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Matthew Lloyd Nearly Died Against Sydney Swans In AFL Preliminary Final

Matthew Lloyd revealed how close he came to losing his life playing footy.

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Footy has played a massive part in Matthew Lloyd’s life but the former Essendon champion revealed to Triple M’s Hot Breakfast how close the game came to ending it.

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The date was September 21, 1996 and the Bombers were battling Sydney for a spot in the AFL Grand Final.

But little did Lloyd know that he would be battling to stay alive later that night after rupturing his spleen in the first half of the preliminary final.

“I tried to run through Mark Bayes (weighing) at 76 kilos and come off second best,” Lloyd told Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

“The elbow went into the ribs and (I) couldn’t breathe.”

“I went in at half-time, Reidy (club doctor Bruce Reid) said, ‘I reckon you’re just a bit nervous, just try and calm down’.”

After going back on to the ground it became increasingly apparent that Lloyd’s condition was a lot more serious than first thought and he was rushed to hospital.

However, he critically wasn’t initially diagnosed with a ruptured spleen.

“They filled me with morphine and said, ‘how are you feeling?’ I said, ‘a lot better’ (and) they sent me back to my hotel room,” Lloyd said.

“I was lucky my mum and dad was there, I said, ‘can you call the doctor, I’m getting worse and worse’.”

“Reidy came up and said, ‘you haven’t got shoulder pain have you?’ I said, ‘I have, why’s that?’ He said, ‘that’s a sign of a ruptured spleen’.”

“By the time I got back there (hospital) I had two litres of blood in my stomach and if I had’ve gone to bed or fallen asleep on my own that night I probably would have died so that’s how serious it was after that game .”

Lloyd goes into detail about this scary incident in his new book Straight Shooter.

What’s the scariest moment you’ve experienced while playing sport?

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