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Eddie McGuire Reports New Details Surrounding The Tragic Death Of Port Adelaide Player John McCarthy

Eddie McGuire's update on the circumstances surrounding John McCarthy's tragic death in Las Vegas.

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John McCarthy (Photo: AFL Media)

Eddie McGuire On Wednesday 

Eddie McGuire's update on the circumstances surrounding John McCarthy's tragic death in Las Vegas on Triple M Melbourne's Hot Breakfast:

"There's a lot of speculation about what's happened, no-one quite knows why John was separated from his group and he'd obviously spoken to his girlfriend on the phone, that's been confirmed, and he was in a distressed state, that he was talking about coming home at that stage," Eddie McGuire said.

"Information I have is that he was walking around in a disused part, in fact it was Bugsy Siegel's old apartment of the Flamingo."

"The indications are that he may have jumped at a palm tree and that he's either missed or grabbed the branch and missed it or has pulled through."

"That's the information we're getting at the moment and my information comes from those who I believe have seen the CCTV vision of it."

AUDIO: Eddie McGuire's Report

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Port Statement, 2pm Wednesday

The Port Adelaide Football Club provides the following update on the investigation into the death of player John McCarthy.

Authorities in Las Vegas are continuing their investigation and are awaiting test results and further information. We understand that a full report will not be available for some weeks.

However, from their inquiries to date they have today confirmed to us that they believe John’s death was likely to have been a tragic accident after he slipped and fell when trying to climb down a palm tree close to the building.

Port Adelaide Football Club chief executive officer Keith Thomas said the club was unable to provide any further information at this stage.

“On behalf of John McCarthy’s family and the Port Adelaide Football Club, we thank the US authorities, particularly the Las Vegas Police Department, the Clark County Coroner’s Office and the Medical Examiner’s Office for their diligence and sensitivity in investigating this terrible event.”

Port Adelaide general manager football Peter Rohde remains in Las Vegas helping local authorities.

Port Adelaide also extends its gratitude to Stuart Bailey, a Victorian police officer and runner with the Western Bulldogs who was in Las Vegas with a group of their players, for the enormous support he has provided.

“Stuart did so much for us in Las Vegas, particularly assisting our players and the authorities and we cannot say enough how grateful we have been for his assistance and expertise,” Mr Thomas said.

“We thank Stuart together with the Western Bulldogs players and their club for all that they have done, especially for the assistance and support they gave to our players.”

Port Adelaide thanks the AFL and the AFL Players’ Association for the ongoing support both organisations have provided and offered to the club and its players.

Furthermore, the other AFL clubs have our deep gratitude for their many expressions of support and offers of assistance.

The club also thanks Australian consular officials in the United States together with Department of Foreign Affairs staff for their help and guidance.

Finally, we thank everyone at Virgin Australia for their incredibly responsive, professional and caring service in getting our players home from the United States as quickly and comfortably as possible with very short notice.

The players who were travelling with John returned home to Adelaide on Wednesday morning.

“The club has established a support structure for the players who are deeply shocked and saddened by the loss of their team mate,” Mr Thomas said.

“We will be offering the players ongoing help and counselling, as we will for their team-mates and families and we will continue to do all that we can for John’s family, his girlfriend Dani and her family.

“We are all tremendously touched by the amazing public show of love for John and support for the club that has come from the entire football community.”

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