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Rush Hour Blasts Riewoldt Pests

But listen as Billy still manages to have a 'little' dig at Nick Dal Santo!

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Triple M’s James Brayshaw has labelled the two men who provoked Nick Riewoldt on Wednesday night over his nude picture scandal as ‘nimrods’.

The instigators apparently confronted Riewoldt with the picture in question while he was picking up his dinner from a fish-and-chip shop.

A bit of a stoush reportedly ensued and JB said the pests were lucky they chose to pick on the mild-mannered Riewoldt.

“All I can say is it’s a good thing that Nick is a peaceful man,” JB told Triple M’s Rush Hour.

“Because if those two heroes had attempted something like that with Wayne Carey or Barry Hall they’d be waking up around about now (Thursday afternoon) and no-one would have any sympathy for them.”

And Billy agreed with JB.

“It’s silly, they probably would have had a couple of frothies and (tried) big-noting themselves,” Billy said.

St Kilda confirmed the incident in a media release, saying: “Nick Riewoldt was verbally harassed last night by people unknown to him while collecting take away dinner in South Melbourne.”

“There has been no police involvement.”

“The club does not feel it necessary to make any further comment.”

Tags: Nick Riewoldt, nude, picture, St Kilda

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