Posted: 1 October, 2016 by Footy Newsroom

Tom Liberatore’s Epic Pre-Game Stuff Up

His day can only get better from here!

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Brian Taylor has revealed to The Grand Final Rub that Western Bulldogs midfielder Tom Liberatore has pulled off a major cock-up ahead of the game against Sydney today.

“Just heard that Liberatore today, this is highly unusual that a player would bring his own, but he has left his boots home,” BT said.

“He had to go back and get em, has gone back to get the boots.

It’s rare that players even bring their own boots.

“Can you believe that? On Grand Final day… normally your boots would be brought to you, but he decides to travel with his, and he left them home,” Bristle said.

Hopefully Libba’s day gets better once he gets his boots on and gets out on the field.

Tags: Western Bulldogs, Tom Liberatore

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