Posted: 26 August, 2016

Crownbet's Matty Campbell With The Weekend's Sporting Odds

The Game Just Changed

Crownbet's Matty Campbell joined the Hot Breakfast with the big odds for the weekend's sport. 

The market is going with the logic of "No Nic Nat, No Eagles" for Friday Night Footy, but where's the line for the game?

And will the week's turmoil and North Melbourne inspire or dectract from the Roos as they face the Giants? If you fancy North it's not often you'll get them at $2.70 at home - could be a big spoil.

There are fans for Collingwood against Hawthorn but are the Hawks really going to lose two in a row? 

And away from footy, the Spring Racing Carnival starts tomorrow at Caulfield with the first Group 1 race of the year. 

Plus, Melbourne Storm are facing up against the Broncos with the aim of winning the minor Premiership. Matty shared the odds on that with Eddie and the Hot Breakfast team. 


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Posted: 26 August, 2016

Fallen Leaf Throws Away Certain Victory

'And There We Go With The Antics'

An absolute nightmare for punters that backed Fallen Leaf at Gulfstream Park in Florida on the weekend.

The two-year-old filly was coasting to a comfortable victory when she completely lost her marbles and threw off jockey Matthew Rispoli.

The commentators curse came in with a smack!

"Inside the final furlong, Fallen Leaf!"

"Fallen leaf is sharp in victory, no antics of any kind except speed and... there we go with the antics."

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Posted: 24 August, 2016

Dane Swan Names The Best Players He's Ever Played Against

Best of the best

(Image: Getty)

Speaking this morning to The Hot Breakfast, retiring Collingwood superstar Dane Swan revealed the best players he played against in his 258 game career.

Luke Darcy first asked who was the hardest player that Swanny had ever played on.

"The hardest tagger was probably (Cameron) Ling - when I was at my best, Geelong were at their best," Swan said.

The 2011 Brownlow medallist also elaborated on the greatest players he'd shared the field with.

"But I've obviously played on guys like (Gary) Ablett and (Chris) Judd - they obviously let you get your get your own ball because they're so good offensively.

"But they're probably the two greatest midfielders of all time, you could argue.

When pushed to name the best player he's ever seen, the answer was fairly clear cut.

"Ablett is the best I've seen.

"But I'll tell you what, Judd wasn't far behind him at West Coast. The three of four years he had there were as good as anyone.

"If I had to split them I would go Ablett in front of Judd."

Here is the full chat:

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Posted: 24 August, 2016

Dane Swan Tells Hilarious Story Of When He Found Out His Pub Had Burned Down

"Geez, what have I done..."

Dane Swan popped into The Hot Breakfast studio this morning after calling time on his magnificent AFL career yesterday.

Swanny is involved in The Albion Hotel - a pub he still currently co-owns with Luke Darcy's brother.

The pub infamously burned down in October of last year.

As Darce asked the question of how it was he found out about the news, Swanny revealed the first call he made was to Eddie McGuire.

"I probably had 100 missed calls and 100 messages and I thought ‘gee, what have I done’," Swan said.

"The only message that stood out to me, ‘cause it was five times longer than anyone else’s was Ed’s.

"I thought ‘I can’t go back to sleep, I’ll have to open this’ and it said “Call me ASAP.”

The pub had caught fire just days after the AFL Grand Final - a weekend that Swanny admits he'd spent a few frivolous nights out.

"I was like ‘oh no, what have I done on the weekend’. I started racking my brain thinking what have I done - I’m in trouble here.

"So I rang him, he goes ‘mate have you heard the news?’ I said no. He said ‘your pub’s burned down’.

"I said ‘gee, is that it?’ Turned my phone off and went to bed.

"I’ve never been more relieved in my life to have a pub burned down."

Listen to the full chat here:

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Posted: 22 August, 2016

The Story Behind This Ripping Country Footy Photo

Congratulations Plugga!


One of the great country footy photos of all time began doing the rounds on social media over the weekend....

