the spin-king on his recent fine in Tasmania for not wearing a seat belt while filming a Facebook Live video.

"The thing is, we were driving home - well, Mark Taylor was driving home from the cricket. And I said 'OK boys, what did we think about the cricket'," Warne explained.

"It was one of those 9-seater big vans, and we know we did the wrong thing by not putting our seat belts on. But we didn’t realise until someone told us - and we put them on straight away."

"Did you have to front up?" asked Darce.

"No, we just got a slap over the wrist. It was nice the Tasmanian Police were watching my Facebook page," said Warnie.

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Posted: 25 November, 2016

Ben Dixon With The Weekly Sporting Odds

The 3rd Test, World Cup of Golf and who Dicko fancies for 2017 Rising Star

Ben Dixon joined the Hot Breakfast boys this morning to give us an update on the big sporting odds this weekend.

After a solid first day in Adelaide, Australia are favourites for the First Test with the draw retreating.

Meanwhile at the World Cup of Golf, the Australians had started as favourites but opening day disappointment sees them drift right out, with Spain the new hot favourites.

Lastly Dicko takes a look at a futures market and the odds on a couple of players he reckons are red hot chances for the 2017 Rising Star

Check them out here:

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Posted: 22 November, 2016

Birds Of Tokyo: Live At Eddie's Desk

'Empire' performed live on The Hot Breakfast

Birds of Tokyo performed live at Eddie's Desk this morning, producing a kick-ass version of their hit song 'Empire'.

From their stirring new album BRACE, Empire is about the overiding state of social affairs in Australia and overseas. The Hot Breakfast boys enjoyed it. We hope you do too.


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Posted: 18 November, 2016

The Crownbet Weekly Odds

Campbell Brown with the weekend's Golf, Racing & Cricket

Crownbet's Campbell Brown joined the Hot Breakfast this morning to give the latest on the week's big odds in golf, racing and cricket.

After day one of the Australian Open, how are thing standing and how will they shape up by Sunday evening?

And there's a big race meet with Ballarat Cup Day - a massive field that is one of the most open in the recent history of the event.

Plus, there's the Third Test to look forward to (if that's the right phrase). Punters are still backing Australia for the pink ball test at the Adelaide Oval. Fingers crossed that works out for them!


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Posted: 18 November, 2016

Paris Hilton Thinks Darce Is Hot


(Image: Snapchat)

Bit of head wobble for Darce!

Famous heiress Paris Hilton is in town, and while she didn't make an appearance on Triple M this morning, she still saw a photo of Darce in the lifts.

Here's what was captured on her Snapchat:

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Posted: 11 November, 2016

Crownbet's Ben Dixon With The Weekly Odds

Dicko with an absolute beauty of a tip for Sandown

The Glamour Boy of Australian Punting, Ben 'Dicko' Dixon joined us this morning from Crownbet to share the weekly odds.

The Spring Racing Carnival draws to a close at Sandown where most of the Melbourne Cup field are out in force. Favourite WhoShotTheBarman is the one to beat, but there's a lot of quality in that field.

Dicko also looks at the odds ahead of the 2nd Test, although there's not a lot of love for the Aussies either for the test or the series.

On a happier note, Dicko signs off with an absolute beauty of a tip in Race 4 at Sandown. Check that out right here:

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Posted: 11 November, 2016

Mick Molloy Uber-Jacked In Washington DC

“There was an incident yesterday...”

“There was an incident yesterday,” Mick Molloy said on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast yesterday.

“Imagine my surprise when I walk downstairs to get into the Uber I ordered. Just as I step out, my uber on my phone goes off saying ‘You’re on the trip’,” Molloy said.

“I look out just in time to see Ed in my Uber taking off. The one that I’ve booked. I can see the route he’s taking in the Uber that I not only booked but now I’m paying for.”

“Minutes later an Uber turns up, and I said Wwho are you booked for?’ he goes ‘Ed’. I said ‘Well mate he just got in the other one’."

“I said ‘Well can you take me? He goes 'I’m not allowed to do that'.”

Mick says he got revenge on Eddie by making the driver give Eddie a one-star rating.

