Posted: 21 October, 2016

Crownbet's Matty Campbell: "If WINX Wins It's Gonna Kill Us"

"I'm hoping Hartnell wins so I have a job on Monday"

All eyes are on Moonee Valley this weekend and Matty Campbell is getting worried.

It doesn't get much bigger than Saturday's Cox Plate, a race being described as the biggest match race in 30 years between WINX and Hartnell.

WINX is being heavily backed and Matty reckons if she wins it "could be our [Crownbet's] worst result ever."

The racing starts tonight at the Valley and Matty's got the odds on a card that's at high risk to the weather, so watch out for late withdrawals.

Then Darce asked the Crownbet man his thoughts on that Cox Plate, specifically the chances of the heavily-backed favourite that everyone is talking about.

'It's gonna kill us. I'm hoping Hartnell wins so I still have a job on Monday."

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Posted: 20 October, 2016

Eddie McGuire Explains Where The Cloke Trade Is At

Will it get done?

(Image: Getty)

Speaking on Triple M's The Hot Breakfast this morning, Mick Molloy was curious as to where the Travis Cloke deal was currently heading.

Chatting to both Eddie McGuire and Luke Darcy, representing the two clubs involved in the potential trade, Mick asked what it was going to take the Dogs and Pies.

"(The Cloke trade), what’s the hold up? What do you want, what are you prepared to give," Mick asked.

The pair went back and forth naming their price - somewhere between pick 60 and 80 - before Ed cleared the air.

"We’re not asking for much - just something we can use," McGuire said.

He also said money was not a snag in the deal.

"Clokey’s not asking for much, there’s no problems there (with money). There’s no dramas. It’s a matter of getting all the draft picks in and then we’ll sort something out.

"It’s the trade we can just park at the back because it’s going to get done."

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Posted: 19 October, 2016

Mick Molloy’s Idea For The Site Of The Irish Corkman

"We need to put in some laws"

Mick Molloy has slammed the developers who brazenly knocked down the Corkman Irish Pub in Carlton.

The Melbourne institution stood for 159 years on the corner of Leicester and Pelham streets.

Triple M Hot Breakfast Mick Molloy says the people responsible should be punished severely.

“It has been a profound watering hole for many that holds great memories,” Molloy said on Triple M.

“I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess we’re going to get a heap of shitty apartments or something of similar ilk that replaces an historic pub,” he said.

“We need to put in some laws so these guys can’t build anything on that site. You know what they should do - put in a park. Here’s what you do, if you knock something down without the correct authority - here’s what you get to build - NOTHING.”

“Or two options - either rebuild the pub as it was in exactly the same dimensions - or all you get to put in is some grass.”

“If you allow them to build anything else on that site you a rewarding them for doing something that it totally (wrong).”

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Posted: 19 October, 2016

Australia Joins The Battle For Mosul





Iraq has launched the long-awaited offensive to expel Islamic State from its second largest city Mosul and Australian personnel and aircraft will certainly be involved in support operations.

But Defence won't say just what or how.

"Defence will not discuss specific details for operational security reasons," a defence spokesman said.

Defence Minister Marise Payne declined to comment on operational details, saying it would take time and she was awaiting updates.

She also declined to elaborate on predictions of civilian casualties.

"I don't think my conjecture on rates of casualties or otherwise would be helpful at this point," she said.

Australia has a substantial force in the Middle East, extensively involved in the fight against Islamic State.

The six F/A-18 Hornets of the RAAF Air Task Group will operate as part of the coalition air contingent, hitting IS targets in the city.

The RAAF KC-30A refueling aircraft will support the air campaign, as will the E-7A Wedgetail airborne warning and control aircraft.

Closest to Australian boots on the ground could be the 80-stong special operations task group whose members have advised and mentored Iraq's elite Counter-Terrorism Service.

This unit, referred to as the Golden Division, played a key role in the fight to retake Ramadi.

Iraqi infantry trained by the 300 Australians and 100 New Zealanders of Task Group Taji will be in the thick of the fighting.

Another 30 Australian personnel are embedded in coalition headquarters in Baghdad.

US Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend, commander of the coalition taskforce, said the operation to regain control of Mosul would likely continue for weeks, possibly longer.

He said Iraq was supported by a wide range of coalition capabilities, including air support, artillery, intelligence, advisors and forward air controllers.

"But to be clear, the thousands of ground combat forces who will liberate Mosul are all Iraqis," he said in a statement.

