Posted: 30 September, 2015

Grand Final Eve-Eve

See all of the photos and video from The Hot Breakfast's Grand Final Eve-Eve show!

Grand Final Eve Eve Photos

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Triple M's Hot Breakfast loves their footy and what better way to celebrate than throwing a big Grand Final Eve-Eve event.

Eddie McGuire, Luke Darcy and Mick Molloy did The Hot Breakfast live from Melbourne Public at South Wharf with performances from British India, Tim Rogers and The Bamboos and Birds Of Tokyo

Will Dennis Darcy be proven correct again with his 2015 Grand Final winner prediction? Video Below!

Plus: Wayne Carey, Ross Lyon (aka David Scalzo), Jake King, Jobe Watson and Joey Montagna.

Dennis Darcy Predicted The 2015 Grand Final Winner:

Dennis Darcy Predicts The 2015 Grand Final Winner Uploaded at 1 October, 2015 - 10:35AM

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Rock, Shock

Will Dennis get it right again? See who Dennis Darcy has picked as the 2015 AFL Grand Final Winner.

Birds Of Tokyo, Live From Eddie's Desk:

Birds Of Tokyo - Anchor Uploaded at 2 June, 2015 - 12:26PM

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The Birds Of Tokyo perform their song Anchor, live from Eddie's desk On Triple M Melbourne's Hot Breakfast.

British India, Live From Eddie's Desk:

British India - Wrong Direction Uploaded at 16 March, 2015 - 1:47PM

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The boys from British India perform Wrong Direction Live From Eddie's Desk on Triple M's The Hot Breakfast.

Tim Rogers And The Bamboos, Live From Eddie's Desk:

Tim Rogers And The Bamboos With Mick Molloy On Cowbell! Uploaded at 17 June, 2015 - 11:40AM

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Rock, Shock

Tim Rogers and The Bamboos perform their brand new single 'Easy' with Mick Molloy On Cowbell!

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Posted: 29 September, 2015

Day Working Back To #1

Jason Day told the Triple M's Hot Breakfast he is prepared to put in the hard yards over the summer

(Photo: Getty Images)

Jason Day is looking forward to the challenge of returning to the top of golf's world rankings when the PGA Tour resumes next season.

The Aussie lost the top spot after struggling in the Tour Championship this weekend.

Day told the Triple M's Hot Breakfast he is prepared to put in the hard yards over the summer.

"There's a lot of work that I need to understand, that is a process to getting there," Day told Triple M.

"I'm willing to do it, and I'm looking forward to the process of trying to get back there."

Listen To The Full Interview:

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Posted: 14 September, 2015

Floyd's All About The Bling

It wasn't the answer Seb Costello was chasing, listen to Floyd Mayweather's response

(Photo: AAP)

Triple M's Seb Costello was in Las Vegas for Floyd Mayweather's fight against Andre Berto.

Mayweather won the fight, at the end dropping to his knees and announcing he was retiring.

Seb Costello asked Mayweather at the post-fight press conference if there was something else he would have liked to have done or if this was the way he always imagined his career ending.

"My ultimate goal was to become a pay-per-view star," Mayweather told Triple M.

"When I was young, I came out to Vegas, they were flying me first class, when I was 17.

"Then I've seen a Bentley; I said I've got to have that.

"That's the time the all diamond gold Rolex came out, I've seen it, and I said I've got to have that.

"Within a year and a half I had it, I never let anything throw me off.

"I walk into any store; I pick up anything that I want.

"Another limited edition watch, they say 'here Floyd'.

"I wanted the Bugatti; they said 'here Floyd'.

"Houses in Miami, houses in LA and I did everything the way I wanted to do it."

Listen To Seb's Full Report Here:



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Posted: 14 September, 2015

MIKILEAK: Storm Parade?

Would you like to have a Melbourne Grand Final parade for the Storm if they get through?

Melbourne Storm in 2007. (Photo: Getty Images)

Mick Molloy may be away but he still managed to get this Mikileak in for Eddie McGuire to read out!

Would you like to have a Melbourne Grand Final parade for the Storm if they get through?

Thursday being the last working day (Friday October 2 is a public holiday in Victoria) before the AFL Grand Final there'll be a lot of people in the city prepared to cheer on the Melbourne Storm.

"The Mikileak is this, that the Melbourne Storm may be giving our good friend Robert Doyle, the Lord Mayor a phone call this morning saying 'Hey Rob, how about we have a grand final parade for the Melbourne Storm up to Parliment House' where Daniel Andrews can give it to his counterpart in NSW again," Eddie McGuire said on Triple M's Hot Breakfast.

