Posted: 19 November, 2014

Assassin’s Creed: Unity Trailer Only Gives A Glimpse Of Its Awesomeness

Hot Breakfast's Sarah Faour was sent to Paris for the unveiling of Ubisoft's latest Assassin’s Creed edition, Unity.

Recently I was lucky enough to travel to Paris…for work! Eddie, Mick and Luke kindly gave me the week off, so relieved of my Hot Breakfast production duties, I was free to roam the cobblestone streets and immerse myself fully in Parisian culture.

But wait: I can justify it! Kind of. You see, the seventh instalment of the hugely popular Assassin’s Creed video game, Assassin’s Creed: Unity  is set in Paris, circa 1789 during the French Revolution time period. So, I was sent to explore the city to understand the history and context that inspired ACU.

I took full advantage of this opportunity. I saw exquisite sites: Saint Chappelle, Notre Dame, Hotel de Ville (where it’s believed the first guillotine execution occurred) Louvre,  Eiffel Tower. And as part of my immersion, I consumed coffee, cheese, wine, repeat for days and felt so satisfied!

Paris is a breathtakingly beautiful place. The city stirs you. It’s really hard to articulate how magical it is, but there’s a feeling you get while you’re there. And no, Mick, I’m not just referring to the stirrings you may get at the Crazy Horse (the Paris equivalent of the Spearmint Rhino).

Assassin’s Creed: Unity took four years to create. Some of the monuments recreated in the game took 12 months or longer to reconstruct.  Having inspected the intricate beauty up close, I get that. The Trailer only gives you a glimpse of those intricacies.

My gaming reflexes have weakened (read: I suck!) somewhat since my university days, but I thoroughly enjoyed playing the role of Arno in ACU. Even though I must have died a thousand times, I had a ball running around the districts of 18th century Paris and studying the historical monuments which make the city so special.  In fact, so distracted by the scenery, I failed to be a true Assassin!

Assassin’s Creed: Unity is out now on XBox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. RRP: XBONE and PS4: $99.95; PC: $89.95

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Posted: 12 November, 2014

Indecent Assault Investigation CCTV

Police have released CCTV footage and images of the man they wish to speak to as part of their investigation

Police are hunting a man over the indecent assault of four women in less than two hours earlier this month in the city and in Melbourne's North West.

CCTV footage and images of the man have been released and it's believed he's responsible for all four attacks.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential crime report at 


Detectives are investigating after four women were indecently assaulted in less than two hours during a series of incidents which unfolded in Melbourne’s north-west this month. 

Investigators have been told a 46-year-old woman was running on The Tan track on Birdwood Avenue around 6am on 1 November when she was approached from behind by an unknown man. 

The man indecently assaulted the woman before fleeing on foot towards St Kilda Road. 

Just 25 minutes later, a second woman was standing at a tram stop on St Kilda Road when a man exposed himself to her. 

As the frightened 23-year-old attempted to walk away, the man followed her, indecently assaulting her. 

He was last seen heading on foot towards Swanston Street. 

Just after 7am on the same day, two women were walking on a track near the river at Chifley Drive, Maribyrnong when they were approached by a man who indecently assaulted one of them before running off. 

Within 20 minutes, the man had struck again, this time, at Clarks Road, Keilor East, where a woman was grabbed as she was walking by. 

He indecently assaulted her before running off. 

Detectives from the Melbourne Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team are investigating and believe the same man is responsible for the four incidents. 

Investigators have released CCTV footage and images of the man they wish to speak to as part of their investigation.

He is described as being Caucasian in appearance and aged in his 30s with a slim – medium build. 

He was wearing a dark blue or navy blue t-shirt with a white emblem and dark pants at the time of the incident.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential crime report at 

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Posted: 10 November, 2014

Wave Pool For Melbourne CBD?

Plans to build a floating beach and wave pool at Docklands are getting a big thumbs up from Surfing Victoria

There’s support today for plans to build a wave pool at Docklands producing waves up to a metre and a half high reports The Age.

Surfing Victoria CEO Max Wells is welcoming a proposal to build a floating beach from the end of Docklands’ central pier featuring sand, a lawn area and a large beach pool.

“To build a wave in the CBD of Melbourne would be fantastic for our sport,” Wells said.

“But also for the thousands and thousands of surfers who are land locked by living in Melbourne”.

See the full details in The Age article here.

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Posted: 7 November, 2014

Young Buskers' Awesome Offspring Cover

Dangerous Dave has discovered a video of the talented young buskers Mixed Up Everything covering 'Come Out And Play'

(Source: YouTube)

Triple M's Dangerous Dave was impressed when he saw this video (above) of talented young buskers Mixed Up Everything ripping out an awesome cover of The Offspring's 'Come Out And Play'.

The lads tweeted Dange and Higgo saying, "one day we'll be live at Eddie's desk",  just like The Offspring actually did last year (video below).

We love the confidence and we love the cover, keep up the good work boys!