"This may prove to be a long and tough battle, but the Iraqis have prepared for it and we will stand by them."

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Posted: 18 October, 2016

Pat Cash SLAMS ATP Following Nick Kyrgios Suspension

"He needs help"

Pat Cash has slammed the ATP’s treatment of junior tennis players following the suspension of Nick Kyrgios.

Kyrgios has been banned from the ATP Tour for eight weeks as a result of his conduct at the Shanghai Masters tournament last week.

Cash says that the ATP do not have appropriate support networks in place to help young players - including Kyrgios.

“I think he will be a champion if he can put it together but he needs help,” Cash said on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

“There is nothing in place for the ATP - I giggled when I heard ‘We’ll reduce it down to 3-weeks if he sees a sports psychologist’ - I’ve talked for thousands of hours (with) sports psychologists. Sports psychologists will just make you a better tennis player,” Cash said.

“They won’t deal with the issues that are really deep down, and he needs to see a psychotherapist. I’m not saying this in a harsh way but I’m really, legitimately saying that these kids do not have in place - and I bet it’s the same in every national sport in Australia - it’s horrible the way they treat the kids, and put the pressure on them with no support at all"

“It’s a disgrace and the ATP have got it completely wrong as well.”

“The tennis authorities don’t have it place and I said it to them years and years ago. You can see how steamed up I am about it because I’m really passionate about it. It’s really wrong how they are treating these kids and Nick is just one of the people that has fallen through that.”

Cash says that he hopes Kyrgios will bounce back after some “much needed rest”.

“I think they (The ATP) needed to come down on him. They same down on his reasonably hard,” Cash said.

“Nick of course is a bit of an individual, he still doesn’t have a coach, he wants to do things his own way. He tends to think that he knows it all. This may be good thing that has happened to him.”

“I think the bigger picture is, where does Nick go from here and where is the support network to help him. because he does need help, it’s obvious. I mean it’s obvious to everybody.”

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Posted: 17 October, 2016

Bulldogs Statement

"The Club strongly condemns the publishing of these confidential documents"



The AFL investigated this matter 12 months ago, and the Western Bulldogs have accepted and abided by the outcomes of that investigation, and have moved on. 

The Western Bulldogs also believe the other parties who have been considered to have been exonerated by the investigation are entitled to the benefit of that finding.  

The Western Bulldogs reported our concerns and the evidence we had or had heard about and it was the AFL’s job to then investigate those matters and hear all sides to the story and make a decision.  

The AFL, unlike the Club, had the opportunity to compel answers from non-WBFC people and to examine evidence from them.  

The AFL made a decision based  on all the evidence it considered relevant.  We referred the matter and made submissions based only on the information available to us.  

The publishing of our submissions and not those which answered them to the AFL is one-sided and unfair to a number of people named in them, and ultimately also to us and our Club. 

The Club strongly condemns the publishing of these confidential documents.  The overriding public interest here is that Clubs, players and employees in our industry must have confidence that they can fearlessly communicate  all issues they believe justify an integrity investigation so that the investigation and adjudication can be as fair and comprehensive as possible

The public interest is served by a high level of integrity of sporting competitions and their compliance and review procedures.  And those competitions and procedures are only as strong as the preparedness of member clubs and individuals to perform their duties, to report matters they conscientiously believe ought to be investigated and to disclose to  the authority  the evidence and the basis for the reports.

The Western Bulldogs  believe that the leaking of these confidential documents represents a misappropriation and misuse of Club property, and we will seek further legal advice as the use of the documents. 

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Posted: 17 October, 2016

Secret Western Bulldogs Documents Leaked To The Herald Sun

Luke Darcy isn't happy.

Leaked documents detail the Western Bulldogs frustration during the Talia affair following last years finals series.

After the Bulldogs lost to Adelaide in 2015, the AFL investigated whether then-dog Michael Talia had gave insider information to his brother Daniel at the Crows.

In the letters obtained by the Herald Sun, Bulldogs President Peter Gordon says he struggles to believe claims that both Talia brothers lost text message information relating the investigation.

Triple M's Luke Darcy says he was surprised by the original outcome, which cleared the players.

“To think the AFL investigated that probably, are you kidding yourself?,” Luke Darcy said on Triple M's Hot Breakfast.

“Maybe give them them the benefit of the doubt, maybe it is very hard to prove. How do you get the conversation? How do you prove that someone actually said something?"