"Gave it to him over the weekend when we retained the Grand Prix, lets give it to them about taking their beloved NRL premiership back to where it belongs, and you can't steal it off us because of salary cap this time."

Listen To The MIKILEAK:

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Posted: 8 September, 2015

Children Rescued From Abuse

We speak to Assistant Commissioner Steve Fontana in an interview every parent needs to hear

(Photo: AAP)

A joint state and federal police operation into child sex abuse has resulted in five children being 'rescued' and 21 people facing charges.

Also as part of 'Operation Heuer' 38 homes have been raided in the past eight weeks.

Assistant Commissioner Steve Fontana has told the Hot Breakfast online exploitation is a huge problem.

"Online child exploitation is probably one of the fastest growing crimes in the world today," Fontana told Triple M.

"When you are dealing with millions of images and going across the internet, focus is on trying to identify perpetrators and rescue young children who have been exploited."

Helpful Links For Parents:

An Interview Every Parent Needs To Hear:

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Posted: 2 September, 2015

Clarke Confirms Cricket Break

Michael Clarke confirms that he will not play for the Melbourne Stars this season

(File Photo: AAP)

Michael Clarke says he just needs some time away from cricket to allow his body and mind to recover after devoting his life to the game. 

The former Aussie skipper has stepped away from all playing commitments for the upcoming season but told Triple M's Hot Breakfast he's still open to returning beyond that.



The Melbourne Stars today confirmed that former Australian Captain, Michael Clarke, has decided to withdraw from the Melbourne Stars list this summer.

After retiring from all international cricket this year, Michael has decided to have a complete and well-earned rest from all forms of the game for the foreseeable future.

Following consultation with family and friends since the end of the Ashes campaign, Clarke said he had made the difficult decision to withdraw from all cricket commitments this summer.

Commenting on his decision, Clarke said “I think with all the emotion over the last 10 months or so, I felt now was the right time to have some meaningful time away from the game and focus on the next exciting phase of my life, which will include the birth of our first child.”

“I have made this decision now, as I didn’t want to let the Stars down if I wasn’t 100% committed to playing.

“I will reassess everything cricket related sometime in the new year.

“The Stars have been particularly supportive of me and I’m sure I will be involved with this fantastic Club in some capacity in the future,” said Clarke.

President Eddie McGuire reiterated the Club’s support of Michael and his decision.

“Michael’s decision to take a break from the game well ahead of the BBL season, gives the Club the best opportunity to appoint his replacement,” said McGuire.

“Michael has been a wonderful servant of the game, not only here in Australia but worldwide, for many years and whilst he won’t be playing with the Stars this year as everyone had hoped, I am sure that Michael will remain involved with the Club in some capacity in the future.”

With Clarke stepping down this summer, the Stars will have the opportunity to replace him prior to when BBL 05 gets underway.

CEO Clint Cooper said, “Whilst we are saddened for fans to not be able to see Michael Clarke play with the Stars this summer, we are absolutely confident that the squad we have assembled has the capability and flexibility to perform well this summer.”

The List Management Group, led by Trent Woodhill, is currently considering options to replace Clarke, including opportunities in the upcoming trade period.

The Melbourne Stars Board will look to announce a new Captain for BBL|05 within the next week.

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Posted: 26 August, 2015

Eddie Kicked The Distance & Paul Marked It

From 50m at the Punt Rd End, with no breeze to speak of, Eddie lines up...


Watch the video above to see the replay of Eddie McGuire kicking a ball from the 50-metre line to Paul Currie for Triple M's 'Take A Mark To Win A Million'.

Paul Currie had picked a footy from 100 Triple M Footy footballs, if that football was the million dollar footy and he marked it, he would walk away with one million dollars.

He did mark the ball, but sadly it wasn't the million dollar one, but for his fantastic efforts we gave him $10,000.

Even better, Eddie kicked it beautifully. Everybody doubted him. Everybody knocked him. Everybody said he couldn't do it but Eddie said he could, and he bloody did.

With thanks to New Vision Clinics.

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Posted: 21 August, 2015

Jason Day #Winning

US PGA Championship winner Jason Day on Triple M's Hot Breakfast

(Photo: Getty Images)

One of the biggest sporting performances of all time in Australian sport, particularly in the world of golf happened this week.

Jason Day was magnificent in winning the US PGA Championship, but he told Triple M's Hot Breakfast this morning that it still hasn't sunk in.

Despite leading after the third round of all the majors this season Day was yet to lift a major trophy in his career.

Day told Triple M's Hot Breakfast it would have been tough ever to break his duck if he did not win at Whistling Straits.