The Offspring - Come Out And Play - Live From Eddie's Desk:

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Posted: 7 November, 2014

Warnie's Summer Lovin' Party

Warnie wants Full Moon 2, and he wants to call it 'Summer Lovin''!

Warnie's called in this morning wanting to have another Full Moon party and he want to call it 'Summer Lovin'!

But before he commits to the idea he wants to see how interested you are, would you come along?

Check out the photos from the Full Moon party:

Full Moon Party Photos

See more: Hot Breakfast, Full Moon Party, Shane Warne, Mick Molloy

Watch The Video From Inside The Full Moon Party:

Inside The Full Moon Party Uploaded at 16 May, 2014 - 1:59AM

Triple M's Higgo takes you around Club 23 for Shane Warne's Full Moon Party hosted by Mick Molloy.

In this video: The Hot Breakfast, Shane Warne, Mick Molloy

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Posted: 6 November, 2014

Top 10 Number Plate Slogans

We asked you for your best Victorian number plate slogans, here are the top 10!

Dan Andrews would like to see us become 'The Education State', on our number plates at the very least. 

Mick Molloy put it out to The Hot Breakfast listeners for suggestions, here are our top 10 from your tweets and calls!











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Posted: 28 October, 2014

Happy Birthday Eddie

50 random facts about Eddie McGuire to celebrate his 50th birthday

It's not every day Eddie McGuire turns 50, so we've put together some of our favourite videos, photos and random bits of Eddie from over the years.

Eddie, Happy Birthday mate from everyone at Triple M!

In no particular order...

1. Eddie's TV Debut Was In 1982

2. Eddie's A Doctor

Full story here.

3. Eddie Can Do The Nutbush

4. Eddie's Been Collingwood President Since His Birthday In 1998

(Image: AFL Media)

5. Eddie's Grand Final 2010 'Game Of Inches' Monolouge Is Amazing

6. Eddie's Good Mates With Warnie

Eddie McGuire and Shane Warne

7. Eddie Doesn't Mind Getting His Hands Dirty For A Good Cause

8. Eddie Can Work Behind A Bar If Needed

Eddie behind the bar at Cherry Bar in AC/DC Lane.

9. Eddie Doesn't Mind A Jog

10. Eddie's CLEO Bachelor Of The Year Profile

Click Below!

Eddie McGuire's Cleo Bachelor Of The Year Profile From 1992

Mick Molloy has found Eddie's Cleo bachelor of the year profile from 1992!

11. Eddie's Had A Comedy Song Dedicated To Him

12. Eddie Gives A Good Massage

13. Eddie Called Kane Cornes An 'Old Campaigner'

Audio Below:

Eddie On That 'C-Bomb'

While the showbiz world was deeply engrossed in the Logies, Eddie McGuire had a little verbal mishap on his show, Big Week In Footy

14. McGuire, Eddie McGuire.

Mick Molloy and Luke Darcy got a kick out of this photo of Eddie on page 23 of the Herald Sun. Can you pick the real Bond? (Source: The Herald Sun)

15. Eddie's Been Known To Meow Like A Cat...

16. Eddie Can Blow A Trumpet (This One's Not His Own)

Eddie blowing his trumpet in the office, well, it was actually on loan to Triple M Footy at the time...(Photo: Austereo)

17. Eddie Hosted The AFL Footy Show From 1994 To 2005

18. Mark Knight's Cartoon For Eddie's Birthday Is Hilarious

19. Eddie Crowd Surfs

20. Eddie Doesn't Look Good In Lycra

Amy Pollard tweeted this picture of Eddie McGuire (in lycra!) in Paris with producer Luke Tunnecliffe (centre) and Luke Ball.

21. Eddie's A Keen Photographer

Eddie McGuire in Oslo, Norway for the Bislett Games. (Photo: McGuire Media)

23. Eddie Can Kick A Footy 

Eddie has a kick as James Hird looks on and Tom Hird runs past. The Hot Breakfast visits Areyonga in the NT with Red Dust Role Models. (Photo:

24. Eddie's Appeared On A Vietnamese Business Book

25. Eddie's A Well Travelled Man

The Hot Breakfast Live In London Day 5: Eddie McGuire, Mick Molloy and Luke Darcy out and about in London. (Photo: Triple M)

26. People Love To Photoshop Eddie, Bogan Eddie

27. Eddie Plays Pinball With Pollies

28. Eddie Face Has Been Known To Change Colour

29. Eddie's Not Always Happy With Billboard Placement

30. Eddie's Been Seen In Fishnets

31. Eddie Likes A Bit Of Office Cricket

32. Eddie Looks Like A Bollywood Star

33. Eddie Does A Good Impersonation Of A Teenage Girl


OMG! Eddie's Impersonation

Lots of requests coming through to hear Eddie's impersonation of a teenage girl!

34. Eddie's Welcomed Sandy Roberts To Heaven

35. 3000 Nude Cyclists Won't Stop Eddie

(Digitally altered image courtesy Herald Sun Confidential/Foxtel) Full story here.

