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Fev’s Plan To Sort Carlton Out: Bring Himself Back

"I’m still the best full-forward in the land"

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Following the news that Bryce Gibbs wants to go home to Adelaide, Brendan Fevola is frustrated that all of Carlton’s stars are moving away from his old club to play elsewhere (mostly the Crows).

“I’m sick of friggin Carlton players, Eddie Betts, big Sauce Jacobs, now him… what’s with Adelaide? Stay at the Blues,” Fev said on Dead Set Legends.

“I think I put on Twitter, you can go, we’ll have Tex Walker, Sauce and Eddie Betts back.”

Given his connection to Carlton, the big Fevolution obviously feels the Blues’ pain.

He’s obviously been thinking long and hard about it, and has come up with a novel solution: getting himself back on the park.

“Get me back… I’d kick 100 goals,” Fev said.

“One pre-season, bang! Shnags from everywhere... I put bums on seats.”

When Howie asked Fev how many goals he’d kick for Carlton next year, the Loosh was straight up.

“80 plus,” he said immediately.

“I’m still the best full-forward in the land… start me training now, by NAB Cup, booyah!”

When Howie challenged Fev and brought up Buddy Franklin and Jesse Hogan, Fev was dismissive.

“Don’t put me in the same category as him mate,” Fev said of Hogan.

“Jesse Hogan wouldn’t even be able to do my shoelaces up.”

Listen to Fev talk about returning to Carlton here:

Tags: Fev, Dead Set Legends, Carlton Blues

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