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AFL Boss Andrew Demetriou Speaks To Eddie McGuire About New Tanking Investigation

Andrew Demetriou talks to Eddie McGuire in London about the new tanking investigation.

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Eddie McGuire caught up with Andrew Demetriou in London on Wednesday and to discuss tanking and the AFL's new investigation into recent claims.

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"The thing that was significant to me and my producer who was watching was that Andrew (Demetriou) said for the first time ever I've ever heard him say this was, 'If I am proved wrong, then I am happy to be proved wrong and we will then make the appropriate steps,'" Eddie McGuire said on Triple M Melbourne's The Hot Breakfast Live In London, Thursday morning Australian time.

"In other words Andrew has now gone from absolutely dismissing off handedly that there was no such thing as tanking, that this was not some issue that we need to worry about. "

"He has moved from looking at it as maybe list management and he also made the point that it is a very fine line between list management and dropping games deliberately in this situation."

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