“That puts my life in danger,” Eddie McGuire said.

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Posted: 11 November, 2016

Triple M’s Massive New Artwork


A 45m long, 15m high Triple M artwork has been installed alongside the M2 Freeway at Kensington.

It is by renowned street artist Regan Tamanui with Eddie, Mick and Darce front and centre.

It also includes Wayne Carey, Molly Meldrum, Ted Whitten, Ned Kelly and Chrissy Amphlett.

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Posted: 10 November, 2016

Eddie McGuire Responds To Patrick Smith’s Article

“We have contingency plans in place"

The Australian’s Patrick Smith has reported that the AFL is preparing to charge GWS star Lachie Whitfield former GWS football manager Graeme Allan and club welfare officer Craig Lambert over breaches of the league’s illicit drug code.

Smith reports that he has been told that Whitfield will get something in the order of a six-month ban, No 1 draft pick in 2012, and one-season suspensions to Allan and Lambert.

Allan now heads up Collingwood’s football department.

Magpies president Eddie McGuire has responded to the reports on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

“We have contingency plans in place. This has been (under) investigation for 2 years now. As I said earlier this has got nothing to do with Collingwood,” McGuire said on Triple M.

“The fallout will affect Collingwood and the Brisbane Lions and GWS. Each club and the AFL and I presume ASADA, if this is the case will take the appropriate action to remedy whatever the situation is.”

“It’s just a story but the strategic leaking that has gone on over the period of time, not only on this story but any story to do with AFL and ASADA always makes you a bit worried that there is a bit of truth involved in these things,”

“Patrick Smith is a senior reporter, he wouldn’t be going with as an emphatic story as that one if he didn’t think he had pretty good mail.”

“Let’s just wait until there is an official decision.”

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Posted: 8 November, 2016

Dennis Lillee On The Hot Breakfast

DK has spoken.

The Hot Breakfast boys were pumped to be joined in the studio by Aussie Cricket legend Dennis Lillee.

No topic was off limits for DK including Australia’s disappointing performance against South Africa.

“My worry - before the series started was because of what happened in Sri Lanka - was always going to be the batting," Lillee said on Triple M's Hot Breakfast.

“It just seemed like they applied more pressure than we did, you know what it’s like in sport, pressure seems to sort of - once it starts and it applies to you it’s hard to escape from that pressure.”

“Maybe it needs a little bit of infusion of new blood, that’s always a thought. Guys who haven’t got any scars. Guys that don’t worry about their last 5 or 10 innings where they haven’t done so well.”

Dennis has a new autobiography out entitled "Dennis Lillee", you can get all the details here


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Posted: 7 November, 2016

The Hot Breakfast In The USA For The Presidential Election

Eddie, Mick and Darce in the US.

This week the Hot Breakfast team are in the US to cover the biggest news story in the world....The 2016 Presidential Election!

Don't miss a second as Eddie, Mick and Darce bring all the news, colour and atmosphere from New York and Washington DC.



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Posted: 7 November, 2016

Robert Doyle Slams MCG Roof Proposal

"I absolutely hate it"

A proposal to weatherproof the MCG has been met with strong criticism from Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Robert Doyle.

The Herald Sun report that MCC boss Stephen Gough has proposed the installation of a lightweight retractable roof over the MCG as part of a 50-year plan for Melbourne.

“I hate it. I absolutely hate it,” Doyle said on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

“It is the MCG. Have a look at it. It looks like some sort of toy out of K-mart in the rendition on the front of the Herald Sun.”

“It is one of the great open amphitheatres of the world.”

Gough told the Hot Breakfast this morning that the proposal is part of a 50-year vision.

“You had to be realistic looking 50-years ahead, that’s a big time frame. Look back 50-years and see what we’ve done,” Gough told Eddie, Mick and Darce.

“So you’ve got to be a bit bold thinking what could be done. My personal view is I prefer the open-air stadium but over the next 50-years people may find that that’s how they want to take their sport and they want to get absolutely comfort and that could be a factor so you’ve got to throw it (a roof) in as one of the options.”


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