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Secret Western Bulldogs Documents Leaked To The Herald Sun

Luke Darcy isn't happy.

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Leaked documents detail the Western Bulldogs frustration during the Talia affair following last years finals series.

After the Bulldogs lost to Adelaide in 2015, the AFL investigated whether then-dog Michael Talia had gave insider information to his brother Daniel at the Crows.

In the letters obtained by the Herald Sun, Bulldogs President Peter Gordon says he struggles to believe claims that both Talia brothers lost text message information relating the investigation.

Triple M's Luke Darcy says he was surprised by the original outcome, which cleared the players.

“To think the AFL investigated that probably, are you kidding yourself?,” Luke Darcy said on Triple M's Hot Breakfast.

“Maybe give them them the benefit of the doubt, maybe it is very hard to prove. How do you get the conversation? How do you prove that someone actually said something?"

“But you maybe could have come down a bit harder and made an example, and say ‘I tell you what, if anyone does this in the future, on notice, this is as close to match fixing and not acceptable.

“For it to be pushed under the carpet as it was, I think was a pretty poor chapter.”

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