“But you maybe could have come down a bit harder and made an example, and say ‘I tell you what, if anyone does this in the future, on notice, this is as close to match fixing and not acceptable.

“For it to be pushed under the carpet as it was, I think was a pretty poor chapter.”

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Posted: 14 October, 2016

Crownbet's Matty Campbell With The Weekend Odds

Red hot tip for the Caulfield Sprint

Matty Campbell joined the Hot Breakfast for his regular Friday look ahead to the weekend's sport.

Of course the big action is over at Caulfield where the Cup has turned into Australian Jameka versus several international horses. Matty has the prices for all those, plus he's got a red hot tip for the Caulfield Sprint that you'll want to get around.

Before signing off, Matty also talked about the absolutely massive Victory vs City derby this weekend. These games are always big, but this one will be especially so.

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Posted: 13 October, 2016

Triple H To Make Major Melbourne Announcement Tomorrow Morning

First time ever!

(Image: Getty)

WWE Legend, Triple H is coming to Triple M.

In a first for Australia, NXT will be performing live - and for one night only, there be filming of the event for the WWE Network!

Be listening to the Hot Breakfast tomorrow morning with Seb Costello & Madeline West to hear from the 14 time world champion and current WWE Vice-President.

“The Game” will exclusively reveal the Main Event for NXT LIVE in Melbourne, Australia. Margaret Court Arena – Thursday 8th December. 

Check out ticket and event details here.

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Posted: 7 October, 2016

The Weekend's Sporting Odds From Crownbet

The big racing odds from Caulfield, plus the A-League kicks off

Crownbet's Ben Damon joined the Hot Breakfast this morning, bringing us the odds ahead of a big weekend's sport.

At Caulfield this weekend superstar horse WINX appears in a three-horse race, so it's a little surprising that her price is drifting. Maybe worth getting on it.

Alsewhere in Australian sport, the A-League kicks off this weekend and it's promising to be the most open league in history, with no fewer than eight teams in single digits for the title. 

Melbourne City are the favourites for that by a whisker and they start their campaign in Wellington, while our other team Victory start tonight at Brisbane Roar. Check the markets for those with Crownbet.

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Posted: 7 October, 2016

The Age Make ANOTHER Massive Stuff Up Following Sydney’s Best-And-Fairest

Oh dear...


Sydney have apologised for providing the media with incorrect details from their best and fairest count.

The media release stated midfielder Dan Hannebery won the Swans’ best and fairest award, and not the actual winner Josh Kennedy.

The error led to Melbourne’s Age newspaper publishing details of the award being won by Hannebery.

“The Sydney Swans can confirm an error was detected early in the count during Thursday night’s club champion Award,” the club said in a statement. 

“After a thorough recount, it was determined a different player had won the award.”

“Unfortunately the incorrect information was conveyed to several media outlets before the error was realised, in order to meet publication deadlines. The Swans apologise for any confusion caused and congratulate club champion winner Josh Kennedy.”


The Age are not having a good week.

On Monday they printed an advertisement for Victoria University which congratulated the Western Bulldogs on a great season despite LOSING the Grand Final…

Well, today they have gone one better.

In an editorial article in the Sports section, they report that Dan Hannebery won the Skilton Medal last night

The problem?

The medal was actually won by Josh Kennedy. Oh dear…


Here's the OFFICIAL story from the Sydney Swans:

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Posted: 5 October, 2016

Abandoned Truck In The Melbourne CBD

"Someone's living in it judging by the jocks hanging off the rearview mirror"

An abandoned truck on Exhibition St that has been blocking a bike lane could be there till mid-November.

The Herald Sun report that the truck may have been there since August.

“For an abandoned vehicle that is registered, the period of notification is based on the Local Government Legislation Amendment Act, which states 60 days’ notice must be given to the owner before the removal of a vehicle,” the Melbourne City Council said in a statement.


The City of Melbourne is aware of a vehicle in a bike lane on Exhibition St which has been issued with an abandoned vehicle notice. The bike lane is not a tow-away clearway.

The Local Government Act gives the City of Melbourne the power to deem a vehicle to be abandoned. For an abandoned vehicle that is registered, the period of notification is based on the Local Government Legislation Amendment Act, which states 60 days’ notice must be given to the owner before the removal of a vehicle.

We are continuing our attempts to make contact with the owner to have them remove the vehicle.

The City of Melbourne has been unable to contact the vehicle’s owner. 

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