Posted: 1 October, 2016 by Triple M's Dead Set Legends

Danny McGinlay Reveals The Rejected Western Bulldogs Grand Final Banners

"We were going to say..."

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Western Bulldogs banner man Danny McGinlay has revealed a few of the rejected banners for the Dogs' first grand final in 55 years.

The Dogs have released iconic banners week after week this season.

McGinlay, the mastermind behind them, joined Fev and Howie on Dead Set Legends to reveal a few that didn't quite make the cut.

"I started writing in Sunday when I was the most hungover man," he said. "The first few were just 'ugh, someone get me a can of Coke' or something. But we've gone more for the angle of grandiose rather than funny.

"We were going to say 'we'll lift the cup and sing the song, stuff your harbour, we've got the Maribyrnong'."

"I'm glad you didn't go with that," Fev laughed.

So he gave another one.

"We've had a horror run of injuries, everything but ebola, today we will drink champagne, the Swans can keep their COLA," he said.

But Howie had a better finish.

"I thought you were going back 'if only up forward we had Brendan Fevola!'" he exclaimed.

He spoke of the importance of having the best banner.

"Having a good banner is like kicking with the wind," he said. "It's why they call me The Hurricane."

Tags: AFL, Western Bulldogs, Dead Set Legends

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