Posted: 23 April, 2014

6 Poses of Mick ‘The Adonis’ Molloy

Mick's away with our troops on serious buisness but before that he had a little Easter holiday in Bali.

While Mick's away, the cat will play.

He's on important business abroad with our troops in the build up to Anzac Day but before that Mick had a little holiday in Bali for Easter. And took part in a photoshoot.

It's the biggest photoshoot since Miranda Kerr appeared in a tutu covered in mayo. Wait, that was a dream. Enjoy.

Warning: Most readers may find the following material of a graphic nature and require a shower afterward. Or even counselling.

#1 The 'I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt' Look

#2 The 'I've Got Something In My Eye' Look

#3 "It takes time and a lot of beer to look this good." ~ Mick Molloy

#4 The 'Get In My Belly' Look

#5 What's my best side? All of them.

#6 Daniel who?

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Posted: 31 March, 2014

Newport Graffiti Spree

Rachael from Newport who sent in a photo of the damage to her car

At least 18 cars have been tagged during a graffiti spree in Newport overnight.

Police are looking for two male teenagers in realtion to the incident.

Triple M's The Hot Breakfast spoke to Rachael from Newport who sent in a photo of the damage to her car (above).

Police Statement 5:35am 31 March 2014

Police are currently in Challis Street Newport after a number of cars were damaged overnight.

Investigators have been told that two teens were seen in the street around 3.45am attempting to steal a car.

The owner of the car disturbed the two boys who ran off along Railway Avenue and were last seen running along railway tracks.

Police were called to the scene and discovered that at least 18 cars and a number of shops had been tagged with graffiti.

Investigators believe that the two males seen in the street attempting to steal the car may be responsible.

Officers believe that the damage caused may cost in excess of $50,000.

Police wish to speak to anyone who may have seen anyone behaving suspiciously in the Newport area this morning.

They also wish to speak to anyone who may have had their vehicle damaged.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit

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Posted: 31 March, 2014

Mick Molloy's Wardrobe Malfunction

Mick Molloy popped a few buttons in the wrong size suit

Mick blamed wardrobe for his guts hanging out on Saturday Night Footy on Seven....

But we've got a feeling this might be the real cause....

Listen to The Hot Breakfast Team talk about it here:

Grab the full podcast of the show here!

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Posted: 20 March, 2014

He's A Happy Chumpy

Two time snowboard World Champ Alex 'Chumpy' Pullin on Triple M

Two time snowboard World Champ Alex 'Chumpy' Pullin has been on The Hot Breakfast this morning, talking about his Winter Olympics experience.

He was sledged in the media by the father of another Aussie athlete and missed out on the Boardercross final but he's kept his head held high.

"For me I control what I know I can control," Chumpy Pullin said on Triple M's The Hot Breakfast.

"I'm in it for the sport, I love it for what I do. I'm so happy that the future is really bright for snowboarding here in Australia.

"We've got so many good talents, you'll be really pleased to know that there's so many young kids coming through and I'm really looking forward to getting around to all the resorts this season and working with those kids.

"That's what it's about for me.

"You can always focus on negatives in life but it leads to nowhere."


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She's Cheering For Chumpy!

Alex 'Chumpy' Pullin's girlfriend Ellidy Vlug is cheering for him with the rest of Australia.

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Posted: 11 March, 2014

Access Your Credit File

Scott Pape tells you how to access your credit file for free

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Posted: 7 March, 2014

Hinch Released From Jail

We spoke to Derryn Hinch immediately after his release from jail

A warm be and a good pillow are top of Derryn Hinch's priority list after walking out the gates of Langi Kal Kal prison this morning.

A clean-shaven Hinch describes it as being like a country club but he's told Triple M's The Hot Breakfast his first two weeks in solitary confinement were a very different story.

Derryn Hinch Exclusive


Derryn Hinch Press Conference


Derryn Hinch supporters wait not far from the jail. (Photo: Lachlan Wills)

The site where Derryn Hinch will be driven to on release. (Photo: Lachlan Wills)

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Posted: 7 March, 2014

James Packer Live From LA

James spoke to us about Qantas, China, Crown, Apple, Tax and Hollywood

James Packer earlier this year. (Photo: Getty Images)

James Packer spoke to Triple M Melbourne's The Hot Breakfast with Eddie McGuire and Luke Darcy about Qantas, China, Crown, Apple, Tax and Hollywood.

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Posted: 25 February, 2014

Best Burgers In Melbourne?

The Hot Breakfast are asking, where's the best burger in Melbourne?

(Producer Jay with the Bogan Burger from the Napier Hotel)

Eddie, Mick and Luke on Triple M's Hot Breakfast were inundated with calls when they discussed the Herald Sun's 10 best burgers in Melbourne list, saying there were some glaring omissions.

  • Eddie's favourite: Huxtaburger.
  • Mick's favourtite: The Merrywell.
  • Darc's favourite: Andrew's Hamburgers.

What Do You Think?

Where Is The Best Burger In Melbourne?

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Posted: 17 February, 2014

Rosie Batty

Rosemary Batty joined The Hot Breakfast to speak about her tragic loss

Our hearts are with Rosie Batty who lost her son in tragic circumstances. We were privileged to hear her story.

The mother of murdered school boy Luke Batty is urging the community to take a stand against domestic violence and make it our business.

Speaking on Triple M's The Hot Breakfast Rosie Batty says it's hard to say where the system failed her son murdered at the hands of his father, last week.

It's been revealed the father of Luke Batty should have been behind bars when he killed the 11-year-old while at cricket training in Melbourne.

A number of arrest warrants had been issued for Greg Anderson who had a history of violence and had previously been charged with assaulting his mother Rosie and threatening to kill her.

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Posted: 14 February, 2014

Journalists' Brilliant Speech

Dale Hansen's monologue about gay NFL player Michael Sam is amazing

Dale Hansen is a veteran sports journalist. And he's now an Internet hero.

The American has stood up for Michael Sam - an NFL youngster who recently revealed he was gay. Other pundits claimed this would affect his offers in the draft. Hansen calls bullshit in the most epic of ways.

Eddie, Mick and Luke discuss the speech on the Hot Breakfast

How would Australia react if an NRL or AFL player did the same?

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Posted: 14 February, 2014

Mick Molloy's Top Romcoms

Mick's top romcom suggestions to get you out of trouble on Valentine's Day

For most of us it's no fun watching a romantic comedy when we could be watching the footy, it's pretty much two hours we'll never get back.

So Mick Molloy has put together a list of romcoms that that are bearable and will get you out of trouble with your other half.

1. Roxanne - Steve Martin

2. Groundhog Day - Bill Murray

3. Me, Myself and Irene - Jim Carrey

What's your favourite romcom?

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Posted: 12 February, 2014

Bogan Hall Of Fame

Mick Molloy started the 'Bogan Hall Of Fame' who would you nominate?

We'll update the honour board and change the order as you nominate...

Listen to Mick Molloy talk through his favourite nominations for the Bogan 'Hall of Fame' this morning!

Luke Darcy's mullet has received a nomination!

This would be a perfect to host the Bogan awards.

Tweet your nominations with #boganhalloffame or comment below!

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