Posted: 13 May, 2016

Billy Brownless Butchered The English Language On The ACTUAL News Last Night

The Idiot File hits the Channel 9 News!

Billy Brownless made an unusual addition to the Rush Hour's Idiot File during the Channel 9 News last night...

Big Bill was being asked by reporter Sonia Marinelli about a limo that was nicked ahead of a celebrity poker tournament in Geelong.

Check out the how Bill responded below. Classic Billy!

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Posted: 11 May, 2016

Maxy Gawn Sets The Record Straight On The Second Quarter Dart Story

'You made the call that I was going off for a dart!'

Melbourne ruckman and cult hero Max Gawn says it wasn’t all smooth sailing at the beginning of his career thanks to James Bradshaw’s Triple M call.

“My dad used to love listening to Triple M when I was playing, and I remember there was a time I was coming off in the second quarter and I was buggered,” Big Maxy told JB and Billy on the Rush Hour.

“You made the call I was coming off for a dart. And my old man is sitting there listening to you and he questioned me after the game ‘Did you go out for a dart?!’.”



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Posted: 9 May, 2016

Billy Brownless Unloads On The 2016 Logie Awards

Billy Bakes The 2016 Logie Awards

Billy headed to the Logie Awards last night but it wasn’t all smooth sailing for the Big Fella... 

“I’ve got a question for you Jim. As an industry is it possible for us to disappear any further up our own ASS,” Billy said on the Rush Hour.

“How F***in' earnest can we get?!!”

He didn't stop there...







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Posted: 6 May, 2016

Idiot File - May 6

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Posted: 2 May, 2016

Billy Brownless Has A Solution To Richmond’s Problems

'There will be no fun there'

Billy Brownless has dished out some advice to the embattled Richmond Tigers who have lost all but one of their games this year.

The former Geelong Cat says a trip to the pub and some player-to-player bonding would do the players a world of good.

“If I was Richmond and Dimma tonight, Monday night, I’d say ‘Righto boys don’t get changed. Let’s go’,” Billy told James Brayshaw on Triple M’s Rush Hour.

“(Go to the) Mountain View. Get a room out the back, frothies for everyone. Just have a bit of a BBQ.”

“The young blokes can talk to the older blokes. Older blokes talk to the young blokes. Coaches get around and have a little chat. Get home about 1.”

“Then you train at 9 tomorrow morning and everything is fine. They’ve had a bit of fun because there will be no fun there.”

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Posted: 8 April, 2016

Billy's Idiot File: March & April 2016 Edition

'Went to San Francisco. Went to see the Golden State Bridge.'

Sit back, relax and listen to the very best of Billy's 'Idiot File'...

Billy has been in career worst form!

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Posted: 4 April, 2016


'Here’s a news flash dumb-asses...'

Oh no, Billy Brownless has been baking.

He’s not happy with the driver’s who are constantly whacking into the Montague St Bridge.

Billy’s not wrong…

The bridge was hit again today, with the 7th bridge hit since the start of February.

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Posted: 1 April, 2016

Billy Uses Autograph On Son's Consent Form

The flog included his playing number!

Every parent knows that when their children go on a school excursion they have to sign a consent form. 

Well our very own Billy Brownless found himself in that very situation recently with his son Oscar. 

But take a look at how he signed the form! He included his jumper number 16 from his playing days!

So in actual fact, Billy used his autograph instead of his signature! As if to remind his son’s school staff that he used to play for the Cats! 

What a flog!

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Posted: 24 March, 2016

VIDEO | James Brayshaw Cops A Pie To The Face

Rory Sloane nominated JB for the Ultimate Pie Challenge


For further information please visit


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Posted: 15 March, 2016

Billy Opens Up About His Footy Show Interview

'Thank you once again to everyone out there'

Billy Brownless and James Brayshaw returned to the Triple M airwaves for the first time in 2016 as the Rush Hour kicks off for another year.

Billy took the opportunity to thank everyone for the support he’s received following his interview on the Footy Show on Thursday.

“The support from friends, and work colleagues and people you don’t even know has been unbelievable,” Billy said.

“People just want to hug you cos I spoke about that lady that hugged me in the coffee shop.”

Billy said that although the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, he did receive some criticism for a comment that was misinterpreted.

“I got in a bit of trouble for saying “You don’t touch a man’s wallet and you don’t touch his wife,” Billy said.

“Let me tell you I wasn’t comparing a wallet to Nicky. Certainly wasn’t.”

JB said it was clear to anyone who was watching it what Billy meant.

“Anyone who watched that interview knew that that was not what you were saying and you don’t think like that about your ex-wife,” JB said.

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Posted: 11 March, 2016

RUSH HOUR: Back Tuesday


JB and Billy return to Triple M after the long weekend. 

The boys will be firing when they hit the air at 3PM on Tuesday. 


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Posted: 6 November, 2015

Billy’s Idiot File: The Best Of 2015

Billy has dropped some serious clangers in this year

We've put together Billy's best stuff ups for 2015 all in one place!

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