36. Eddie McGuire Is Actually Lawrence Mooney

37. You Can Press Red For Ed

Press Red For Ed!

Press Red For Ed

Eddie's calling the Collingwood v Richmond game all on his own channel.

38. Eddie Has Magpies In New York Too

39. You Can Kick Eddie Around

40. Eddie Used To Wear His Triple M Cap Topless In '91

(Image via The Age/Craig Abraham) Link.

41. Eddie's Bald Archy Entry

Eddie has sat for Archibald prize entries, but we couldn't find here's his Bald Archy entry by James Brennan.

42. Looks Like Eddie's Got A Boat

43. Eddie Looks Good In A Ferrari

44. Eddie Likes To Pop Around To Mick Molloy's House

Eddie McGuire and Mick Molloy take a tour of the VB brewery. (Photo: Triple M)

45. Eddie's Won Tool Of The Year

46. Eddie Loves Being In Your Selfie

48. Eddie Still Loves Broady, Even In New York

49. It's Fantastic Working With Eddie!

Triple M The Hot Breakfasts special screening of Foxtel's The Real Housewives Of Melbourne at Crown Casino's Groove live bar and terrace. (Photo: Triple M 20 Feb 2014)

Triple M The Hot Breakfast's Real Housewives Night. (Photo: Triple M)

50. Eddie Turns 50 On Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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Posted: 27 October, 2014

Melbourne Storm Photos

Wild thunder, lightning hits Melbourne and weather causes havoc with commuters

Chaos for commuters with storm damage causing widespread delays across Melbourne's train network this morning. 

A Prahan house has burnt to the ground after lightning struck a tree which fell on the roof of the home last night starting an inferno which took two hour to put out. 

A family of five escaped unhurt while 35 firefighters took more than two hours to bring the blaze in A'beckett Street under control.

*Photo feed may take a second to load...

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Posted: 20 October, 2014

Hot Breakfast vs. Rush Hour

The Rush Hour is playing dirty in the battle with The Hot Breakfast!

VIDEO: Billy & Gaz's Victory Walk Into The Studios!


The battle between The Hot Breakfast and Rush Hour just got dirty!

Billy Brownless and Garry Lyon this morning have sent through a series of photos taken without Luke Darcy's knowledge from Luke's house involving his couch, jocks, boots, gloves, dog and wife!

"They were my favourite red jocks that Billy's stolen out of my drawer, jumped on my bed in my t-shirt with my wife," Luke Darcy said. 

It all started when Bill Brownless announced on air that he'd lifted a slab of beer from Mick Molloy's desk to take to a house warming...

Not Mrs Darce! The Final Straw?

Billy and Gaz noooo! Not the jocks and gloves!

Even Darce's dog is involved...

A nap on Darce's couch!

A creepy message from Billy to Mick...

Mick Molloy's demands...

Billy's response...

There goes Billy's slab!

Some of the best comments from social...

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Posted: 17 October, 2014

Mikileaks Is Back In Town

Mick Molloy has proven again he is Melbourne's greatest news breaker.


It’s been a HUGE week for Mikileaks with Mick Molloy revealing that Michael Voss had taken up a role at a club in Adelaide.

"Voss will be involved in a major way at a footy club next year.. I’m thinking interstate. Somewhere in Adelaide," Molloy declared hours before it was officially announced.

But the news breaking didn’t stop there.

Mikileaks has also brought a flood of controversy upon Michael Clarke’s wife Kyly after she was forced to quit Dancing With The Stars with a hamstring injury.

Mick was speaking on Triple M with the Australian cricket captain in late September - when he made a ‘gag’ about Kyly pulling a hamstring on the reality show.

"I wish. If she did that she’s be able to one to Dubai with me," Clarke said in response.

"Is this a faux-hammy just so she can go shopping in Dubai and hang out with her husband?!" Eddie McGuire asked after hearing a reply of the audio.

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Posted: 17 October, 2014

Francesca's Caulfield Tips

Francesca Cumani joins Eddie, Mick and Luke to preview the Caulfield Cup

Luke, Francesca Cumani and Mick (Eddie in in New York).

Spring Carnival racing expert for Channel 7, Francesca Cumani, joined Triple M’s The Hot Breakfast this morning to preview Saturday’s Caulfield Cup.

Listen to Francesca, Eddie, Mick and Luke talk through the full race below, but first let’s grab Francesca's favourties.

“I’d love to see Lidari or Brambles for Peter Moody,” Francesca said.

“They’ve been running in great form, they’re both horses that are coming back from injury and they’ve snuck in on a good light weight.”

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Posted: 8 October, 2014

Life Line For Palace?

Could the Palace Theatre could be saved under new deal in discussion?

Update: October 8, 2014

In a surprise turn of events there is a reported deal in discussion between a developer and the Victorian government to buy and restore the Palace Theatre.

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