Posted: 15 February, 2016

Rowdy Soccer Fans Smuggling Flares ‘Up Their Date’

'In a buttcheek. That is my understanding of what has been happening.'

Melbourne Victory face a tough crackdown after fans lit flares at AAMI Park on Saturday night.

It’s been revealed on the Hot Breakfast that fans are going to extreme lengths to get the flares into the stadium.

“My understanding is that they’re bringing the flares in a cavity. Not their mouth,” Eddie McGuire said on the Hot Breakfast.

“They're sticking them up their jacksie, is what we’re told, (that’s) how they’re getting them in the game,” he said.

“This is the issue, we’re dealing with complete idiots who aren’t going to watch the soccer, who are going to be anti-social, who don’t care about Melbourne Victory or soccer of the Football Federation of Victoria.”


Luke: We just had a caller on their way to work saying that on the way in to the grounds you’re not allowed to be patted down around the groin area, so maybe the theory about people putting them up their date -

Eddie: Darce, I hate to say it mate. It’s not a theory. I know it to be the case.

Luke: Maybe down the front of your pants but maybe not in a cavity…

Eddie: And in a buttcheek. That is my understanding of what has been happening.

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Posted: 11 February, 2016

Bloke On ‘First Dates’ Sounds Exactly Like Neil Mitchell

'Sexual attraction is very important'

‘First Dates’ is the hit new Channel 7 show where singles from around Australia get a chance to meet their dream partner.

Today the Hot Breakfast were reviewing last night’s episode when Mick Molloy chanced upon the sound-a-like of the century.

Have a listen to how it all unfolded…


The reaction to Neil on the Hot Breakfast page was out-of-control…

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Posted: 10 February, 2016

UFC Dana White Boss Dana White On The Hot Breakfast

Dana white joins Eddie, Mick and Darce in San Francisco.

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Posted: 9 February, 2016

Sporting Superstars Join Forces For Melbourne Boy Will Murray

'Keep your head up and stay strong'


In January 13-year-old Melbourne boy Will Murray suffered a serious neck injury while jumping from the Half Moon Bay Pier.

Will was taken to the Royal Children’s Hospital where he has remained in intensive care.

“Doing what every kid does over the summer, jumps into the water and unfortunately for Will he dived in and broke his neck just a week short of his 14th birthday,” Eddie McGuire said on the Hot Breakfast.

“He is a quadriplegic now, he is in hospital and he is fighting the great fight.”

Will has a really tough road ahead of him, so his family and friends have set up a Facebook page to keep people updated on his progress.

The outpouring of support for Will on the page has been outstanding with some of the biggest names in world joining in on the chorus of well wishes.

Steph Curry, Andrew Bogut, Peyton Manning and Super Bowl MVP Von Miller all recorded messages of support for Will during Super Bowl weekend in San Francisco.


A POST TO WILL'S FACEBOOK PAGE READ: “The early days dealing with spinal cord injury don't provide too many reasons to smile, for Will it can be painful, frustrating and at times scary but through the support of family and friends he has been given some wonderful moments which simply bring a huge grin to his face, make him feel special and I'm sure forget about things for a while."

“Like many young boys Will loves sports, especially US sports and today it was Super Bowl day for Will. His team is the Denver Broncos so we sat back and watched the game from start to finish and he was rapt to see the Broncos win over the Panthers. He doesn't know it yet but I'm sure he'll get massive surprise and huge thrill when he sees this video…”




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Posted: 9 February, 2016

Eddie McGuire Urges AFL To Move Grand Final To A Twilight Timeslot

'We’ve got to get the Grand Final back to being the number one rating show in the country'

Eddie McGuire says the AFL should move the Grand Final to a twilight timeslot after seeing the success of this year’s Super Bowl.

Eddie said a later start would provide an atmospheric night backdrop at no cost and could be the solution to the AFL’s Grand Final entertainment issues.

“We’re never going to have Beyonce, Coldplay, Bruno Mars or Lady Gaga as the four performers, but what we need to do is use every showbiz trick in the book which is smoke, mirror and lights if we’re going to have entertainment,” Eddie said on the Hot Breakfast.

“We’ve got to get the Grand Final back to being the number one rating show in the country.”

Luke Darcy agreed with Eddie ’There is no choice. You just have to do it’

McGuire also said a later start would also help the AFL’s bid to grow the game in interstate markets.

“The great thing is the MCG is still the best stadium in the world by that far it’s not funny,” Eddie said on Triple M.

