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Kurt Tippett Is Leaving The Adelaide Crows: Mark Ricciuto

Kurt Tippett is going to leave Adelaide, says Mark Ricciuto on Triple M. He believes Tippett is headed back to play for a Queensland-based team.

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Kurt Tippett is "gone", says Mark Ricciuto on Triple M. He believes Tippett is headed back to play for a Queensland-based team.

Roo discussed the very healthy five-year, $650,000-750,000 he believes Adelaide has offered Tippett, who hasn't made it back on the field yet after a series of concussions.

Tippett split up with his Adelaide-based girlfriend shortly after returning from Queensland earlier this year and has two houses up there, Roo said.

It's believed the fear of losing Tippett is why Adelaide have no expressed an interest in Travis Cloke.

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Last Friday On Triple M

Adelaide star Kurt Tippett's late withdrawal from this week's team to take on Fremantle has again raised questions over his immediate playing future.

Tippett's recovevry from a series of concussions from head knocks has been the subject of much debate.

"As the club has stated all along, Kurt will only resume playing once he has been given the all clear by the Club doctor," Football Operations Manager Phil Harper said.

"While Kurt has trained extremely well in the past two weeks – and feels 100 per cent well – the club doctor is yet to be convinced that his recovery is fully complete based on a variety of tests.

"It is expected that his recovery will be complete soon to allow Kurt to resume playing. Club doctor Andrew Potter would like to reiterate that all the testing has cleared Kurt of any long-term effects on his health. While this may be considered a conservative approach from the outside, the club is determined to continue to put Kurt's health as its prime consideration"

Lewis Johnston will now make his Crows debut and Shaun McKernan has been brought into the 25 as an emergency.

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