"The club's protocols around alcohol are very clear. For as long as I can remember, our players know no drinking on six-day breaks, no drinking when you're injured, and above all else when the playing group get together and decided we're going to make a stand and find an extra little bit of investment for the last part of our season, and we're not going to drink, you don't drink."

Swan addressed the playing group on Wednesday to express his regret.

"It was there for all to see, the state that he'd come to the club in," said Buckley, before adding: "To Swanny's credit, he was very remorseful from the start and understandably embarrassed about the situation he'd put himself in and the situation he had put the club in."

Buckley did reveal Swan had been drinking before and after he was seen at the Hotel Barkly drinking water.

What The President Said:

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"There was a pact made between the players to stay off the grog. Until after the season finished," Eddie said.

"This has all happened since I've been away but the players decided, not the coaches or anybody else, the players decided that this is the time to knuckle down and have a real go at winning a premiership."

"They don't hand those things out too easily, you don't need too much to go wrong."

"From what I gather Swanny was out the other night and the club decided that was it, two weeks is the suspension."

"If everyone puts their hand up and pledges, takes the pledge and it's one in all in, then it's one in all in."

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