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VIDEO: AFL's Adrian Anderson To Investigate Brock McLean's Tanking Claims

Brock McLean has re-ignited the tanking debate and AFL's Adrian Anderson is set to investigate with Melbourne's support.

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(Source Fox Footy)

The AFL has released a statement saying that they are going to investigate Block McLean dicussions relating to tanking during his time at Melbourne on Fox Footy (see video of the comments above).

UPDATE with AUDIO from Wayne Carey:

(Can't play audio above? Download the MP3 here)

"I don't think it will ever go away, whenever you have those situations and those advantages for finishing down the bottom of the ladder then I think it will always happen," Wayne Carey said on Triple M Melbourne's Rush Hour "Going For Gold" on Tuesday afternoon.

"For Melbourne, although he's not at Melbourne any more, more importantly for Melbourne they don't get those concessions now anyway because GWS and Gold Coast get those before hand."

"So it's no advantage to be as terrible as what they are at the minute."

The AFL released the following statement:

Acting AFL Chief Executive Officer Gill McLachlan today said the AFL would interview Carlton player Brock McLean, following comments he had made concerning the on-field performance of the Melbourne Football Club in his final year at the club in 2009.

Mr McLachlan said the AFL had this morning reviewed an interview given by player McLean last night on television, relating to Melbourne’s performance in matches at the end of the 2009 season.

"The AFL has resolved that this matter will be addressed by the General Manager of Football Operations, Adrian Anderson," Mr McLachlan said.

The Demons released this statement shortly after:

Melbourne Football Club President Don McLardy has made the following statement.

"The Melbourne Football Club supports the decision by the AFL to interview Brock McLean in relation to comments he made on television last night.”"

AUDIO from Eddie McGuire on Triple M Tuesday morning:

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(Can't play audio above? Download the MP3 here)

"When are we just going to admit that that was all going on?" Eddie McGuire said on Triple M Melbourne's The Hot Breakfast from London on Tuesday morning Australian time.

"The only people that don't believe it are Adrian Anderson and the AFL because they don't want to believe it."

"Lets be honest about it. Tanking. Manipulating. List management. Whatever you want to do, clubs were trying to get the best position, get the best players when their season was over. Simple as that, full stop, end of story."

Tags: Brock McLean, afl, Tanking

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