We’ve tracked it back to the Ardmona Footy Club where club legend “Plugga” played his 200th game.

The big fella told Triple M’s Hot Breakfast he comes in around the 150kg mark - which made life pretty tough for his teammates!

Unfortunately the Cats weren’t able to get over the line for Plugga's milestone, getting done by “around 10-goals”.

LISTEN: Tim joins Eddie and Darce on the Hot Breakfast

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Posted: 19 August, 2016

Crownbet's Matty Campbell With The Weekly Odds

The Game Just Changed

Matty Campbell with the weekly odds on Hot Breakfast.

Another huge weekend of sport ahead and Matty Campbell kicked off with Friday night footy as Crownbet started with both the Eagles and the Hawks at 1.92, but the market has moved significantly in favour of one of the teams since then.

Matty also shared the odds for the Roos vs the Swans, Tiges vs the Saints and how Collingwood are proving popular with punters.

In the Olympics, there are two big markets around the Boomers and Usain Bolt

Get around those with Crownbet. The game just changed. 

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Posted: 16 August, 2016

Anna Meares Dealt Out Some Incredibly Inspiring Words For The Aussie Swim Team

"We pick ourselves up and we have another go"

Anna Meares has spoken about the press that comes with performing on the biggest stage in the world.

Luke Darcy asked Anna about the underwhelming perfromances of some Aussie swimmers.

“I have been in that position before. I went into London as the world keirin champion and I ended up 5th,” Anna told Eddie, Mick and Luke on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

“It can be really overwhelming and suffocating in those environments when you go in with an expectation.”

“I hope people understand that those athletes are probably their own worse critiques, as I have been in my entire career.”

“It’s really tough sometimes to lead an elite athletes lifestyle and not succeed at the level that you aim to succeed at. That’s what happens with sports and that’s what happens particularly at the Olympic Games, it can throw so many spanners in the works."

"Not just with people who are expected to win because they are world champions and world record holders, but also people who come from the clouds because they can thrive in that environment.”

“I guess it’s one of the best examples of what it can reflect on in life, is those ups and downs and those highs and lows and those exceptions that sometimes just don’t get met. Unfortunatly that happens and you have to get up the next day because the sun will set and the sun will rise and you’ve got to pick yourself up and keep on going.”

“The hard part is walking straight back into that same environment that you have just failed in, in front of all those people who have got an opinion about you failing in that environment and having another go.”

“I think Australians do that best. We pick ourselves up and we have another go.”

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Posted: 16 August, 2016

Luke Darcy Chased By Police Ahead Of Usain Bolt Race

‘I’m going to get locked up out the front of the event stadium’

Luke Darcy was stopped from getting into the Olympic Stadium in the moments ahead of Usain Bolt’s 100m final.

On Triple M’s Hot Breakfast Darce spoke of how many accredited media were locked out of the stadium only 20-minutes before Bolt was due to run.

"I walk around the side gate with a couple of accredited Argentinian media, they are going nuts. People at the gate just going 'You’ve got to let us in'," Darce said on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

"So we sneak around to a side entrance where they are letting the Olympic family through, and the Argentinian boys have got a bit of Portuguese so they are negotiating with the guys and I think 'Well I’ll sneak up with these guys'," Darce said.

"The Argentinian boys may have done that (pull out some money), the guy on the gate yells at the police and uses the word bribe. Police start running at me and the guys so I literally have to take off."

"I’m being chased by police, I’m thinking 'I'm going to get locked up out the front of the event stadium'."

“Fortunately they (the Police) take off after the little Argentinian blokes, they let me go. I get around the corner and I’m absolutely guttered."

Darcy’s fortunes took a turn for the better shortly after the incident as he was able to then find an entrance which gave him stadium access.

"I literally walk through and I pop up on the finish line, in the media area. You could not have been in a better seat."

