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2011 AFL Pre-Season Draft

Check out who went where in the 2011 AFL pre-season and rookie drafts.


1. Gold Coast: Nathan Ablett (Gold Coast)
2. West Coast: Blayne Wilson (Peel Thunder / Halls Head)
3. Richmond: Bachar Houli (Essendon)
4. Essendon: Michael Hibberd (Dandenong Stingrays)
5. Hawthorn: Cameron Bruce (Melbourne)
6. Fremantle: John Anthony (Collingwood)


Round One

1. GWS Giants: Stephen Clifton (North Ballarat)
2. GWS Giants: Rhys Cooyou (East Fremantle / Towns)
3. GWS Giants: Jonathan Giles (Sturt)
4. GWS Giants: Andrew Phillips (Clarence)
5. GWS Giants: Jimmi Savage (Norwood / Tea Tree Gully)
6. GWS Giants: Isaiah Stevens (Swan Districts / South Hedland)
7. GWS Giants: pass
8. GWS Giants: pass
9. Gold Coast:
Joel Tippett (Brisbane Lions)
10. West Coast:
Tim Houlihan (West Coast)
11. Richmond: Ben Jakobi (Coburg)
12. Essendon: Josh Jenkins (Lake Boga)
13. Brisbane Lions: Brad Harvey (Eastern Ranges / Coldstream)
14. Melbourne: Daniel Nicholson (University Blues / East Ballarat)
15. Adelaide: Timothy Milera (Port Magpies)
16. Port Adelaide: Thomas Jonas (Norwood)
17. North Melbourne: Cameron Pedersen (Box Hill Hawks / Mooroolbark)
18. Carlton: Edward Curnow (Box Hill Hawks / Adelaide)
19. Hawthorn: Sam Menagola (East Fremantle / Attadale Jnrs)
20. Fremantle: Gavin Roberts (Norwood)
21. Sydney: Max Otten (Oakleigh Chargers)
22. Western Bulldogs: Luke Dahlhaus (Geelong Falcons / Leopold)
23. Geelong: Joshua Walker (Geelong Falcons)
24. St Kilda: Thomas Curen (Dandenong Stingrays)
25. Collingwood: Thomas Gordon (Oakleigh Chargers / Beverly Hills Jnrs)

Round Two

26. Gold Coast: pass
27. West Coast: Anton Hamp (Claremont / Hale / West Coast Jnrs)
28. Richmond: Brad Miller (Melbourne)
29. Essendon: Jay Neagle (Essendon)
30. Brisbane Lions: Bart McCulloch (Brisbane Lions)
31. Melbourne: Michael Evans (Claremont / Marist Jnrs)
32. Adelaide: Jake von Bertouch (Woodville West Torrens / Waikerie)
33. Port Adelaide: Callum Hay (North Adelaide / Port Magpies)
34. North Melbourne: Aaron Mullett (Eastern Ranges / Vermont)
35. Carlton: Rhys O'Keeffe (Carlton)
36. Hawthorn: Thomas Schneider (Oakleigh Chargers / Blackburn)
37. Fremantle: Nick Lower (Norwood)
38. Sydney: Ben Haren (Port Magpies / Port Districts)
39. Western Bulldogs: Jason Johannisen (East Fremantle / Willetton Jnrs)
40. Geelong: George Bunbury (Hobart / Sandy Bay)
41. St Kilda: Warrick Andreoli (South Fremantle / Ramblers FC)
42. Collingwood: Declan Reilly (Sandringham Dragons / East Sandringham Zebras)

Round Three

43. Gold Coast: pass
44. West Coast: Jeremy McGovern (Claremont)
45. Richmond: Tom Hislop (Richmond)
46. Essendon: Tyson Slattery (Essendon)
47. Brisbane Lions: Albert Proud (Brisbane Lions)
48. Melbourne: Kelvin Lawrence (Peel Thunder / Rockingham Jnrs)
49. Adelaide: Lachlan Roach (North Adelaide / Walkerville Jnrs)
50. Port Adelaide: Jarrad Irons (Perth / South Perth Jnrs)
51. Carlton: Wayde Twomey (Swan Districts / Werribee)
52. Hawthorn: Derick Wanganeen (Port Magpies / Mallee Park)
53. Fremantle: Benjamin Bucovaz (Fremantle)
54. Sydney: pass
55. Western Bulldogs: Ed Barlow (Sydney)
56. Geelong: Jonathan Simpkin (Geelong)
57. St Kilda: Robert Eddy (St Kilda)
58. Collingwood: Jack Perham (East Fremantle / Brigades)

Round Four

59. Gold Coast: pass
60. Richmond: pass
61. Essendon: James Webster (Woy Woy Peninsula Swans) [NSW Sch]
62. Brisbane Lions: Broc McCauley (Brisbane Lions)
63. Melbourne: Cameron Johnston (Geelong Falcons / St Josephs)
64. Adelaide: Ian Callinan (Central District)
65. Port Adelaide: Mitchell Curnow (Sturt)
66. Carlton: Mitchell Carter (South Fremantle / Jandakot Jets)
67. Hawthorn: pass
68. Fremantle: Tim Ruffles (Fremantle)
69. Sydney: pass
70. Western Bulldogs: Mitch Hahn (Western Bulldogs)
71. Geelong: Ryan Bathie
72. St Kilda: Jackson Ferguson (Pennant Hills) [NSW Sch]
73. Collingwood: Jye Bolton (Leopold / Drysdale)

Round Five

74. Gold Coast: pass
75. Melbourne: Robert Campbell (Box Hill Hawks)
76. Adelaide: pass
77. Port Adelaide: Matthew Westhoff (Port Adelaide)
78. Carlton: Blake Bray (Western Suburbs Magpies) [NSW Sch]
79. Hawthorn: pass
80. Sydney: pass
81. Collingwood: Paul Cribbin (County Kildare - Ireland)

Round Six

82. Gold Coast: Jake Crawford (Southport / Pomona Demons)
83. Melbourne: Tom W. McNamara (Melbourne)
84. Adelaide: Sam Martyn (NSW/ACT Rams / Merimbula) [NSW Sch]
85. Hawthorn: William Langford (Easts FC Sydney) [NSW Sch]
86. Sydney: pass

Round Seven

87. Hawthorn: Jack Mahony (Wollongong) [NSW Sch]
88. Sydney: Eugene Krueger (East Coast Eagles)

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