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Eddie McGuire’s BIG IDEA To Even Up The AFL

“If you left GWS out of the draft for the next 2 years"

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Collingwood Eddie McGuire said it is vital that the AFL even up every club’s access to players and has detailed a blueprint for how it could happen.

“If you left GWS out of the draft for the next 2 years but give them access to the academy players that they have got. There is one kid down at Melbourne Grammar who might have driven through the Riverina once, but he’s going to be in their academy next year. So let them have those players,” Eddie said on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

“And then allow Brisbane - give them a priority pick - sort them out. Then what that means is (that) those extra players go into the draft, so teams like Richmond and teams towards the bottom of the ladder now can get some good recruits in the next couple of years and that will just even it up and then away we go,” Eddie said.

“I use GWS as an example there - not specific.”

Western Bulldogs president Peter Gordon agreed that it was vital that every club had equal access to players.

“The thing that they have to get right is that every team deserves an even chance - and the absolute key to that - or one of the 3 keys to that - is equal access to the players,” Gordon said on Triple M.

“We have to get that right, because if it is skewed too much one way it’s just going to make for a worse competition.”

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