“And we’ve got the best game just for the excitement off it, and if we just trick it up a little bit around the edges, magnificent.”





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Posted: 9 February, 2016

How Eddie Got His Hands On The Vince Lombardi Trophy

LISTEN: Eddie McGuire in the Denver Broncos rooms.


Eddie McGuire ventured into the rooms following the Denver Broncos win over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.

The Vince Lombardi Trophy was being passed around the players when Eddie stepped in to assist with a selfie.

Listen how it all unfolded here…

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Posted: 2 February, 2016

The Hot Breakfast: Live From San Francisco


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Posted: 2 February, 2016

Police Searching For Richmond Underpants Thief

Snowdropper in Richmond.

Police are searching for a serial underpants theif who has been operating in the Richmond area.

The theft of the underwear, from an apartment block on Lennox Street, was first reported to police on 26 December with the last incident taking place on Saturday, 30 January.

On one occasion ten pairs of underwear were stolen, with the thief returning to the same location just a week later and taking eight more.

Investigators say the thief has mainly targeted ladies underwear and bikini bottoms which had been left to dry on clotheshorses.

Police have released a still image taken from CCTV footage of a man they believe may be able to assist them with their enquiries.

The man is described as Caucasian, aged 20-30yrs with short light brown hair.

Police are urging anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or they can file a confidential report at www.

Images: Victoria Police

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Posted: 1 February, 2016

Truck Rollover In Melbourne’s CBD

Traffic chaos in the CBD.

Image: Channel 9 News

A truck has rolled over in Melbourne's CBD at the Flinders St/Spencer St intersection.

“All lanes closed southbound at Flinders St,” Vicroads say.

“Lanes also affected westbound and eastbound. Emergency services on site. VicRoads advises motorists to avoid the area.”

A headache for emergency services and commuters this morning. Stay clear of Flinders and Spencer streets.

Posted by Victoria Police on Sunday, January 31, 2016



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Posted: 27 January, 2016

Eddie McGuire’s Revolutionary Concept For A New AFL Fixture

Eddie's idea to fix the AFL's compromised fixture.

Eddie McGuire has shared his big idea to revolutionise the AFL fixture.

“We need to get the purity of the game back as much as anything,” McGuire said on Triple M's Hot Breakfast, 

“We need to get the ‘fix’ out of the ‘fixture.’”

The first of the changes would involve the AFL’s pre-season competition.

“So here is where I put a bomb in the water… As soon as this tennis finishes, we should be ready to go. Whoever wins the NAB Cup, gets a wildcard finals place,” he said.


Eddie then expanded on the other key components of the new fixture…

- 17 Rounds where every team plays each other once.

- After 17 rounds competition breaks into Top 12 and Bottom 6.

- Top 12 then play the last 6 rounds to determine finals positions.

- Bottom six play off during the last six rounds for a wild card entry into the finals.

- 10 finalists and 2 wild cards break into seperate 6-team ’conferences’ culminating in the Grand Final.


What it means...

- More teams will make the finals.

- Every game means something, including the NAB Cup.

- No tanking.

- Higher attendances.

- Higher TV rights due to increased audience.

- Significant changes in renvenue sharing.



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Posted: 26 January, 2016

Eddie Calls For An End To Australia Day In January

Eddie believes it should be moved to another date on the calendar.

Eddie McGuire has sensationally called for an end to Australia Day celebrations in January on Triple M's Hot Breakfast.

The Collingwood Presdient spoke candidly about the logic to rename the January 26th  Multicultural Day and move Australia Day to June.

"I reckon Australia Day in June," Eddie said, adding, "get rid of the Queen's birthday."

Listen below to his Australia Day Idea

Also See

Aussie Masterpiece Recreated For Australia Day

Goanna's seminal Aussie classic "Solid As A Rock", covered in style.

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Posted: 22 January, 2016

Melbourne Stars Conspiracy Theory Arises Ahead Of BBL Final

'It has to be addressed'

First things first…


Theory: Guess or conjecture.

The Hot Breakfast raised a THEORY ahead of the Melbourne Stars final against the Perth Scorchers.




· Mark Waugh is a national selector and Governor of Sydney Thunder.

· Melbourne Stars are unable to field their  players who have been selected in the ODI squad at the business end of the BBL Season.

· Khawaja was in the Aussie ODI squad but was dropped and allowed to play for the Thunder last night – he scored a century.



· Has Mark Waugh manipulated the national selection so the Sydney Thunder have best players for the finals, while making sure the Stars don’t?


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