Posted: 22 June, 2016

Dick Smith Meets With Julian Assange

"I just think you need all types in this world"

Four years ago WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange sought refuge in Ecuador's UK embassy.

Mr Assange entered the embassy on June 19, 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden.

Dick Smith has called on the Australian government to bring the controversial Wikileaks founder back home.

“I found him rational. I do think we need whistleblowers from time to time but I don’t think he should be put up on a trumped up charge about something completely different so he can be shipped off to the USA,” Smith said on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

“His spirits are quite good because I think he believes in what he is doing and there is a lot of people around like this, that believe that governments keep secrets against us and that’s not good and sometimes that’s so.”

"I just think you need all types in this world… When we have an Australian who is unfairly locked up we should say, ‘Hey, why can’t the Swedish send over their prosecutor to interview him in the embassy? '," Smith said.

"They haven’t charged him. Imagine this, He’s never been charged but they’ve managed to get a law to extradite him to Sweden without a charge. That is ridiculous."



Dick Smith on Sweden's role in Julian Assange case from Smith&Nasht on Vimeo.

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Posted: 21 June, 2016

Eddie McGuire’s Apology




The Collingwood Football Club believes in the right of all Australians – men, women and children – to live free of violence.

To entrench this right, to make it real, change must occur and Collingwood believes that a continuous constructive conversation will be vital to changing the attitudes of people who resort to violence, who are victims of violence or consider violence to be something less than a serious issue in society.

Collingwood actively works with women and children affected by the trauma of domestic violence through a number of its community initiatives.

Collingwood’s Magpie Nest Program, in partnership with the Salvation Army Project 614 Team, provides wrap-around case management and accommodation for disadvantaged individuals, including women and children escaping domestic violence. This includes houses established exclusively for women.

The club will hold its Celebrating Women event on Saturday 23 July to raise funds for both the Magpie Nest Program and the Luke Batty Foundation, supporting disadvantaged women and children in crisis. 2015 Australian of the Year and anti-violence campaigner Rosie Batty will be the guest speaker at the event.

Collingwood is also a member of the Male Champions of Change coalition working to achieve change on gender equality issues in organisations and communities, and has recently opened its new Glasshouse facilities designed to provide a safe, state-of-the art sports and community centre for women in the heart of Melbourne’s Olympic Park precinct.

With this, the very clear view of the board of Collingwood is that there is no place in our community for the support of violent behaviour or language, even in humour.

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Posted: 20 June, 2016

Eddie McGuire: 'Anything That Can Be Perceived To Promulgate Domestic Violence Is Unacceptable'

Eddie McGuire has spoken about the controversial remarks that were made during Triple M’s broadcast of the ‘Big Freeze At The G’.

"I do apologise for language that could be taken in any way, shape or form to promulgate any sort of act of violence to anybody far less a woman," Eddie said on Triple M's Hot Breakfast.

"Anything that is seen to support - even in a light hearted manner - any form of domestic violence is unacceptable," McGuire said on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

"That’s the big issue here. You can argue as much as you like about the tone and put in context and all the rest of it," Eddie said.

"We have to be ever vigilant in stamping out anything that can be misconstrued one iota as supporting the abhorrent act of domestic voice."

Danny Frawley also joined the Hot Breakfast this morning to apologise for the comments he made during the Big Freeze conversation.

"They were unacceptable and any comments that translate into, or are seen as being, violence against women are totally inappropriate," Frawley said on Triple M.

"The facts are my comments were inappropriate, they were poor."


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Posted: 17 June, 2016

Crownbet's Matty Campbell On The Hot Breakfast

The game just changed

Crownbet's Matty Campbell joined The Hot Breakfast with the latest odds for this week's footy, basketball and rugby.

For Crownbet, the game just changed.

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Posted: 17 June, 2016

Jared Tallent Finally Claiming His Olympic Gold Medal

"I think it will be the greatest moment of my life"

The day that Australian walker Jared Tallent thought would never arrive is here.

The 50km walker will finally have his 2012 Olympic silver medal replaced by gold at a ceremony at the Treasury building in Melbourne at midday, after Russian Sergey Kirdyapkin was revealed as a drug cheat earlier this year and stripped of his title.

“I think it will be the greatest moment of my life. Everything that I worked for as an athlete," Jared told Triple M's Hot Breakfast.

“The Olympic games is the pinnacle and to win a gold medal. There is only 7 male track and field athletes in Australian that have won gold medal.”

“It’s very special. I’ve moved Australia to now 8th on the medal tally in London which is really cool. And it’s a gold medal. You can’t beat that.”

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Posted: 17 June, 2016

Stephen Colbert Rips Donald Trump A New One

'Donald Trump refuses to be politically correct — and just to be safe, he refused to be correct'

US Talk Show host Stephen Colbert has taken on Donald Trump on the Late Show.

Colbert says the outpouring of love in the wake of the Orlando nightclub mass murder provides "some hope that in the end, fear and hatred won't win.”

"But, Donald Trump might."