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Posted: 15 August, 2016

Nick Riewoldt’s New Sporting Venture

"It’s really a one-stop shop for anyone that is travelling and wants to attend sporting events"

AFL superstar Nick Riewoldt has thrown his support behind a new app for international and local sports fans. 

Sports Where I Am allows fans to find games, buy tickets & merchandise and get all the best game day tips generated by fans (best bars, where to park, best seats, food options) and more – all in the one spot.

The Saints captain joined Eddie, Mick and Darce on the Hot Breakfast to explain how it works...

“This gives you the ability to click onto a city, 52 cities we’ve got so far, predominantly in the US and identify what sporting events are on, whether it’s basketball, football, college sports, horse racing,” Nick told Triple’s Hot Breakfast.

“You can purchase tickets through the app, and it also gives you a lot of information including maps to the stadium, what to do if you’re approached by scalpers, the best bars and restaurants around the stadium.”

“It’s really a one-stop shop for anyone that is travelling and wants to attend sporting events.”

Sports Where I Am currently provides coverage to 52 US/Canadian Cities, 203 stadiums, 15,000+ events and houses over 3900 Fan Tips. This coverage is expanding by the day.

The addition of coverage in seven Australian cities will make it must have for local sports fans as well.

Click here to download or find out more about Sports Where I Am

Listen to Nick explain more about the app on the Hot Breakfast:



Roo's Fan Tales, Episode 1: Nick Riewoldt with Brendon Goddard & Leigh Montagna

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Posted: 12 August, 2016

Crownbet's Matty Campbell On The Hot Breakfast - 12th August

The Olympics, EPL returns, and the Pies vs the Dogs

Matty Campbell joined the Hot Breakfast for the odds on the huge sporting weekend ahead.

Starting off with Friday night footy, there's the odds on the Bulldogs vs the Pies with a fair bit riding on the game for both teams. The money has been on Collingwood and there's a Friday Night Special if you fancy a punt.

Looking beyond footy, Matty has the odds on all the big teams as the EPL returns. Man City are favourites but what price Leicester City repeating their shock title from last season?

And of course he couldn't leave without discussing the Olympics. All the odds from the pool and then the showdown between Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin in the highly anticipated 100m on the track.

For Crownbet, the game just changed.

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Posted: 12 August, 2016

Ford Drivers Charged More Than Holden Drivers On CityLink & Eastlink

EastLink communications adviser Kate De Clercq joined the Hot Breakfast.

It will cost thousands of Ford ute drivers more to travel on toll roads in Victoria than their Holden counterparts/

VicRoads classifies Holden utes as a “car” but a Ford Falcon ute as a “light commercial vehicle” due to differences in construction design.

The Herald Sun report that a trip along EastLink from Springvale Rd to the Frankston Freeway would cost Ford Falcon ute drivers $9.67 while their Holden ute drivers would be charged only $6.04.

"A complete trip during peak time along CityLink in a Holden ute would cost $8.69 or $11.57 in a Ford," the paper reports. 

EastLink communications adviser Kate De Clercq told te Hot Breakfast it’s the way the vehicles are classified.

“Ford Falcon utes are built with a cab chassis which make it a light commercial vehicle,” De Clercg said on Triple M.

“The definitions are set in the way that the vehicles are made.”

Eddie McGuire questioned why the powers at be can’t shift the classification.

“They are both utes. Let’s not kid ourselves. Why can’t you do the right thing and say ‘Yep, there is a little bit of a change there in the way it has been designed in the United States or wherever they design it. We know they are both the same thing, We’ll let you both through’?.”

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Posted: 12 August, 2016

Seb Costello's Overnight Rio Recap - Friday 12th August

The overnight Olympic wrap

Seb Costello brings you the overnight wrap from the Rio Games with Renault Master Bus.

What a round from Marcus Fraser to put the Aussie in the lead after round one of the golf. Seb has all the details on that and the action from the kayaking, swimming pool, rowing, and Australia's steady climb up the medal table.

Catch up with Seb every weekday on the Hot Breakfast and at 

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