Posted: 26 August, 2016

Billy's Crispy During The Footy Show's My Room Telethon


Billy unleashed a crispy gag on the Footy Show Facebook page last night.

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoyed the joke! 

"They do this joke on the wiggles all the time, and even my kids don't think it's funny," One Footy Show follower wrote on Facebook.

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Posted: 25 August, 2016

Bill Vs. Mack Horton

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Posted: 10 August, 2016

Peter Hitchener Opens Up About The Judd/Jones Attempted Kiss

Here is how Hitch saw THAT moment.

The doyen of Melbourne news Peter Hitchener joined JB and Billy on the Rush Hour this afternoon.

High on the agenda was the incredibly awkward moment that unfolded between Tony Jones and Rebecca Judd last Monday.

“I think that was all a bit of a joke that took on a life of its own. I don’t think that was ever intended,” Peter told JB and Billy.

“It was just a spur of the moment thing. They’ve had a few on-air jokes earlier on in the year.”

Peter went onto say how much he enjoyed the photo of Chris Judd and Tony that was posted earlier this week.

“Look at the look on Tony’s face. It’s so funny,” he said.

“He (Tony) is terrific. He really takes a joke well.”

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Posted: 3 August, 2016

Billy Brownless On 'Sale Of The Century' In 1995

On ya Billy!

Someone has unearthed his awesome relic of the 1990s. 

Richo, Sam Newman, Michael Long and BILLY duking it out on Sale of the Century. 

We'll never know how Billy managed to get the chocolates...


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Posted: 2 August, 2016

Billy Brownless Watches The Judd/Chompers Video For The First Time


The video that has the whole of Melbourne talking today! 

We were there to film the moment that Billy Brownless watched the awkwardness unfold for the very first time.

His reaction is a classic!

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Posted: 22 July, 2016

Billy’s Idiot File: BY REQUEST

Bill is yet again putting a flamethrower to the English language.

This year Billy has been in career worst form, which is just the way we like it.

Sit back, relax and listen to Billy's 'Idiot File'... BY REQUEST!


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Posted: 20 June, 2016

READ | James Brayshaw’s Apology

'I offer my sincere, unreserved and unqualified apology.'

James Brayshaw has apologised unreservedly for the inappropriate comments that were made during Triple M’s Queen’s Birthday Footy broadcast.

"I was part of an on-air conversation during the Queen’s Birthday broadcast where things were said that were both inappropriate and unacceptable," Brayshaw said on Triple M’s Rush Hour.

"For that I offer my sincere, unreserved and unqualified apology. Respect for women and their role in football and in deed in our society is of vital importance."

"As leaders we need to be very, very aware of this. We let ourselves down during the broadcast in this crucial area last week. I know Ed and Danny have already apologised and it it absolutely appropriate that I do too."

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Posted: 20 June, 2016

‘It’s An Unbelievable Feeling Right Now’

NBA champ Matthew Dellavedova tells Triple M's Rush Hour he is "speechless"

Matthew Dellavedova has told Triple M’s Rush Hour that he is “absolutely speechless” after becoming just the sixth Australian to win an NBA championship.

Dellavedova’s Cleveland Cavaliers created history on Sunday (US time) by becoming the first team ever to recover from a 3-1 deficit and win the Finals.

Led by their champion and Finals MVP Lebron James, the Cavs defeated Golden State 93-89 in Game 7 at the Warriors’ Oracle Arena to complete the greatest comeback the NBA Finals has ever seen.

Dellavedova now joins Luc Longley, Andrew Gaze, Patty Mills, Aron Baynes and Andrew Bogut as Australians to taste the ultimate success in the NBA.

“To come from 3-1 down and win it on the road, it’s just an unbelievable feeling right now,” Dellavedova said.

The 25-year-old was in awe of James, who recorded an astonishing triple-double on Sunday with 27 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists.

James had a series average of 29.7 points, 11.3 rebounds and 8.9 assists.

The four-time league MVP led all players in the Finals in points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals - the first player to do so in a playoff series. 

“It’s just unbelievable what he can do,” Dellavedova said of James.

“He just works so hard every single day and to see him bring home a championship to his home town in Cleveland – I just couldn’t be happier for him.”

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Posted: 10 June, 2016

Footy Show Assistant's Awkward Text To Travis Cloke


Billy Brownless has revealed an awkward story that unfolded ahead of the Footy Show last night.

As news filtered through that Travis Cloke had been dropped from the Collingwood team one of the production assistants wanted to let other producers know.

“He sends it to Rohy and Ed upstairs and unfortunatly as part of the text he’s put in Travis Cloke,” Billy said on the Rush Hour.

“So he’s sent a message to Rohy to Ed and to Travis Cloke with the message saying ‘Travis Cloke Dropped Again'."

“We had a chuckle but he was absolutely petrified,” Billy said.

Here's how it all unfolded according to Billy Brownless:

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Posted: 13 May, 2016

Billy Brownless Butchered The English Language On The ACTUAL News Last Night

The Idiot File hits the Channel 9 News!

Billy Brownless made an unusual addition to the Rush Hour's Idiot File during the Channel 9 News last night...

Big Bill was being asked by reporter Sonia Marinelli about a limo that was nicked ahead of a celebrity poker tournament in Geelong.

Check out the how Bill responded below. Classic Billy!

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Posted: 11 May, 2016

Maxy Gawn Sets The Record Straight On The Second Quarter Dart Story

'You made the call that I was going off for a dart!'

Melbourne ruckman and cult hero Max Gawn says it wasn’t all smooth sailing at the beginning of his career thanks to James Bradshaw’s Triple M call.

“My dad used to love listening to Triple M when I was playing, and I remember there was a time I was coming off in the second quarter and I was buggered,” Big Maxy told JB and Billy on the Rush Hour.

“You made the call I was coming off for a dart. And my old man is sitting there listening to you and he questioned me after the game ‘Did you go out for a dart?!’.”



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Posted: 9 May, 2016

Billy Brownless Unloads On The 2016 Logie Awards

Billy Bakes The 2016 Logie Awards

Billy headed to the Logie Awards last night but it wasn’t all smooth sailing for the Big Fella... 

“I’ve got a question for you Jim. As an industry is it possible for us to disappear any further up our own ASS,” Billy said on the Rush Hour.

“How F***in' earnest can we get?!!”

He didn't stop there...







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