Posted: 24 July, 2014

Ed's Grass Roots Footy Fight

Eddie responds to comments from Victorian Sports Minister Damian Drum

Eddie McGuire told Triple M’s The Hot Breakfast his call for better State Government funding for sport is not a political thing, it's about getting the best results for Victoria.

Eddie was responding to comments by Victorian Sports Minister Damian Drum.

“I wasn’t having a go at this government I'm talking about the governments in general, just take all party politics out of it, no question whatsoever that wasn’t the intention of what I was saying,” Eddie McGuire said on Triple M’s The Hot Breakfast.

“You can go into the figures as much as you like we’re not spending enough is what I’m saying because I’m seeing junior clubs falling over left right and center.”

“I’m seeing infrastructure at club level, at junior level not being up to scratch and I’m seeing country football under unprecedented pressure.”

You can hear the full response including the audio from Damian Drum below:

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Posted: 21 July, 2014

No Extra Public Holiday For Anzac Day 2015

Victorians will not get a public holiday to mark Anzac Day in 2015, the Napthine Government say.

There will not be an extra public holiday to commemorate Anzac Day in 2015 despite April 25 falling on a Saturday.

The Napthine government has decided against giving Victorians the Monday off.

"The purpose of Anzac Day is to respect, commemorate and remember the brave soldiers who sacrificed so much for our freedoms," Small Business Minister Russell Northe told AAP.

"It is not about getting a day off and taking for granted the liberties our soldiers fought so bravely to protect."

Former Leader of the Victorian Liberal party and current Lord Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle says a public holiday should still be granted.

"I think being the centenary of Gallipoli, it’s a bit rough to take the holiday away isn’t it. I mean honestly you can’t expect everybody too be sitting around saying ‘We are going celebrate this seminal event but it’s not worth a public holiday'," Mr Doyle said on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

The last post is played for ANZAC day (Getty Images)

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Posted: 21 July, 2014

James & Vanessa's Tragic Loss

James Rizk lost his parents Albert and Maree in the MH17 crash

James Rizk and family.

The son of a Sunbury couple killed when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine says his life has changed forever.

Speaking on Triple M’s The Hot Breakfast this morning, James Rizk isn't about to lay blame for the tragedy.

"I'm not angry with Malaysia Airlines at all, Sue and Ross, the people they we're travelling with did the exact same route a few hours before," James Rizk told Triple M's The Hot Breakfast.

"It's just life, it's luck, it's surreal, you can't really blame anyone for this."

Listen to the full interview with James below:

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Posted: 17 July, 2014

Smashed Apples Slow Monash

A spilled truckload of apples has created delays not to mention a huge mess on the Monash Freeway this morning

A spilled truckload of apples has created delays not to mention a huge mess on the Monash Freeway this morning.

Bobcats were eventually able to clear two lanes after a truck smashed into a barrier at Church St.

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Posted: 16 July, 2014

Patty Mills & Aron Baynes

Aussie NBA Champions catch up in studio with Eddie, Mick and Luke

Aussie NBA Champions Patty Mills and Aron Baynes have just been in Triple M’s The Hot Breakfast studio.

Baynes says Mills and his high energy spirit has led the way, listen to the full interview below.

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Posted: 24 June, 2014

Windy Conditions Cause Havoc

Windy conditions are causing all sorts of problems around Melbourne

The SES has now dealt with more than 3,000 calls for help but we haven't seen the last of that wild weather that left a trail of destruction across Melbourne yesterday.

While the wind won't be quite so intense today the severe weather warnings are set to stay with us for the rest of the week.

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Posted: 12 June, 2014

Woman Had Sex With Dolphin

A female animal researcher has admitted to sex with a male dolphin

Mick Molloy was fascinated with a story on Triple M's The Hot Breakfast this morning that a female animal researcher has admitted to sex with a male dolphin during a 1960s NASA-funded experiment.

Watch the trailer to the BBC documentary above.

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Posted: 11 June, 2014

Josh Gibson on The Hot Breakfast

Hawthorn's Josh Gibson gives us the inside word on interim coach Brendan Bolton.

Hawk Star Josh Gibson joined the Hot Breakfast as he recovers from a torn pectoral muscle.