He took a hard look at Trump's Orlando speech on Monday, noting Trump's argument that his lack of political correctness makes him better able to fight terrorism.

"Yes, Donald Trump refuses to be politically correct — and just to be safe, he refused to be correct," Colbert said.

The video has been viewed over 2-million times on YouTube.

Watch it in full here:


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Posted: 16 June, 2016

Daisy Pearce & Meg Hutchins On The Hot Breakfast

Women's football is here to stay.

The Australian Football League makes history with the announcement of an eight-team women's league.

Superstars Daisy Pearce & Meg Hutchins joined the Hot Breakfast this morning to discuss the historic announcement.

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Posted: 16 June, 2016

Horror Smash On The Western Ring Road This Morning

Emergency services and the air ambulance are on the scene.

The Western Ring Road’s Altona bound lanes have been closed from Boundary Road following a horror smash this morning.

Images of the scene show a number of cars and a truck were involved in the accident.

Emergency services and the air ambulances are on the scene.


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Posted: 14 June, 2016

Clive Palmer’s Bizarre Theory About Tony Abbott

'That’s what is going to happen'

Controversial MP Clive Palmer joined Triple M’s Hot Breakfast to share a bizarre theory about Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Palmer told Eddie McGuire and Luke Darcy that he believes Abbott will take over leadership of the Liberal party following this year's election.

"Malcolm Turnbull couldn’t do anything he wants to do. I’ve known him for many years and we all know, the public knows, he's got different views than what he can do," Palmer said on Triple M.

"What they (Unnamed Liberal Party power brokers) said to Malcolm 'Look, you’re 62. You’ll be Australia’s oldest Prime Ministers if we make you Prime Minister. You want to be Prime Minister after Tony and not change any of his policies? That's the cost you've got to do. Sell your soul to the devil. Then after the election you can be Prime Minister for about 6-months. Then you can resign and then of course Tony can come back again and you can retire with the investments you've got in the Caymans and your New York unit," Palmer said.

"That's what is going to happen and of course Malcolm has gone along with it."

Following the speil, Eddie McGuire asked Palmer is he seriously thought that Tony Abbott will return to the top job.

"Tony Abbott is standing at this election. Would you be Prime Minister of Australia and stand again if you didn’t know something was on or something was up? Have you ever seen Tony Abbott security when he walks through Sydney Airport? It’s like he is still Prime Minister," Palmer said.

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Posted: 14 June, 2016

Eddie McGuire On The Magpies: ‘It’s Just Been A Horrible Season’

Magpies smashed by Melbourne Max Gawn.

Eddie McGuire has defended the Magpies team selection while applauding the performance of Melbourne ruckman Max Gawn.

Luke Darcy questioned Collingwood’s selection decisions with the Pies going in with a top-heavy forward structure of Mason Cox, Brodie Grundy, Jesse White and Jarrod Witts.

“Cloke is a more mobile player than any of those guys… Much more mobile than a Cox or a Witts or a Grundy,” Darcy said on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

Eddie argued that string of serious injuries contributed to those players being picked while recognising the best on ground performance of Gawn.

“At quarter time Witts and Cox were dominate and probably Grundy was on top. And Max Gawn just took them apart after that,” Eddie said.

“Don’t take anything away from Max Gawn’s game. He was absolutely sensational. Maybe the fact that he was one out, he just grounded them into the dirt.”

Eddie said that the Pies poor performance can be attributed to poor kicking rather than team selection.

“I tell you what we didn’t do properly yesterday. That standard of our kicking was appalling,” Eddie said on Triple M.

“You’ve got two 7-foot blokes at full forward and we couldn’t kick the ball 35m. When we had penetration in our kicks coming out of the centre in the 1st quarter we were on top.”

“Should have been 3 or four goals up, we were 2 goals up. Missed a couple of shots we should have got. That’s where it falls down. I don’t think it’s as simplistic as saying ‘Right. We should have had Cloke in for one of the other blokes’,” Eddie said.

Eddie went on to lament what has been a horror season from the Pies.

“It’s just been a horrible season. It’s as simple as this. Right from the very start, the stories that were written about the club that weren’t right,” Eddie said on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

“And I don’t think those stupid photos a the start of the year got us off to a great start either so some self inflicted wounds in the first instance,” he said.

“And then trying to get going. And then when we did we’ve just been slaughtered by injuries. I mean we beat Geelong, beat the Bulldogs up to 3 quarter time. (Then we) lost four players to bone breaks.”

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Posted: 10 June, 2016

Crownbet's Matty Campbell On The Hot Breakfast

The game just changed

Crownbet's Matty Campbell joined The Hot Breakfast to bring all the latest odds and tips for the weekend's footy.

It's set to be a season-defining round with a lot of games hanging in the balance.

For Crownbet - the game just changed.

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Posted: 10 June, 2016

Rosie Gets A Birthday Cock & Balls Cake!


Happy Birthday, Rosie!

What better way to celebrate than to give our favourite operator a 'cock & balls cake' live on-air!

Check out when we surprised Rosie with the cake in the studio:


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