"It was imperative for me to get this over the line, this final major championship," Day told Triple M.

"If I didn't, some doubts and thoughts would start to creep into my head."

One of Day's challenges along the way has been contending with vertigo, the condition causing him to fall flat on his face at the US Open.

Day said he had always been struggling with his vertigo; the condition aggravated when he becomes run-down or stressed.

"I've got a virus in my inner ear, and it's attacking one of the nerves," Day told Triple M.

"Anytime that I feel run-down or stressed it starts to get inflamed and once that gets inflamed it starts sending wonky signals to my brain, make me dizzy.

"Long story short I fall on my face all the time."

Listen To The Full Interview:


Highlights | Jason Day wins in record fashion at PGA Championship:



'More to come...

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Posted: 18 August, 2015

Molloy: Pies Toothbrush

Mick Molloy's eyes lit up when he saw the latest round of Collingwood merchandising

Mick Molloy's eyes lit up when he saw the latest round of Collingwood merchandising roll into the Triple M Hot Breakfast studios.

The Collingwood Edition 'Eau De Toilette' and 'Toothbrush' gave Mick plenty of ammunition to fire at Eddie.

Did Ed take it well? Um, no.

Listen To Mick & Eddie Fire Up:

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Posted: 14 August, 2015

Dennis Meets Dennis!

Luke Darcy has introduced his new puppy, Dennis Darcy, to the world

Triple M Hot Breakfast host Luke Darcy and his family have a new puppy!

The Blue Staffy is eight weeks old and named after Triple M Footy's very own Dennis Cometti!

Listen To Darce Talk About The Delivery Of Dennis:

Dennis already has his own instagram account with a profile that reads, 'Hi I'm Dennis, I live with Luke Darcy and his family. I like to chew gloves and manbags.'

Get around young Dennis on Instagram:

Me and big Dennis bonding.

A photo posted by Dennis Darcy the blue staffy (@dennis_darcy) on

Showbiz eh, meeting my fans after the show. Tough work but someone's got to do it.

A photo posted by Dennis Darcy the blue staffy (@dennis_darcy) on

Meeting uncle Ed, he really does wear a suit every day!?

A video posted by Dennis Darcy the blue staffy (@dennis_darcy) on

It's very early for puppies

A photo posted by Dennis Darcy the blue staffy (@dennis_darcy) on

I know you have to read the 7 o'clock news, Seb, but keep it down I'm having a nap

A photo posted by Dennis Darcy the blue staffy (@dennis_darcy) on

Hi I'm Dennis and I'm 8 weeks old

A photo posted by Dennis Darcy the blue staffy (@dennis_darcy) on



The World Reacts To Dennis:

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Posted: 13 August, 2015

Warnie Defends Clarke

Shane Warne has fired up on Triple M, defending Michael Clarke against John Buchanan's comments

(File Photo: Triple M)

Shane Warne was fired up this morning, defending retiring Aussie cricket skipper Michael Clarke against negative media comments.

In particular, Warnie let loose on former Australian coach John Buchanan.

"All of this absolute crap from these John Buchanan me types saying the culture of the baggy green has gone backwards under Michael Clarke," Warnie said on Triple M's Hot Breakfast.

"What an absolute, absolute, joke and rubbish that is.

"Some of the comments and cheap shots form some of these people is ridiculous.

"This guy (Clarke) was an amazing player for Australia and he led the team extremely well.

"John Buchanan, look I've never liked John Buchanan...I don't think that's any secret."

"For him to say that just proves to me that John Buchanan has absolutely no idea about the game of cricket.

"He has no idea what it takes to play at the highest level.

"This guy is a computer guy and lives by words, not actions."

Listen To The Full Warnie Interview Here:

(Warnie fires up from the 2 min mark)

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Posted: 11 August, 2015

Alexander's Starlight Wish

Young Hawks fan Alexander got to meet the Hawks, and much more...

(Photo: Screenshot via video below)

Luke Darcy was taken by this great video by Hawthorn, and mentioned it on Triple M's Hot Breakfast this morning.

Young Hawks fan Alexander got to meet the Hawks - and much more - during Round 7 this year with a little help from his favourite player, Jack Gunston.

You can find out more about the Starlight Wish Program here, or donate to help children like Alexander have their Starlight Wish granted by clicking here.

Video Below:

Alexander's Starlight wish

Young Hawks fan Alexander got to meet the Hawks - and much more - during Round 7 this year with a little help from his favourite player, Jack Gunston.More:

Posted by Hawthorn Football Club on Sunday, 9 August 2015

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