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Mark Winterbottom On Hot Lap Disaster With Shannon Eckstein

Ford Supercar driver has admitted he's a terrible passenger after a promotional spin with Iron Man Shannon Eckstein left the pair "two metres short of ending up in a creek."

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Ford Supercar driver Mark Winterbottom has admitted he's a "terrible passenger" after a hot lap with Shannon Eckstein didn't exactly "go to plan" yesterday.

"The poor bloke had a bit of a spin...bit of an incident into the cane fields. We were probably about 2 metres short of ending up in the creek," Mark told The Grill Team.

"To his credit though" referring to the Iron Man "he told me was a lifesaver so we were always going to be safe," Mark laughed.

However Mark admitted his bosses at Ford might not be laughing after the promotional spin went wrong.

"The team didn't actually know about the fact that he [Shannon] was probably driving, it was the PR guys that set it up," Mark told Marto, Pete and Michelle.

Winterbottom said rather than relaxing ahead of the V8s he seems to be "punishing the body for some reason" with the Ford driver also heading to Dreamworld to try the Giant Drop adrenalin ride.

"We came up to the Gold Coast to relax, go down to the beach in the sun. I seem to have wrecked that whole theory yesterday," Mark added.

One thing that hasn't been on the driver's mind has been checking in on the Big Brother house situated in the Dreamworld theme park.

"I don't know what would have been scarier looking in what' going on inside that house or the actual anticipation of the drop," a joking Mark stated.

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Tags: Mark Winterbottom, Gold Coast, V8 Supercars

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