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Eddie McGuire Says It's Just The "Eye Of The Storm"

Eddie McGuire and Mark Ricciuto have their say.

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The AFL will no longer allow Chris Judd's Visy deal to be paid outside Carlton's salary cap.

The $250,000 annual payment will have to be included in the club's cap from now on if he wants to remain an ambassador for Visy.

Listen: Eddie McGuire on player payments

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"I don't want to see the Western Bulldogs have their players knocked off every five minutes, I don't want to see Melbourne get rolled by everybody and all the rest of it," Eddie McGuire said, "because they're the clubs that players invariably get taken from."

"Callan Ward's not up there playing for free and he would be in the salary cap that's got a nice big chunk not in it…"

"Jarrod Harbow playing for the Gold Coast in the same situation, two outstanding players," Luke Darcy added.

"You take two players out of any side and they're in big touble," Eddie McGuire continued.

"Have a look at what happened to the Bulldogs last year, they dropped down."

"That's the point I've been making for a long time and it's the same with free agency, when you wrap all that up and you have free agency, a skewed salary cap and draft concessions."

"This is the hurricane Sandy of AFL football and we're in the middle of at the moment."

"Unfortunately we're in the eye of the storm and no-one's quite seeing what's about to happen."

There has also been a huge development in the Adelaide salary cap scandal overnight with allegations another player has been given payments outside the clubs cap.

Kurt Tippett is in trouble for receiving payments from four third party sources now including a bakery, a packaging company, a resource firm and one other.

Now their captain Nathan Van Berlo is under investigation for having a similar sort of arrangement, it's unclear at the moment how much he's been paid and who the company or companies are.

Listen: Mark Ricciuto On The Crows' Mess

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Tags: Chris Judd, Carlton Blues, Kurt Tippett, Adelaide Crows

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