Posted: 21 November, 2012 by The Hot Breakfast, Triple M Melbourne

Bunga Bunga, Register Here!

This is your chance to be at the biggest party of the year.

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This is Mick Molloy's Party to end all parties... it's BUNGA BUNGA!

What will be there this year? Will the dwarves be back? The pony?

If you want to find out and be there on Wednesday 28 November for a night you will never forget, then enter your details here and you could be invited.

Keep it locked on Triple M - all day, everyday and stay close to your phone. You never know when we may call you and invite you to Bunga Bunga!

Registration is now closed. See you there if you were lucky enough to get a ticket but for those who didn't you can be there with us via the Twitter hashtag #BungaBunga - and videos and images will be published here immediately after the party.

Bunga Bunga Party Photos!

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Tags: Bunga Bunga, The Hot Breakfast, Mick Molloy, Win

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