Putting Gibson's injury aside it was Hawthorn Interim coach Brendan Bolton that Mick Molloy really wanted the lowdown on.

Bolten has been impressing the footy world (and Mick) with his enthusiasm, especially during press conferences.

"Bolts is amazing. When I was at North Melbourne and Tassie was our reserves side he coached us there. He's a really top guy," Gibson told Triple M.

"I was saying earlier to someone that unless you've got small feet or you are a small bloke you don't get the job at Hawthorn," Gibson joked.

"And Bolts wears a size six female shoe so that's why Clarko is comfortable with him taking over the reins."

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Posted: 2 June, 2014

Mick Molloy In Brazil

Follow the action as Mick Molloy and eight lucky winners hit Brazil

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Posted: 2 June, 2014

Melbourne's Longest Bar

Mick Molloy's excited about the new bar coming soon to Flinders St Station

(File Image: Triple M)

The old Sandridge railway line at Flinders Street Station is about to be transformed into Melbourne’s longest bar.

Due to be built next month the multi-million dollar Arbory Bar and Eatery will run 120 metres along the Yarra on Flinders Walk.

It'll be the length of a soccer field and will fit 240 pots of beer in a row.

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Posted: 2 June, 2014

Appeal For Bung Siriboon Info

Police seek help in possible sighting of Bung Siriboon

(via Victoria Police News)

On the third anniversary of the disappearance of 13-year-old Boronia girl Siriyakorn ‘Bung’ Siriboon, Homicide Squad detectives are appealing for information from the public about a possible sighting on the day she went missing.

Bung left her home in Elsie Street, Boronia around 8.30am on Thursday 2 June, 2011.

She was last seen by a neighbour just after 8.30am in Elsie Street, walking towards Albert Avenue.

Detectives are investigating information about a sighting of a young female in a car in Boronia Road between 8.30am and 9am on the morning Bung went missing.

The information suggests that a female was seen in the rear passenger seat of a white EA to EF* model Ford Falcon station wagon, similar to the photo below.

The female was described as being of Asian appearance, in her early to mid teens and was wearing a light-coloured, collared shirt and a dark blue v-neck jumper.

The car was reportedly driven by a male of Caucasian appearance, who was described as being in his late 50s to early 60s and was wearing a blue coloured singlet. He had light brown coloured hair which was combed back in what was described as a rock and roll style. He also had a coloured tattoo on his left upper arm.

The car was sighted at traffic lights in Boronia Road, Boronia facing east at the intersection of Floriston Road, just east of Dorset Road. It was then seen travelling east along Boronia Road and continued straight through the roundabout at Albert Road.

Homicide Squad Detective Inspector John Potter said while investigators couldn’t confirm the girl in the vehicle was Bung; it was something that they needed assistance with.

“The sighting may well be completely innocent, but it is relevant to us and we need to investigate it,” D/Insp Potter said.

“It’s now been three years since Bung left home and failed to arrive at school that day and has not been seen or heard from since.

“We continue to hold grave fears for her safety and are desperate to provide her family with some answers.

“I urge anyone with information about the white Ford Falcon station wagon seen in the area on the day, or any other information that they haven’t shared with police that could be of assistance, to contact Crime Stoppers.”

In the early stages of the investigation, detectives received information which suggested Bung had been seen walking along Harcourt Road, crossed Paisley Avenue and was heading towards Moncoe Street around 8.55am.

That information has been investigated by detectives and while the sighting can’t be corroborated, no further information to support it has been received.

At the time of her disappearance Bung was wearing her blue and white school uniform and carrying a school backpack. The backpack has never been recovered.

Bung is described as being of Thai origin, approximately 154cm tall, thin build with long dark hair and brown eyes.

A reward of up to $1 million for information leading to the apprehension and subsequent conviction of the person or persons responsible for Bung’s disappearance was announced in February.

Anyone with fresh information about the disappearance of Bung Siriboon is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit

* EA to EF Ford Falcons range from 1988 to 1996 in age.

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Posted: 30 May, 2014

Live Traffic From A Dodo

We sent Jimmy Traffic up in the dodo balloon to do his traffic reports

We sent Jimmy 'Traffic' Wirtanen up in the dodo balloon to do his traffic reports, check out some of the photos sent in from across Melbourne.

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