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Reimers Blows The Whistle

Damian Barrett reveals more of his explosive interview with Kyle Reimers

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Kyle Reimers

Kyle Reimers celebrates a goal during round 14 of the 2012 AFL season. (Photo: AFL Media)

Kyle Reimers Talks To Damian Barrett (Channel 9):

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Read The Transcript:

NOTE: We provided this transcript because there was some confusion from some on social media on Thursday night as to exactly what Reimers said in relation to whether he took the potentially illegal supplements or not.

Reimers: "Dean (Robinson) came to us with Stephen Dank, the Doctor behind everything, and said basically sign this."

"It gives us basically a legal right with what we give you, nothing's not legal to take but it's your own choice and you can stop taking the whenever you want."

"That's all it really was, it wasn't anything too serious, just saying we give permission to take it but if we don't want it then we don't have to."

Barrett: "It seems unusual that practice, did you find it unusual?"

Reimers: "It wasn't normal obviously but a lot of boys obviously got around it and gave it a chance."

Barrett: "Were you OK with it personally?"

Reimers: "I didn't really take too much of it, yeah I didn't see the point."

Barrett: "Obviously pushing boundaries in what they were doing Robinson and Dank?"

Reimers: "From what they were saying it was right on the borderline what they giving us."

Barrett: "Did you sign it yourself?"

Reimers: "I signed it yeah but I never, I just didn't take any of the stuff."

Barrett: "Some players didn't sign it?"

Reimers: "I think everyone signed it, it was just personal choice wether they took the stuff that was given to them."

Barrett: "Did you know what it was or did you enquire?"

Reimers: "They did tell us but they spoke in scientific terms that no-one if they tried to could understand."

Barrett: "Does it seem strange mate reflecting on that kind of practice now?"

Reimers: "After a couple of months away from it, it does seem very odd, the type of stuff we were taking."

Barrett: "What was it? What'd it do?"

Reimers: "It's just basically a supplement to increase muscle growth and stimulate the body a lot quicker so it helps recovery because they wanted to put size on us and help with putting on size."

Barrett: "Did it help you in that regard when you did take it?"

Reimers: "Unless you were taking it for a couple of weeks to a month, two months, you wouldn't really see much straight away."

Barrett: "I'm not aware of any club asking any players to sign such a document before, were the Essendon players surprised by it?"

Reimers: "Speaking to blokes at other clubs I don't think anyone's ever thought about signing it or doing the stuff that we were doing."

Barrett: "Did they explain to you why they wanted to do it?"

Reimers: "They gave a brief outline but never went into too much detail about it."

Barrett: "But admitted that it was borderline?"

Reimers: "Yeah they admitted to it, it was right on the edge."

Barrett: "Of legality?"

Reimers: "Of the levels you could be taking."

Tags: Kyle Reimers, Damian Barrett, Essendon, Bombers, ACC, Drugs Scandal, AFL

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