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Pat Cash SLAMS ATP Following Nick Kyrgios Suspension

"He needs help"

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Pat Cash has slammed the ATP’s treatment of junior tennis players following the suspension of Nick Kyrgios.

Kyrgios has been banned from the ATP Tour for eight weeks as a result of his conduct at the Shanghai Masters tournament last week.

Cash says that the ATP do not have appropriate support networks in place to help young players - including Kyrgios.

“I think he will be a champion if he can put it together but he needs help,” Cash said on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

“There is nothing in place for the ATP - I giggled when I heard ‘We’ll reduce it down to 3-weeks if he sees a sports psychologist’ - I’ve talked for thousands of hours (with) sports psychologists. Sports psychologists will just make you a better tennis player,” Cash said.

“They won’t deal with the issues that are really deep down, and he needs to see a psychotherapist. I’m not saying this in a harsh way but I’m really, legitimately saying that these kids do not have in place - and I bet it’s the same in every national sport in Australia - it’s horrible the way they treat the kids, and put the pressure on them with no support at all"

“It’s a disgrace and the ATP have got it completely wrong as well.”

“The tennis authorities don’t have it place and I said it to them years and years ago. You can see how steamed up I am about it because I’m really passionate about it. It’s really wrong how they are treating these kids and Nick is just one of the people that has fallen through that.”

Cash says that he hopes Kyrgios will bounce back after some “much needed rest”.

“I think they (The ATP) needed to come down on him. They same down on his reasonably hard,” Cash said.

“Nick of course is a bit of an individual, he still doesn’t have a coach, he wants to do things his own way. He tends to think that he knows it all. This may be good thing that has happened to him.”

“I think the bigger picture is, where does Nick go from here and where is the support network to help him. because he does need help, it’s obvious. I mean it’s obvious to everybody.”

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