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VIDEO: Collingwood vs West Coast Score Review, Luke Darcy Asks "Did The Ball Cross The Line?"

One big controversy on the weekend was the score review system in the Collingwood and West Coast game.

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One big controversy on the weekend was the score review system (you can see the incident again in the video above) in the Collingwood and West Coast game.

"Did the ball cross the line?" Luke Darcy asked on Triple M Melbourne's Hot Breakfast this morning.

AUDIO: Listen to Eddie, Luke and Mick discuss the decision:

(Can't play audio above? Download the MP3 here)

"I thought interestingly at the start that the umpires decided not to go and at least go and check it out because obviously there was some doubt, that was the first surprising part."

"Then when it went to the score review system, all the angles that you saw on your coverage are the ones that the score review system umpire has access to, there's no other secret vision or any other tape or anything that they can access."

"Then to decide that the goal should be reversed when there wasn't conclusive vision that the ball crossed the line, now you've got to remember the entire ball has got to be across the line, so if there is one millimetre…"

"The laces over the line, not on the line, over the line," Eddie  McGuire added.

"So the whole ball has got to be over the line. What a staggering call then from the umpire to reverse the goal, crucial stage, Collingwood hadn't scored a goal at that stage, unbelievable decision."

"The missing shot as far as I'm concerned was the cutaway to Ed, that was the one that should have been reviewed over and over again," Mick Molloy said.

About 25 seconds after the goal was signalled a section of the MCG crowd began jeering after a scoreboard replay seemingly depicted Andrew Embley of West Coast's handball crossing the goal-line before it was intercepted by Collingwood's Tyson Goldsack.

It was not until about 45 seconds after that Andrew Krakouer's goal was confirmed, as the presiding field umpire was preparing to restart play in the centre, that the duty score-review official intervened.

Tags: Collingwood, West Coast, Eagles, Magpies

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